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Hehu Hakka VillageNearby City

Hehu Hakka Village

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"Historical Architecture"
Open on Tue-Sun,10:00am-5:30pm (Local time)
"Crane Lake New Residence is known as "China's Hakka No. 1 Enclosure". It covers an area of 21,000 square meters, with a construction area of 13,779 square meters, a width of 185 meters from north to south, and a length of 109 meters from east to west. There are 179 residential units, each consisting of 1-3 . There is a wide Heping (commonly known as Shaiguchang) in front of the main entrance of Crane Lake New Residence. Adjacent to Heping is a mirror-like half-moon-shaped pond called "Yuechi". There is an ancient banyan tree with luxuriant branches and leaves on both sides of the moon pool, and a flagpole stone from the Xianfeng period. The central building of Crane Lake New Residence is composed of the main entrance, left and right horizontal doors, Tianxia Street, ancestral hall, row houses, Shangtian Street, and fenced houses. The surrounding walls of the fenced houses have rows of "windows" and "gun eyes" to prevent external disturbance. The entire enclosed house has 2 wells for drinking from the whole village, with a complete and reasonable drainage system, and the exit to Hongyuyuechi. The Crane Lake New Residence is surrounded by a solid city wall, which is square. The wall is more than 6 meters high and about 1 meter thick. It is made of sanhe soil and is very strong. There are 10 three-story Xieshan top-style pavilions on the four corners of the wall, which are connected with the "horse racing corridor" on the wall to form a fortification. There are three gates on the front of Crane Lake New Residence, one small gate on each side, the gate is majestic. Inside the walls, the residential houses are composed of two "Hui" characters. The layout of houses, halls, halls, houses, wells, and corridors are scattered. The streets are complex, like a maze, easy to defend and difficult to attack. There are "nine days and eighteen wells," Known as the "Ten Pavilion Walking Horse Corridor", it is a typical Hakka residential building."