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Changbai Mountain
China:Research exit/entry policy before you travel
Local Situation: Social distancing and enhanced precautions recommended| Travel Restrictions: Quarantine measures likely in place. Check policy details for more information.Details
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Things To Do in Changbai Mountain

Changbai Mountain North Slope Scenic Area
755 Reviews
咖啡暖暖Really saw the clouds clear and the mist dispersed. Tickets for adults are 105 per person, 85 for eco-cars, and 80 for the main peak, so the overall fare is 270. You don't need to take a paper ticket to enter the gate. You can enter directly by swiping your ID card. This is where the eco-cars line up. The green eco-cars are sent directly to the interchange station of the main peak. After getting off the bus at the transfer station, the main peak ticket is sold in the white greenhouse for 80 per person. The car on the main peak is a white car, a minibus like ten people. After getting off the minibus and walking up a flight of stairs to the main peak of Tianchi, there is not much exercise very close. If the weather is not bad, the wind at the peak is relatively strong and it is easy to disperse the fog. You can wait for a while, it's possible to wait until the clouds clear and the fog clears. It was still raining when we went up. Within a few minutes, the weather suddenly changed, and the beautiful Tianchi appeared in front of you. Really very lucky. Go down from the main peak and then take a green eco-car. It is divided into 123 lines, the first line goes down to the valley forest and the mountain gate, and the second and third lines go to the uppermost Changbai Waterfall. Generally, after arriving at Changbai Waterfall, you only need to follow the green car from each scenic spot to stop one stop. Under normal circumstances, the tour order is the main peak, Changbai Waterfall, Xiaotianchi, Lvyuantan, and finally the valley bottom forest.
West Slope of Changbai Mountain Scenic Area
636 Reviews
梦露夫人Spring came to the west slope of Changbai Mountain, spring river water warm duck prophet, to the river to see the flock of ducks in the river just opened the river play and play. Driving by yourself at the top road of the Songhua River bend, is a very happy trip. [Scenic]. [Interesting] high. [Cost-effective] high.
Changbai Mountain Volcano Hot Spring Village
296 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
M22***77Since the opening of the high speed trip to Changbai Mountain is too convenient to visit the Tianchi and soak in Julong Hot Spring. Here are some cute little animals in his family. He can feed the children himself. He is really happy. His hot springs are very good. The skin is smooth and the body is light and especially tired. Flower Hot Spring Tickets Sauce the Small Fish Pond Herbal Pool Red Wine Milk Bath. I recommend visiting here.
Hanna Mountain Hot Springs Resort
497 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
LCting001It is beautiful!! And a lot of fog 😂 I knew I wouldn't go to the Demon World! The Demon World is cold and expensive! ! It's very warm and how can the fog be sunned? Hahaha, every pool is not far away, the water temperature is warm enough, so it won't be too cold, but if the towel is wet, it will freeze as soon as it is put 😂 It is recommended that you put some towels outside for replacement.
Changbai Mountain Tianmu Hot Spring
172 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
171***88Great, outdoor ginseng, ganoderma and other pools, as well as milk bath, red wine, coffee, ginger pool, there are small fish ponds in the city, I personally like small fish ponds. Open at 1 pm, don't go too early.
Mojie (Devil) Scenic Area
321 Reviews
yangnizi"The magic world" water system is the hot spring water which is poured down from the Tianchi Lake of Changbai Mountain, which is not frozen all year round. Every winter, when the temperature reaches minus 20 degrees Celsius, the mist steams, and the mist and the tree hangs, and it is surrounded by the heaven and man, and the scenery is like a fairyland, as if it were the ancient world of the primitive society. The photographer called it "the world of the devil".

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Fukulunxuequan Park
Fukulunxuequan ParkChangbai Mountain,China

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Changbai Mountain Tianci Drifting
Changbai Mountain Tianci DriftingWest Slope Of Changbai Mountain,China

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Guosonghanna Hot Spring
Guosonghanna Hot SpringWest Slope Of Changbai Mountain,China

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zi xia feng
zi xia fengSouth Slope of Changbai Mountain,China

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Hui Mountain
Hui MountainSouth Slope of Changbai Mountain,China

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Erdao Baihe
Erdao BaiheNorth Slope Of Changbai Mountain,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Changbai Mountain, including: West Slope of Changbai Mountain Scenic Area,Changbai Mountain North Slope Scenic Area,Changbai Mountain Volcano Hot Spring Village
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