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Market Colonnade
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Hot Spring
Mlynska kolonada
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Historical Architecture
Marianske Lazne
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Hot Spring
Park Colonnade
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Historical Architecture

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Czech | The spa town in the "Feng Wei" hot spring town whose name is Karlovy Vary. The whole city is full of hot springs, strolling in the characteristic towns. I don't know why I really like it. The color here is quiet, every place feels very beautiful, and it is especially good to watch. Although it is rainy day, I can't resist me. The town is not big. Walk slowly along the road. You can find every number of springs. If you buy a cup in a small shop, you can still use each cup. A product, it is said that it is very beautiful! There are a lot of places in the town that are especially suitable for taking pictures. I also give you a small Tips because it is a spa town, there are many springs, one of which is very cool in the shape of a snake head, just on the garden promenade. On one side, you can take a picture with the spring eye, and then take a few shots on the promenade. Especially good to see There are many bridges in the middle of the town. One of them is in a big square, with a row of stools in front. Sit down and take a picture of the whole city There is a corridor near the entrance. The building is particularly beautiful. It is very suitable for taking pictures in white, and there are also several springs in it.
Posted: May 3, 2019
NianXiao Yi   
Karlovy Vary, referred to as KV, is a famous spa town in Europe. The leisure resort Tepla is passing through the city. The city is divided into two, and the colorful houses on both sides of the river are on the hill. Jian This town is more popular with European and American tourists, especially Russians. They follow the footsteps of Peter the Great. They are relatively few people . It has been a long time ago, the Czech King Charlie, who loves hunting. At the time of the hunting, a little deer was shot by the king and fled with his legs. The king hurriedly chased him. The chasing dog of the deer ran into the mountain spring. The king felt the warm springs pouring out and ordered the doctor to carry out the spring water. Tests, the results prove that spring water has a miraculous effect on the treatment of various diseases because mineral water can treat diseases, visitors to Karlovy Vary will buy a beautifully made small porcelain pot, use it to taste mineral water of different temperatures, get hot springs Minerals
Posted: Dec 21, 2018
Min Photography   
The spa in the spa town of Karlovy Vary is used for drinking rather than for soaking. It used to be the location of Feng Feng. So, do you really dare to try a bite? In the legend, the hot spring water that can detoxify and nourish the skin is actually rusty. In fact, I am more keen on taking some time to pick some beautiful hot spring cups than the hot spring water. The Karlovy Vary International Film Festival is a household name, one of the oldest film festivals in the world, in this town, 1946. Since its establishment in the year, it has been held for 45 times. In 1988, the Chinese film "Furong Town" won the highest award of the film festival.
Posted: Jun 17, 2019
#: Czech Karlovy Vary - Soul Building by Spa Hot Springs # Karovy Vary is a hot spring resort with more than 600 years of history, a gem of the Bohemian Spa Triangle. Its unique architecture, majestic colonnade and verdant valley make it one of the most beautiful hot springs in Europe. In the middle of the fourteenth century, Charles IV discovered that the hot springs in the Tepla River Valley have a strong body-building effect, so spas have been established deep in the woods. The spring water here contains more than 40 kinds of minerals, soaking or drinking, can treat diseases such as digestive organs and metabolic disorders. But let the town be so poetic, the more important elements are those beautiful buildings. Red leaves and blue tops, the town is gorgeous, and the travellers are rotten. All kinds of buildings, all kinds of life. Hundreds of years, local hot springs have attracted many celebrities, such as Karl Marx, Russian Tsar Peter the Great, Bach, Freud, and many Hollywood stars are also happy to enjoy this, like Mary Beckham and Robert Redford. Goethe is a frequent visitor here. He likes the city very much. He has come 13 times and has a place to live. Karlovy, a romantic and stylish place to live.
Posted: May 25, 2019
Knight Rider   
The Czech super-hot spring town 120 km west of Prague, Czech Republic, the junction of the two rivers of the Ochre and Tepl, the super-hot spa town of Karlovy Vary, the Holy Roman Emperor was founded in 1370. dozens of springs along the way, 2,000 meters of mineral water out of the ground, the highest 72 degrees, you can drink with the local popular souvenir cups, the cup is a straw, slightly bubble, slightly salty, not too good to drink . Along the high and low mountains, the buildings are mostly in the 18th and 19th centuries, and the hot spring industry is developing rapidly. is full of hotels, shops, restaurants. Very late in the evening, many residents stayed in Dvorak Park, on the grass, in the park chairs, the light was just right. Its raining for a while, the sun is shining, and the sun is raining. The price of the little mole has risen, much better than last year, and the mini-keychain will be close to 80 yuan. Ice cream 50 czech, 15 yuan, is cheaper than Belgium and the Netherlands. Waffle shortbread 10 Czech coins, not bad. Karovyli's railway station is one kilometer north of the city. The road is under repair and it is a little hard to walk. The screen does not display a few stations, only write CDs, we will get up early in the morning, waiting for the wrong platform. Need to ask if it is 12 or 34
Posted: May 27, 2019