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South Bruny National Park

South Bruny National Park

4.8/528 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 218 reviews
. Troy
"Around 20 sq miles of beautiful national park occupying the southern-most tip of Bruny Island and about an hour's drive from the ferry port in North Bruny. The park comprises areas of temperate rainforest and eucalyptus woodland and is home to 13 of the island's endemic bird species. A focal point is the Cape Bruny lighthouse, defunct since the 1990s, and the second oldest in Australia."
Bruny Island

Bruny IslandNearby City

4.7/551 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 330 reviews
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"Bruny Island, the southernmost tip of Tasmania, is rarely mentioned in the Raiders, but it is Australia's closest island to Antarctica. We almost reached the southernmost tip of the world! I took a speedboat on the sea for two hours with the turbulence and cold wind, but I couldn’t find peace. I saw the real wild seals. I was already overwhelmed by the river, seasick, and vomiting, but the beautiful scenery is all in sight."
Mount Wellington

Mount WellingtonNearby City

4.5/5143 Reviews
Observation Deck
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"Visited Mount Wellington with a hope to admire the amazing view. Unfortunately the road was closed however enjoyed fantastic Hot Chocolate at the cafe and played in the snow. "
Stewarts Bay

Stewarts BayNearby City

ta-iconbased on 10 reviews
"The secluded jungle embraced by the harbor was the first time I saw Stewarts Bay in Port Arthur. What I thought of was Arthur in the Glory of Kings. Hahahaha, no one can make me a serious mobile game patient. However, this name really caught my attention. After checking the information, I came to the most beautiful Stewarts Bay in Port Arthur. Traveling on the bay In the secluded jungle, there are many cabins, which are surrounded by clear exhibition bays. And I lived in such a place this time, and I had a wonderful trip in such a place. It is very quiet, there are not many tourists, there are many trees, and there are many small animals. In my free time, I will go to the beach, get on a small boat, sway around to admire the beauty of the mountains and feel the beauty of nature. There is a soft and flat beach here. The enthusiastic local people can grill fresh seafood. You can also follow the locals to go out to sea. Under the blue sky and white clouds, with the stormy sea, I feel very relaxed. Tips are suitable for people to visit: suitable for all ages, there are many folk hotels near the bay, which is very suitable for family travel. Suitable for the season: It was summer when I went, and the weather was really good, no matter what activities I carried out, it was very suitable."
Huon Valley

Huon ValleyNearby City

4.4/514 Reviews
"The scenery of Huon Canyon is very magnificent. There are both dangerous canyons and beautiful waterfalls. The stones here are also strange, with a variety of shapes, which makes people think about it. This is definitely an important attraction in Hobart, don't miss it."
Kingston Beach

Kingston BeachNearby City

4.4/510 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 59 reviews
"Although the city of Hobart has a lot of deep water conditions on the terrain, it also occasionally encounters a few relatively long beaches. As the city beach in almost the southernmost corner of Australia, here you can see some wind and wave lovers driving a yacht leisurely in a daze"
Lake Esperance

Lake EsperanceNearby City

Tasman Peninsula

Tasman PeninsulaNearby City

4.3/544 Reviews
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"It can't be more pleasant to take a boat trip around the island with a group day trip! Wombats can be seen in the blue sky and blue sea. The local one-day tour is only in English. We are the only foreigners. The others are old Australian aunts and uncles. When the boat started, the sea breeze was still quite cold, but it was worth it for the beauty. Some local old aunts did a lot of homework, and also introduced us to the types of rocks along the coast and their formation years."
Sandy Bay

Sandy BayNearby City

5/59 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 238 reviews
"Sandy Bay in Hobart is a very beautiful bay. This bay has a very long and soft sandy beach. The surrounding scenery is really beautiful. Many tourists will come here to enjoy the sunny beaches here. It is very comfortable and enjoyable."
Mt. Nelson

Mt. NelsonNearby City

4.6/511 Reviews
"New Zealand Center This attraction is located in a park near Nelson, South Island, New Zealand. You can climb from the parking lot to the center of New Zealand on foot in about 20 minutes. It is a monument. This monument is located in the geographic center of New Zealand's North and South Island. Many locals regard it as a good place for exercise and leisure. You can hike all the way up from the mountain. There are different roads to choose from. There are also mountain lanes. At the center of the back, you can see tourists of different skin colors and different groups of people. Take a photo together and enjoy the view from above, you can directly see the Tasman Bay and the full view of downtown Nelson" is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.