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Blue Mountains,Recommendations
Blue Mountains National Park
It is said that Australia is one of the most suitable countries for self-driving and there should be no objection. After enjoying the enchanting beauty of Sydney, you can start a self-driving tour of New South Wales from Sydney. The first stop of the flowering car is 100 kilometers west of Sydney and sails into the famous Blue Mountain Scenic Area. is a mountain range of 1 million hectares. The Blue Mountain Scenic Area has been included in the World Heritage Site. It has seven national parks and a nature reserve. The most famous landmark is the Three Sisters. peak. The Three Sisters have an old and traditional story. Legend has it that in ancient times, among the Australian Aborigines in the Blue Mountains, three sisters fell in love with the three brothers of the hostile people. They were all opposed and dismantled. The brave three sisters rebelled against the three. The rock, the three sisters. is a fossil of love, it really is the deified interpretation of the love of the world. In addition to listening to the legends of the Three Sisters, the psychedelic valleys are even more amazing. The dopamines of the eucalyptus trees (also known as eucalyptus trees) are transpiration in the sun. Let the entire valley be filled with blue smoke. is directly driving to the observation deck to watch the Three Sisters. Passengers can also choose to take the scenic cable car (the three types of cable cars are: skyway/cable way/railway), which can both go up and down the valley and Crossing the three sisters' peaks, you can see the mountains and the waterfalls.
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Blue Mountains,Recommendations
Blue Mountains National Park
The time spent in Sydney is quite rich, and I suggest you must expand to the surrounding area. Activities such as Watson's Bay and Wollongong Skydiving are popular among Chinese and foreign tourists. Personally, Australian skydiving is not particularly expensive compared to other countries, and can be used as a reserve option. More people will choose a day trip to the Blue Mountains, about two hours drive from downtown Sydney. I and my little friends will not drive by themselves, so I took a day trip to the tour group. The bus will pick up and drop off at the address, especially for individual guests. [When you book a day trip or similar event, you must arrive at the meeting point on time, especially in countries with strong time concepts, starting on time and not waiting for someone. The famous Three Sisters is the perfect location overlooking the entire Blue Mountains. It is a pity that it is cloudy, there is no way to see this magnificent scenery too clearly. The trip to the Blue Mountains is to visit the Jenoland Cave, the oldest open cave known in the world. Some people in the same trade participated in the climbing cave activities. We thought that it was inconvenient to take pictures and gave up. Follow the guide in the hole, all kinds of strange stalactites will definitely leave you a deep memory. The tour guide led the group members all the way, the cave was dark, and every time we visited a scenic spot, the tour guide would light up the lights in one area. If you walk in front of the front of the guide, every time you see all the lights in order, it feels a bit wonderful. All kinds of rocks are so strange in the erosion of water, and the lighting is even more mysterious.
Blue Mountains,Recommendations
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