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Things To Do in Boluo

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_We***77nice photogenic views , extreme trolleys , 4500 meter high mountian kissing the clouds . Truley beautiful
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Botanical Garden
谷子地brGoing to the scene is slightly better than expected, suitable for parent-child activities, the park is large, and the children have more things to play. Especially in the dinosaur area behind, there is a suspension bridge (paid separately) experience is very good, it is very good to take a photo and relax.
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_We***07Come with the children, the place is small, the service is OK, that is, if you book, you must remember to buy the ticket one hour in advance, because it is an hour before this ticket takes effect, otherwise it will be there for nothing. If you go up the mountain, there are cars to send up, there are also cars to pick up, a total of 20 buildings, and many places are not able to enter, it is taking pictures outside, the scenery is OK, there is a very good bookstore, the things that children can play are basically no!
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139***52I haven't come for a long time, I suddenly remembered here to soak. Not many people, the scenery is still beautiful, spring, opened a lot of red flowers, like azalea, I don't know, beautiful! Soaked very comfortable, suddenly remembered, here in spring I still came for the first time!
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m37***48The hot spring environment is very good and the service is very attentive. Congee, sweet potato, soup and some drinks are free. There are few people, and the hot spring water is often changed. I will definitely go back with more friends in the future!
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好好生活日日向前Leigong Gorge Rafting is located in the Boluo Elephant Head Mountain Nature Reserve. Ride on the rafting boat and bravely advance in the turbulent natural river with a drop of nearly 100 meters. The rafting boat collides with the rock wall and splashes, and the coolness and screams are intertwined.

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Tangquan Gao'erfu ClubHuizhou,China

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Ping'an Gorge DriftingHuizhou,China

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Qiufengzhai Tourist AreaHuizhou,China

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Boluodong Shan Shengji Forest ParkHuizhou,China

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Zhangrong Water Amusement ParkHuizhou,China

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Sandunshu Dujia ManorHuizhou,China

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About Boluo

Boluo County is located in the central eastern part of Guangdong Province, northeast of the Pearl River Delta. Boluo County is rich in tourism resources. Luofu Mountain, one of the famous Taoist mountains in China, is located here. Luofu Mountain has a pleasant climate throughout the seasons and is a great summer resort. It is known as the “First Mountain South of Nanling.” The poems written by Su Dongpo have made Luofu Mountain even more famous. In addition, Boluo also has attractions such as Yuanyin Ancient Temple, Jiutian Taoist Temple and Ancient City Wall.

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Here are the best places to visit in Boluo, including: Luofu Mountain,Nali Huakai Theme Park,Hallstatt Town
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