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Changping District

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Popular Attractions in Changping District

Ming Tombs
2,734 Reviews
Collectively known as the 13 Ming Tombs, and located on the northwestern outskirts of Beijing, this is the resting place of 13 Ming dynasty emperors. The tomb area is surrounded by picturesque scenery, with beautiful views. You can visit the ancient buildings and scenery, and also find out about the specifications of imperial burials. The Ming Tombs form a unified whole. Each tomb was built in front of its own hill. The tomb specifications were more or less the same, with minor differences. The Yongle and Wanli Emperors of the Ming dynasty are both buried here.
Fengshan Hot Spring Resort
842 Reviews
Hot Spring
Behind Fengshan Hot Spring Resort are Fengshan and Lushan National Forest and to the west is the Ming Tombs Reservoir. The resort’s services include meetings, a hot springs, entertainment, dining, and accommodations. The resort is close to many tourist attractions, including the Ming Tombs, Lushan National Forest, Jiulong Amusement Park, Juyong Pass of the Great Wall, Snow World Ski Resort, and the Chinese Aviation Museum.
Jundu Mountain Ski Resort
762 Reviews
Jundu Mountain Ski Resort is located in the famous Xiaotangshan Hot Spring Resort Area in Beijing's Changping district. It's very close to the city center. The ski resort is huge, and contains slopes for skiers of all levels. There's even a mini-slope for children! The ski resort is located in the Xiaotangshan Hot Spring, so you can relax in the hot spring after you finish on the slopes. It's a perfect vacation spot!
Mangshan Forest Park
576 Reviews
One of the largest forest parks in Beijing is the Mangshan National Forest Park. This grand park has a great amount of vegetation including a vast variety of trees and flowers scattered across the mountain. Visitors will love seeing the natural beauty of this region. The Mangshan National Forest Park includes cultural attractions as well as geological and natural wonders. These include the Dashi Buddha, forest of stone steles, and the painted corridors. On top of the hill, visitors will have a wide range of vision. On a clear day, one can see the capital from here! At the entrance of the scenic area, guests can visit a variety of attractions such as the forest of stone steles, courtyard house, the archway, the Memorial Forest, and the National Tree Planting Memorial.

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Badaling Great Wall, Ming Tombs (Dingling) Day Tour
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Madame Tussauds Beijing Ticket
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Nanshan Ski Resort Round Transfer by Private English Speaking Driver
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Trip Moments

Beijing's most authentic mutton mutton - Yangfang victory mutton (victory old shop)

before driving a suburb of Beijing, to the Phoenix Ridge scenic area, returning to the road hungry, went to a large part of the belly was seriously protested . I have always known that Yangfang is the originator of the land of glutinous meat. Many people are directed at the Yangfang. The words are specially driven to the Yangfang Town of Beijings 6th Ring Road. Why did you choose "Yangfang Victory" because his family was originally founded in Yangfang Town, the most authentic! Like me, the first criterion in the eyes of everyone comes from the requirements for the quality of lamb. The mutton of this shop is tender and not suffocating, and the glutinous rice is unique. The yoghurt and mutton soup is also delicious. On the weekends, the guests who drive to the airport are endless, and the repeat customers are also for decades.

Yangfang Victory mutton was founded in 1984 by Li Shengli and his lover Yang Xiuqing. It has been inherited for 35 years and can inherit the most authentic pot of copper pot meat to this day. Yangfangs victory is based on real goods. Yangfangs victory insists on using the black-headed white sheep naturally stocked in the high-latitude natural pastures of Ximeng, eating scallions, drinking clear springs, rushing for 30 miles, tender and low-fat, delicious. Oh, its not old for a long time.

This is not. Today, I came to eat a piece of meat with a group of friends. I have just returned from Africa. As soon as I saw the copper pot of the meat, the boiling water rolled in the pot, and I couldn't wait to put the ingredients into the pot. The split lamb was also the unique work of Yangfang's victory and mutton. Today we ordered a hand-cut lamb, and the victory of the five blessings was made up of sheep's brain, melon strips, grinding files, ingots, and conditioning lamb. There is also a star product, Victory Daban Mutton. This board is 1 meter long. , 1 kg of meat. This boutique hairy must be point, after the seven ups and downs, the entrance is crisp and fragrant. The bottom of the pot is a good source of water. The ingredients at the bottom of the pot are 7 kinds of raw materials such as onion, ginger, seaweed, seaweed, shiitake mushrooms, alfalfa and jujube. The purpose is to remove fresh and fresh lamb, full of ingredients. With a steaming hot pot, hey, its too sweet. The bovine bone marrow is soft and full, and it goes down to the hot pot. It doesn't need to be cooked for a long time, and the texture is smooth and tender.

These days coincided with the 35th Anniversary of Yangfang Victory and Lamb Brand. In order to give thanks to new and old customers, from July 6th to July 8th, there will be 100 yuan to return 100 yuan vouchers. And this event is shared by the whole country and shared by the event. On the weekend, Im about three or five friends, and Im so hot with a steaming hot pot. I want to know if there is a Yangfang Victory Butcher Shop around you, Baidu or a review network can search. Yaya is ready for the weekend starting tomorrow, with girlfriends, and then go to the big ~
(), No. 10, Central Street, Yangfang Town
Posted: Jul 14, 2019