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Popular Attractions in Brighton

Brighton Beach
110 Reviews
Brighton, England
Royal Pavilion
68 Reviews
4/5 Pavilion Buildings | Pavilion Gardens, Brighton BN1 1EE, England
Brighton Pier
38 Reviews
Brighton Pier, Madeira Drive, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 1TW
Brighton Museum & Art Gallery
9 Reviews
Art Gallery
Royal Pavilion Gardens, Brighton, United Kingdom

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Trip Moments

Agent John   
Super shocking seven sisters White Cliff, punch the Windows system desktop viewfinder!

Seven Sisters Cliff is a very special attraction in the south of England. It can be said that it is the most beautiful coastline in the UK. The milky white cliffs date back to the Cretaceous period and stand along the English Channel, making it a popular destination for tourists to take pictures.

The first stop of the day was arranged here, and we arrived at the Seven Sisters Cliff early in the morning. From the park gate through a private farm, all the way to the beach. On both sides of the road are large fields of lakes, and groups of sheep are grazing leisurely. The UK's climate is humid, and it can be fed by natural rainfall, almost self-sufficient, and simple mechanical maintenance can guarantee production.

The sea breeze is one of the characteristics of this park. Walking on the grassland, you can see the vegetation that is almost parallel to the ground. There are also many berries on the roadside. A roadside berry tasted it, it was very delicious, and it was inadvertent to find the little ones around me. In the park, you can also see the English people who come here for outdoor sports, hiking, cycling, and rowing. These sports are popular among them.

This is also the location of the famous Dunkirk retreat. The dark castle in the grass still retains the memory of the war years.

When you walk to the shore, you can see a huge white cliff. From west to east, it is composed of weathered rocks formed by many chalk periods. It stands on the shore of the English Channel. Waves and waves are constantly coming, quite spectacular. It is also the location of many movies and MVs, even the Windows 7 system cover is also shot here.

It should be noted that although the scenery is beautiful, try not to stand on the cliff and take pictures. There have been many incidents in which tourists fell off the cliff because of wind and landslides.

Pure white cliffs, green meadows, historical imprints, make the Seven Sisters Cliffs breathtaking!
Posted: Oct 15, 2019
Set off early in the morning, catch the early bus on the 12th road and take it from the city of Brighton to the seven sister park. Although the place is rather ridiculous, it is good to have beautiful scenery along the way. There are many people coming in with the car. When you go to the park, you will walk away. You can walk along the road to reach the beach.
On the way to the beach, you will pass by a ranch, stocking a lot of sheep, not seeing someone to manage, cattle and sheep are free to graze. Later, I learned that the labor cost of opening a ranch here is very low, because the rain is enough, the grass grows very quickly, it is very rich, and the sheep is very fat. People only need to cut wool and take milk on time.
The place that looks like a matcha cake is the Seven Sisters Mountain. You must remember the earliest window desktop, which was shot with white cliffs. Obviously the current white cliff experienced middle age. Crisis, the middle turf has some signs of thanking the top. . The Seven Sisters Cliff is a special white limestone. Many movie MVs are here to capture the scenery
is really steep, although I really want to go and see, but with the baby we are still taking risks! (Hey, if there is a cable car, I am still willing to try it.)
Note: Don't stand on the edge of the cliff to take pictures!!
1 is windy and easy to blow people down
2 because the texture of the white cliff rock is not strong, the texture of these sediments is very loose, and local collapse often occurs.
Posted: Dec 21, 2018
Posted: Nov 1, 2019

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I recommended Brighton Beach, Seven Sisters Country Park.
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