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Things To Do in Bora Bora

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dossirThe world's number one island resort, apart from the fatigue of flying far away, there are really no shortcomings to think of. It is not an exaggeration to not look at the sea when returning from Tahiti. Regarding how to save travel expenses, UA mileage exchanges for NZ business round trips must take early, and IHG free rooms for intercontinental accommodation must also take early, especially Terrasse. To get the two things done, the two traveled to and from Tahiti on the Air New Zealand 787 Dreamliner in luxury business class, and stayed in Bora Bora intercontinental flight hotel for 7 nights, and the cost could be controlled within 30,000.
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淼淼0301Matira Beach is rated as one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world. It is really beautiful. The beach is very large and the scenery is very beautiful. Everywhere is natural and pollution-free. The beach is soft and comfortable to walk on.
10 Reviews
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淼淼0301Anau, located on Bora Bora, is really worth visiting. The scenery here is really beautiful. There are beautiful natural scenery everywhere. Coming here will definitely make you very satisfied. The water is very clean and it is definitely worth coming here.
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淼淼0301Faanui on Bora Bora feels more like a resort for me. It’s really beautiful. There are beautiful scenery everywhere. Of course, there are some residential houses. It’s really comfortable to live here.
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sunnyccccThis place has a beautiful view of the mountains
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M38***92Being in this aquarium, it seems that you are also a fish in the sea.

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Deep Sea PearlsLeeward Islands,French Polynesia

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Mount OtemanuLeeward Islands,French Polynesia

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Tohora Bora BoraLeeward Islands,French Polynesia

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Hemisphere SubLeeward Islands,French Polynesia

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Matira BeachLeeward Islands,French Polynesia

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Tereia BeachLeeward Islands,French Polynesia

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Bora Bora
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With the wedding season imminent, searching the right and best honeymoon destination is an important decision to take. With so many beautiful countries, cities and places to visit, the best honeymoon destinations are something that invokes a feeling of love and affection, in addition to having a good mix of activities and places to see. Different people look for different things when it comes to choosing a destination and couples who are trying to figure out honeymoon ideas. There are places where you can enjoy the natural beauty of the beaches and mountains among other things. You’ll be able to enjoy activities like trekking, hiking or scuba diving if you choose to go on an adventure-heavy trip.
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Picture for a moment slender palm trees swaying as the sun’s morning rays throw long shadows across sands still cool from night’s embrace. Seabirds circle aloft and track a school of snapper just offshore. The calm seems overwhelming, interrupted only by waves caressing the shore. You unfurl your blanket and sit before azure waters as emerald green hills guard the approach. Can you picture it? Are you almost able to smell the seawater and fresh air? If so, you’re like us…absolutely in love with a great beach. Believe us when we say we’ve searched long and hard to make a list of the world’s 10 best beaches to visit in 2019. From the sunshine coast in the US to Queensland Down Under, from remote Bora Bora to Grand Cayman. Without further ado, these are the top-10 best beaches to visit in 2019.
avtarLove.Trip   Aug 19, 2019

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Here are the best places to visit in Bora Bora, including: Matira Beach,Motu Tapu,Faanui

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