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About Canada

Canada, the world’s second largest country by land area, is rich in natural resources. The northern Boreal forest is home to a vast and diverse collection of wildlife. Waterfalls, glaciers, prairies, and pristine coastline can all be found in Canada. Toronto, on the shores of Lake Ontario, is the country’s commercial hub. The mighty Niagara Falls draw visitors from around the world. Montreal enchants with its French character and European charm. In Alberta, the resort town of Banff is one of North America’s most dazzling natural wonderlands. Vancouver’s laidback atmosphere has long attracted those seeking a more leisurely pace. And of course, who could forget the untamed wilds in the Canadian Arctic? Canada is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. With culture, sports, and entertainment aplenty, this is a great travel destination.

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Canada: The True North Strong and Free
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O Canada, indeed! The world’s second largest country is a veritable natural wonderland. Pristine boreal forests, towering snow-capped mountains, powerful rivers, majestic waterfalls...Canada is a playground for outdoor lovers. Its major cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver are themselves full of great culture, food, and entertainment. Whether you’re looking for some excellent shopping, a quaint main street, or some picturesque scenery, you will find it all and more in Canada. In this article we will explore some of the best Canada has to offer and recommend some things you will not want to miss.
Opps-Snow   Jun 5, 2019

Trip Moments

Canada Travel|Playing in the Four Provinces of the Atlantic (Part 1) The last group shared the gameplay of the four provinces of the Atlantic, but many of the fun places have not been written due to the character restrictions. Let me introduce it. This main share: New Brunswick + Newfoundland and Labrador. New Brunswick, New Brunswick: There is a stunning landscape; the tidal waves of the Bay of Fundy, the waterfalls of the countercurrent falls and the wonders of Hopewell Rock, people have to admire The magic of nature. New Brunswick is also a great place to visit the Arcadia culture. The Acadian people migrated here a hundred years ago and headed to an authentic village of Arcadia to attend a warm gathering and festival to experience their unique way of life. Hopwell Rock Underwater Walk Fendi Bay has a great tidal drop. In the morning, maybe you are still walking on the seabed. After the high tide in the afternoon, you can go kayaking to visit this piece. The waters are amazing. Countryside's countercurrent waterfall When the tides of the Bay of Fundy are high, the seawater will be poured into the St. John River, causing the river to flow upstream, and the drop of the tide can reach 8.5 meters. The spectacle of "waterfall" and "rapid flow". about 3 hours of voyage, personally participate in lobster capture, listen to the captain telling about the lobster habits and knowledge, and enjoy freshly cooked lobster on board Feast! Explore Arcadia There is a rebuilt Acadia Cultural Village in the town of Buktaje, Saguni Village, where you can experience Acadia culture immersively Every aspect of it. Newfoundland & Labrador Newfoundland and Labrador. This is the first place in Canada where the sun shines. The pure coastline is still the most natural and original. To the floating glaciers, the whales that jumped out of the water, the ancient lighthouses on the coastline, and here also have their own history and culture. The story of the Vikings can be traced back to the life of the Europeans who first landed more than a thousand years ago. Signal Mountain National Historic Site St. John's most famous landmark, it is also the best place to overlook the port. Split Point Lighthouse National Historic Site Looking out over Cape Town Point Lighthouse, the easternmost point of North America, with a panoramic view of the North Atlantic. Come to Quidi Weidi, don't miss the Quidi Wedi Winery. You can taste the unique blue-bottle beer with glacial melt water, and it tastes even more delicious. Iceberg Explore Whale Watching: At the St. Johns Wharf, you can take a close look at the glaciers that have fallen off the Glacier of Greenland. During the whale watching season, you can also see the picture of the right whales and the glaciers jumping out of the water.
Posted: Sep 25, 2019