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North Slope Of Changbai Mountain

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Popular Attractions in North Slope Of Changbai Mountain

Changbai Mountain North Slope Scenic Area
580 Reviews
Changbai Mountain's Tianchi is known as the North Slope Scenic Area. There are more sites of interest here than there on the western and southern slopes, thus attracting more visitors. Within the North Slope Scenic Area are many classical geological wonders such as the Changbai Mountain Waterfall, the Julong Hot Springs and the Gudi (Valley Floor) Forest Ocean. There are also hanging cars from which visitors can enjoy the sensation of speed as they careen around the twisting path on the way to the towering main peak, which offers a bird's-eye view of Tianchi's beautiful scenery.
Changbai Waterfall
374 Reviews
At the north end of Changbai Mountain's Tianchi Lake, there is a small gap where water from the lake overflows and cascades down in a torrent to form the Changbai Waterfall. The waters from the falls later merge with the Erdaobai and Songhua Rivers. Standing on the observation deck located in front of the waterfall, with the falling waters the only thing in sight, it seems as though the water is falling straight from the sky. Due to the mountain's steep slopes and the rapid flow of the water, the waterfall is at a slant like an inclined stairway to heaven. At the mouth of the waterfall, there is a huge stone called "Niulang's Ferry." This stone divides the waterfall into two parts. Two columns of water are like jade dragons bravely rushing toward the protruding rocky beach and plummet down to the deep valley, splashing water high in the air like waves. The splashing drops fill the air like a misty fog.
Valley Floor Forest
146 Reviews
The Valley Floor Forest, also known as the "Underground Forest", is a low elevation scenic area at Changbai Mountain. This unique landscape was brought about by geological and volcanic activity which caused a large area of the earth's crust to collapse, sinking the entire forest to the base of this enormous valley. Standing at the edge of the cliff overlooking the scene below, the lush and towering trees look like a strange fairyland.
Mojie (Devil) Scenic Area
260 Reviews
The Mojie Scenic Area is a dense section of forest located at the northern foot of the Changbai Mountains. The hot spring waters that flow down from Changbai Mountain's Tianchi Lake form this area's water system and unique climate. The interaction between water and forest in the misty landscape is like a fairyland. The early hours of the morning are the best time to come to Mojie and enjoy the scenery. Winter is a particularly spectacular time, as the landscape is especially beautiful beneath layers of fog.

North Slope Of Changbai Mountain Weather

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Trip Moments

Changbai Mountain Hot Spring has the name of Shen Shui, which contains a large amount of hydrogen sulfide and various trace elements, and has high medical value. In the geological history of hundreds of millions of years, Changbai Mountain has experienced volcanic eruptions and sculptures of glaciers, thus forming today's fascinating wonders of the world. Changbai Mountain Hot Spring belongs to high-heat hot springs. Most springs have temperatures above 60 degrees Celsius and the hottest springs can reach 82 degrees. There are many hot springs distributed in the Changbai Mountain area. The most famous Changbai Hot Springs group is located 900 meters north of Changbai Waterfall. There are hundreds of springs in the area of more than 1,000 square meters. These springs continually spewed hot water from the cracks of the rock, like a group of dragons spraying water. Changbai Mountain has four seasons and ten different days. Although it is coming to Changbai Mountain in summer, everyone is wrapped in thick cotton mites. At high altitudes, there is still heavy snow, and the glaciers have not completely faded. If it is in the winter, the hot springs are surrounded by snow and ice, while the hot springs are hot. The warm water vapor emitted from the hot springs condenses on the surrounding vegetation, often forming a unique smog effect. This makes the Changbai Mountain Hot Springs have a different view. Tips: In Changbai Mountain, you will experience four seasons. The places with higher altitudes are colder, and you should wear thick cotton coats. To Changbai Mountain, you must make hot springs. There are many hot spring hotels in Changbai Mountain to choose from.
Posted: Dec 3, 2018
JOJO’s wonderful trip   
Yesterday, Dalian took the high-speed train to Shenyang, and Shenyang took the high-speed train to the Erdaobaihe Town Railway Station at the foot of Changbai Mountain at 8:00 this morning. When I got out of the train, many people came up to ask if they were going to Changbai Mountain or the town (the train station is 10KM away from Erdaobaihe Town). A few people who came off the bus with a few tourists who came off the bus, and then scraped together five people chartered to Changbai Mountain. Then buy tickets for 100 yuan, transportation tickets for 85 yuan, and enter the scenic area by car. The winter wagon stops at 5 stations, from the near far away: underground forest station, Xiaotianchi station (Jingbo Lake station), Changbai Mountain waterfall station, Lutan station, and the off-road station to be topped, if you want to see Tianchi, at the cross-country station, has to spend 80 yuan on the off-road vehicle (closed in the winter walkway) to reach the Astronomical Peak. If you want to go to Changbai Mountain Hot Springs, take the bus to get off at Changbai Mountain Waterfall Station (the bus can be used repeatedly). The price in winter is about 80 yuan per person. If you want to live in a hot spring hotel, there are 300 to 500 rooms. The hot spring is free, but the room conditions are generally not good. It is not recommended to live in the mountains. The winter in Changbai Mountain often makes people feel terrible cold. In fact, the beauty of Changbai Mountain in winter has a unique charm. It is no exaggeration to say that the winter of Changbai Mountain is one of the unique tourist attractions in China.
Posted: Dec 4, 2018