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Yanshishan Scenic Area
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卡利亚诺李春Most of the mountains in the Yanshishan Scenic Area are square mountains, flat and wide, with the metaphor of "mountains like ashlar". The scenic spot is located at the Shigong Bay Ferry by the Nanliu River in Bobai County, which is a typical Danxia landform landscape. Yanshi Mountain is named for its flat top which can hold more than a thousand tables for banquets. The entire scenic area integrates natural and cultural landscapes, integrating mountains, water, rocks, caves, springs, temples, and gardens. It has the characteristics of beautiful mountain peaks, strange caves, beautiful stones, and clear rivers.
Xielu Mountain Villa Scenic Area
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小QLuchuan Xielu Mountain Villa, one of the four major private manor in China, was built in 1920 and is now just a century old. The villa of Lv Fengnong, the former Major General of the Kuomintang, is a famous private garden of Lingnan. The Pavilion of the Chuangnei Pavilion, the corridors and the winding paths are built according to the mountains. The buildings are all brick walls and tile roofs, maintaining strong rural customs.
Green Beads Well
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Historical Site
_We***78The tourist resources of Shuangfeng Town include the stone arch bridge built in the Tongzhi period of the Qing Dynasty, Shengnvling, Chongsu reservoir area, the hometown of Lvzhu girl, Lvzhu well, Lvzhu girl dressing table, etc. County Road 403 Chongsu Reservoir has beautiful scenery and beautiful scenery. Public transportation is inconvenient, suitable for professional cyclists to challenge (riding a motorcycle is better and effortless). The recommended route is to enter the urban area of Bobai County along County Road 403. You can see the scenery of the Chongsu reservoir area along the road. The reservoir and the dam are magnificent. You can reach Luluo Village, the hometown of Jin Dynasty beauty for about 20 kilometers. After watching, you can go back along the road, or you can continue along County Road 403 for about 4 kilometers to reach the streets of Shuangfeng Town, taste the local snack rolls for about 5 yuan, stroll around the historical Qing Dynasty stone arch bridge, and go forward 10 next to the stone arch bridge. There is also a revolutionary martyrs monument. 10 meters ahead of the monument, you can see the temple archway. You can go up to the top of the mountain along the steps, and you can worship the temple. You can see the panoramic view of the mountain town from the mountain top square. For public transportation routes, take the shuttle bus to Bobai County. Search the bus address map for "Xujiazhuang" or "Shuangfeng Station" Bobai-Shuangfeng Shuttle. Someone will charge the fare. If you get to Luluo Village, you can get off at Pingshan Bridge. The driver to Luluo Village also understands that the cost is about 10 yuan. After getting off the bus, you can walk into Luluo Village, and walk about 500 meters to see Xishan Temple and Xizi Pavilion. Walk for about 1.5 kilometers to see the Lvzhu Memorial Hall (Lvzhu Temple) where the locals commemorate Lvzhu. Walk about 1.8 kilometers to reach the hometown of Lvzhu, with Lvzhu well and dressing table (stone). When you take the shuttle bus, remember to ask the ticket seller what time the last bus is on the bus and arrange the time reasonably. The beauty lies in discovery, and the people of Shuangfeng welcome you.
Yuntian Cultural Town
323 Reviews
Historical Architecture
Lee Kok WengEntrance fees is RMB 150 at counter. We purchase at RMB 90 due to ongoing renovation. Without the Buddha, there is nothing much to see other than exhibits made from woods and coopers. There is a vegan restaurant on 6th floor. Price is reasonable. We got a private room for 12 pax and spent around RMB 500.
Lufeng Mountain Scenic Area
134 Reviews
138***18I originally booked two adult tickets and one student ticket, but in the middle of the night, the customer service called me and said there was no ticket. At 12 o'clock in the middle of the night, I asked me to find another APP to book the ticket. The key is the next day. It is not possible to play normally, only the next day, it is only a refund, and nothing else is left. There was no way to complain. The result was that Ctrip dealt with the after-sales service and compensated the 30 price difference, but finally I went to the scenic spot to ask, the difference was 40, forget it, let it go! The scenic area is generally not crowded. The colorful lights in the cave are only turned on when the explanation is made, and they are turned off immediately after the explanation. It’s too energy-saving, and a ticket is not cheap, 80 yuan (the price has not been updated on Ctrip), anyway, it is not pleasant
Wucai Tuanyuan Farmers Festival
508 Reviews
路易斯崔Yulin has a huge scenic spot-Wucai Garden. It covers an area of 52 square kilometers and includes 10 villages. There are a total of eight theme venues, a theme corridor and strawberry picking hall. There are cherry blossom avenue, rice field, Gesang flower field, dog's tail grass field, etc., suitable for different seasons to take pictures and check in, and tickets are free. The China Modern Agricultural Technology Exhibition Hall brings together various famous, special, rare and rare agricultural crops from home and abroad, and is full of dry goods.

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Yanshishan Scenic Area
Yanshishan Scenic AreaYulin,China

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People's Park (West Gate)
People's Park (West Gate)Yulin,China

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Green Beads Well
Green Beads WellYulin,China

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Wen Luo Hot Spring
Wen Luo Hot SpringYulin,China

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Beierjian Children's Amusement Park
Beierjian Children's Amusement ParkYulin,China

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Wang Li Former Residence
Wang Li Former ResidenceYulin,China

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Bobai Weather

Mar 6, 2021
16 ~ 24
Mar 7, 2021
Light rain
16 / 22
Mar 8, 2021
Light rain
19 / 23
Mar 9, 2021
Light rain
17 / 23
Mar 10, 2021
19 / 23
Mar 11, 2021
Light rain
19 / 26
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Bobai
Mar 6, 2021 Bobai Weather:Overcast, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:83%, Sunrise/Sunset:06:58/18:46
Bobai Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Advised, UV Strength:Very Low

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Here are the best places to visit in Bobai, including: Yanshishan Scenic Area,Green Beads Well,Wen Luo Hot Spring
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