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Changbai Mountain

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Popular Attractions in Changbai Mountain

Heaven Lake on Changbai Mountain
1,878 Reviews
Heaven Lake is located at the top of the main volcanic cone on Changbai Mountain. It is the source of the Songhua River and a must-see site at Changbai Mountain. Enchanting scenery awaits in every season. From the top of the mountain, you can look down on all its undulating peaks. Sixteen mountain peaks cluster around a placid mountain lake of deep blue reflecting the clear, blue sky. It is an enchanting setting unlike any other.
Changbai Mountain Scenic Area
1,902 Reviews
Changbai Mountain is divided into three major scenic areas: North Slope, West Slope, and South slope. The whole area is full of natural splendor, and the crowning view is of the beautiful Heaven Lake in the caldera of the main volcanic cone, considered a holy place of prayer for many visitors. Heaven Lake offers different views depending on your vantage point. Many other beauties of nature await you here, such as the Changbai Waterfall, the high mountain garden, Jinjiang Canyon, the valley forest, and high mountain hot springs.
Changbai Waterfall
374 Reviews
At the north end of Changbai Mountain's Tianchi Lake, there is a small gap where water from the lake overflows and cascades down in a torrent to form the Changbai Waterfall. The waters from the falls later merge with the Erdaobai and Songhua Rivers. Standing on the observation deck located in front of the waterfall, with the falling waters the only thing in sight, it seems as though the water is falling straight from the sky. Due to the mountain's steep slopes and the rapid flow of the water, the waterfall is at a slant like an inclined stairway to heaven. At the mouth of the waterfall, there is a huge stone called "Niulang's Ferry." This stone divides the waterfall into two parts. Two columns of water are like jade dragons bravely rushing toward the protruding rocky beach and plummet down to the deep valley, splashing water high in the air like waves. The splashing drops fill the air like a misty fog.
Changbai Mountain North Slope Scenic Area
581 Reviews
Changbai Mountain's Tianchi is known as the North Slope Scenic Area. There are more sites of interest here than there on the western and southern slopes, thus attracting more visitors. Within the North Slope Scenic Area are many classical geological wonders such as the Changbai Mountain Waterfall, the Julong Hot Springs and the Gudi (Valley Floor) Forest Ocean. There are also hanging cars from which visitors can enjoy the sensation of speed as they careen around the twisting path on the way to the towering main peak, which offers a bird's-eye view of Tianchi's beautiful scenery.

Changbai Mountain Weather

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Trip Moments

Changbai Mountain Tianchi is located at the top of the volcanic cone of the main peak of Changbai Mountain. It has a charming scenery in the four seasons and is a must-see for Changbai Mountain. On the north slope, west slope and south slope of Changbai Mountain, Tianchi can be seen. The Tianchi scenery seen from the angle difference also has its own artistic conception. In summer, the most probable time of the Tianchi can be seen, but the current south slope is not Individual customers are open. The Changbai Mountain Tianchi is a crater lake formed by the action of rain, snow and underground spring water after volcanic eruption. It is also the source of the Songhua River. Visitors climbed to the top of the mountain to see the peaks and the magnificent, 16 peaks surrounded by a pool of calm lakes, under the blue sky and clear sky, the lake is deep and blue, especially charming. In the winter, the top of the mountain is covered with silver. In the spring and autumn, the meadows on the poolside are covered with mountains and flowers. In summer, the mountains are green. The weather on Changbai Mountain is changeable. It is said that there are about 250 days of rain and fog in a year. To see the Tianchi needs luck. Due to the relatively small amount of clouds in midsummer, there is a greater chance of a true look at Tianchi. Legend has it that people who come to see Tianchi for the first time will be blessed with their lover. We came here for the first time, and we saw Tianchi twice on the west slope of the north slope, and we got the favor of the lucky god. Looking at the cost of the Tianchi, tickets 125, environmentally friendly tickets 85, the North Slope to see the Tianchi more than 80 yuan of the station ticket. In fact, as long as you see the Tianchi expensive point is also worth it. You can buy electronic tickets and eco-friendly tickets on the Changbai Mountain official APP with your mobile phone. You don't need to change the paper ticket, you can directly scan the ticket, and the ticket will be bought on the spot. In addition, you can buy a 17 yuan transfer ticket from the North Slope Tourist Transfer Center. .
Posted: Dec 31, 2018
Looking for the most beautiful winter in China | Changbai Mountain Changbai Mountain is a heavyweight scenic spot in the three eastern provinces, is also a mountain of worship of the Korean people, so there are many Korean sticks to play here every year because they can't go Korea. Changbai Mountain Tips: Changbai Mountain Tianchi is 2150 meters above sea level, the temperature is so cold in my northeast for so many days If you are preparing for those cold-proof equipment, such as hats, Windproof eyes, masks, hats, gloves, warm babies, feel warm in the past few days, if you don't need them, then you can use Changbaishan Tianchi. I saw a beautiful woman with my own eyes, because with a mask, then the steam that came out of the air flew to the eyelashes to freeze the eyes and couldnt help. And the wind in Tianchi, the day we went is very big, I am 140 pounds, I feel the rhythm of being blown off the cliff. I saw the friend of "Interstellar Crossing". I felt like I was at the top of the mountain. I was put on the alien planet my gloves were lost on the off-road vehicle, and the mask was gone. So my face has been exposed to the outside cold wind is really a knife and a knife in the mouth seeing the sky pool is not easy without fog, I took out my hand to press the shutter, I feel fast The frozen ones are to be amputated. Because Changbai Mountain is a volcanic belt Tianchi is also a former volcano, so the hot springs here are also very loyal hot springs flowing through, a thin layer of water mist Rise like a fairyland here is also selling hot spring boiled eggs, only 5 dollars a
Posted: Dec 4, 2018
I lived in the farmhouse of the Cabin Village in Changbai Mountain, so I can experience the life of the most northeastern fan. On the way to the road, I saw the starry sky outside the car, and that excited! The cold world and the perfect starry sky will give people a feeling of clarity. In the farmhouse, I enjoyed the northeastern food made by the aunt. It was just eating tears. When I was just shooting the stars, I was frozen and I was so stiff. I felt that I didnt want to leave when I sat in the real room. So even The inconvenience of the farmhouse is still very sleepy! This farmhouse has come a long way. Various TV series are here. The boss is very talkative and reminds me to go out and buy ginseng. Don't be fooled~ Haha I can't afford it! The proprietress said that in the winter it will be completely blocked by heavy snow, the snow is higher than the knee, imagine it is dangerous and dreamy. Especially cold outside, I feel the cold is infiltrating, the sun in the far forest is gradually rising, and the sun is coming to bring warmth, which makes me feel moved. The sun is rising! Illuminating the frost and the small wooden piles, the whole world of ice and snow should wake up red lanterns and paper-cuts, which are cut by the hostess. At home, there are all kinds of characters that she cut, and the hand is clever. All the plants are covered with frost, shining in the nascent sun, like a fairy tree. When the sun rises, it illuminates the frost and my face, and the frost begins to melt slowly, beautiful and slightly bleak.
Posted: Dec 17, 2018