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About Changdao

Changdao (长岛) (or “Chang Islands”) County, a county under the jurisdiction of Yantai (烟台) City, was so named because of the Changshan Islands (长山岛) that lie within its borders. Changdao lies between Jiaodong (胶东) Peninsula and Liaodong (辽东) Peninsula, where the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea meet. Its main tourist attractions include Jiuzhang (九丈) Cliff, Half Moon Bay National Geological Park, the ancient temples on Temple Island, Xianjingyuan (仙境源) Folk Customs Park, Linhai Fengshan (林海烽山) National Forest Park, Temple Island's Mazu (妈祖) Cultural Park, and the Beizhuang (北庄) Ruins. Beach-combing is another favorite activity here.

Popular Attractions in Changdao

Jiuzhang Cliff
721 Reviews
Geological Sites
Jiuzhang Cliff is situated on the northwest corner of North Long Island on Yantai Long Island. It is a huge cliff on the seashore that attracts many tourists. The cliffs of Jiuzhang Cliff are very dangerous and you need to be very careful when walking under the cliff. The gate of Jiuzhangya is built on the hillside and there is a giant statue of Guanyin after entering the scenic spot. The front of the Guanyin statue is a cliff. From the cliff, you can see the sea in front of you.
Wanniao Island
239 Reviews
Wanniao Island is located in the east of Long Island. Due to the weathering and sea erosion of the island all year round, the cliffs on the island are convex and concave, forming many natural caves such as stone steps, and grottoes that can be inhabited by seabirds. The cliffs are very dangerous. Because Wan Niao Island is uninhabited, people are not allowed to land on the island. Visitors can only take a cruise to the island to watch the seabirds, but do not disturb them too much, especially during the season of egg production and incubation in May. As you approach the island with a boat, you can hear a large number of seabirds hovering and flying in the sky. You can also see seagulls preying on fish in the sea. The sound of birdsong is endless, and the sights are spectacular.
Yueyawan Park
328 Reviews
Yueyawan Park, also known as Half Moon Bay, is found in the northwest corner of North Changshan Island and it is a beach. As the name suggests, its shape is like a crescent moon in the night sky, set in between the mountains and clear waters. There are exotic ball stones scattered all over the beach. The white sand is like a beautiful jade and it is very beautiful. The main building in the park is a Chinese-Western "Crescent Pavilion", and a "Guanlan Pavilion" standing on a cliff, and a long corridor about 1,000 meters long.
Changdao Sea Tour
306 Reviews
Boat Tour
The Changdao Sea Tour depature from Miaodaotang of Changdao, and you can enjoy many island reefs and the original ecology of mysterious islands along the way, making visitors feel very dreamy. Changdao is known as the marine geological park. Various islands and reefs are distributed in the vast Bohai bay, tourists seem to be in the beautiful landscape of the sea.

Changdao Tours & Tickets

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Trip Moments

If you want to see two seas at a time, you must come here - the Yellow Sea and the Sea Interchange. The combination of the Yellow Sea and the Yellow Sea, although distinct, is not a straight line, and the color is different in depth, one side is dark blue, and the other side is light yellow, forming a "Tai Chi" spectacle. A "long tail", a sea of water and two worlds, clearly defined. And the waves are rushing all the year round, and the waves are as flat as the mirrors, but here they are like swords, as if the yellow sea is fighting. The long mountain tail serves as the junction of the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea. The various pebble on the beach are piled up, and the shape is wide and pointed, curved and elegant. If you love her (he), then be sure to bring it here. Under the thin moonlight, you can also hold the sunrise and stand together, giving her a gentle, fragrant, long kiss. Today's weather is not transparent, and the sunrise that I want is not photographed. It rises to a certain height and is completely blocked by the cloud. A little lost... slow road Starting from the border of Huanghuahai, the entire slow guidance system has complete service facilities such as rest, navigation, landscape, bicycle rental and service area. The slow road with a total length of 99.9 kilometers runs along the original mountain and sea junction on the island. The plank road stands in the water. The left side is a graceful mountain peak, and the right side is the endless sea. Long Island's "slow" is innate. In the past, Long Island fishermen were fishing when they were busy, woven into the net, and made a sunrise, and they had nothing to drink and have a good time. Gradually, Long Islanders are accustomed to slow life. They are not surprised when they are in trouble, and they have a degree of relaxation. This "slow road" is the landing of Long Island's "slow culture".
Posted: Nov 27, 2018
When you arrive at Long Island, Shandong, it is essential to take a boat to Wanlan Island to see the seagulls. Wan Bird Island - Located on the east side of the central part of the islands of Long Island, Wan Bird Island is also known as Che Yu Island. It is 73.5 meters above sea level and only covers an area of 0.05 square kilometers. This small island is inhabited. There are tens of thousands of seagulls, so it is called "Wan Bird Island." There are many caves and stone caves connected to each other on Wandao Island to form a natural stone building for seagulls to inhabit. Take a boat to Wandao Island at the Long Island Pier. The fare is about 150 yuan/person. The boat usually does not dial the point, but waits until the number is almost the same. We just arrived at the first time the boat sailed on the same day. The sailors set off firecrackers at the bow and prayed for peace. It was very lively. I dont know when the people on the boat started yelling, the people in front were all pushed to the back, and they turned around for a long time. Then there are only two words to describe ------ --------- Surprise! I think its already close to Wan Bird Island. Hundreds of seagulls dont know where to get out. They chased our cruise ship all the way. Everyone put the prepared steamed buns and chopped instant noodles into the air. These smart The guys swooped away with a dive. It seems that it is already a light road. "Suddenly there is a fairy mountain at sea, the mountain is in the void" - I am wondering that this seagull is seeing it, but where is Wandao Island? Suddenly, the sun was shining, and I saw that the fog was slowly spreading around, only to find that a tall stone wall was not far from the boat! At this moment, the mood is excited except for the excitement. I finally understand why Penglai is a fairyland...
Posted: Jan 6, 2019
The best buddy in my university is from Shandong. I introduced myself on the first day of school. He proudly said to the class: "My dad is a soldier and has been stationed in the frontier of the motherland for 20 years." Now I know that the original year The place he said turned out to be Long Island. The beauty of Long Island has been left outside the eyes of the world and has not been open to foreigners. Long Island is a place where people think of it and become gentle. Whenever I think of the coastline around Shandong, especially the 37° north latitude, it will make me feel very warm. Summer solstice just passed, flying from Hangzhou to Yantai, bus to Penglai, ferry to Long Island, hastily and very delicate contact with Long Island. The sun is not glaring, the air is filled with a touch of salty, the waves are not very large, and there is a refreshing and elegant blues. The oncoming sea breeze blows away the heat of summer, and the swaying heart is also quiet. Long Island is one of the few coastal cities in the northern city to worship Mazu. Many people know Penglai, which is across the sea from Long Island, and has heard the story of the Eight Immortals crossing the sea. There is a saying in the local area that Long Island is the place where prisoners were previously held. The Eight Immortals are actually prisoners who have escaped from prison. This has added a few mysterious colors to the island of Long Island. The sea in Long Island is not like the chaotic atmosphere of the sea in the south. She is just quiet there. The fishing boats on the sea are swaying, and you will find that time suddenly becomes very slow. I think this is probably the epitome of Long Island's advocacy of "slow life." Long Island County is a county under the jurisdiction of Yantai City, Shandong Province, and the Changbai Islands are the branches of Changbai Mountain. After the liberation of the 1949 Long Island, it was called Changshan Island. After the county was built in 1956, it was called Long Island, also known as the Temple Island Islands. It consists of 32 beautiful islands with a population of 50,000. It is the only island county in Shandong Province. It is located between the Jiaodong and Liaodong Peninsulas and at the junction of Huanghuahai. It is known as the Bohai Sea Throat, Jingjing Gateway.
Posted: Nov 27, 2018