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Madame Tussauds Beijing

4.7/52,961 Reviews
Wax Museum
Day time 10:00-21:00; night time 18:00-21:00 (ticket collection stopped at 20:00)
No. 18 Qianmen Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
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About Madame Tussauds Beijing

Madam Tussauds Beijing is a branch of the world famous wax museum, Madam Tussauds. There are many realistic figures in the museum. Visitors to the museum can take photos with famous celebrities from China and around the world. There are eight exhibition spaces in the wax museum and figures from modern times and history including Michael Jackson, Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Feng Xiaogang, Jackie Chan, and Jay Chou are all there. There is also an experience called Spirit of China that is only available in the Beijing museum. Famous people such as Lang Ping and Cui Jian are featured. Visitors love to take pictures here.

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  • 201****891

    The first time I went to the wax museum, I didn't know what I could see. After going there, I found that there were many people, mostly young people, and many tourists with children. Wax statues are also available in all walks of life at home and abroad. Politicians, well-known entrepreneurs, most of them are actors. Visitors come in to take pictures of wax men. Near each wax figure, there are small props specially provided for tourists to take photos with the wax figure to create an atmosphere. Near some famous star wax statues, more people line up to take pictures, such as Barack Obama and Deer Haw, all designed special scenes. After the staff took pictures of tourists, they could pay for the pictures at the exit.

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    Reviewed on 1502732121000
  • M59****183

    First of all, the location is very easy to find. Secondly, the service attitude of the staff is very good. Very polite. Then the wax figures inside are very realistic. There are also interactive areas. The best people in all walks of life are in it. It's worth going.

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    Reviewed on 1505472950000
  • L-LIL

    It's worth it, Benny!!! Hot white shallow also!!! The time inside passed quickly! It's really worth it. Unfortunately, there is no manual for online tickets. Location is very easy to find, the staff is very patient, think of other zero mention of online ticket purchase will dislike the eyes... Really chill. Highly recommended

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    Reviewed on 1491048400000
  • _WeCh****061823

    It was a person who went there. I had no time for tickets. There were three grades. In fact, they should be the same. I bought luxury tickets because the student ID was 150 yuan. I could make hand wax for free, but the base needed 10 yuan or 20 yuan. There were other options to take pictures. I opened the door at 10 o'clock and bought the tickets. I finished shopping very quickly, but I was a little disappointed and did not see the hairpin, but Leonardo, as a whole, was still there. That's good.

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    Reviewed on 1498631359000
  • 5悟空5悟空5

    Very cool place, you can see "star" from close range. Haha, some are very similar, some are not very similar, but very interesting, interested partners can see, especially funny.

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    Reviewed on 1501432465000
  • _WeCh****22720

    There aren't many wax figures, but they're worth coming. Lindan doesn't do the same. Other things are OK. Lao She does well. There are Lu Hao, Huang Xiaoming, and places that have been to Shanghai. There are more wax figures than here. Fan Bingbing hasn't been seen today. Why don't you know? Generally speaking, it's still a favorite place.

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    Reviewed on 1471938173000
  • _WeCh****123512

    Buying the joint ticket, the overall feeling is less shocking effect, feel wax statues are not many, and the city elephant to buy the joint ticket, feel more shocking than the wax museum, but the whole street can still go around, can reflect the charm of old Beijing, hungry words do not go to Qingfeng steamed stuffed bun home to eat, not tasty, steamed buns are only set meals, many people can not order steamed buns, other meals. The main reason is that it's not delicious, because it's eaten all over the street, so I don't know which restaurant has good food.

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    Reviewed on 1549618480000
  • 139****9257

    The area is very large, three layers, divided into several sections. Most of the good things are well done. Some people don't feel very similar. Maybe I haven't seen a real person before. It's a little different from the media photos. I like it here very much. The fare is small and expensive.

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    Reviewed on 1486056601000
  • 瓦尔德多明尼卡

    There are many stars, my mother said that there is no Andy Lau, in fact, no, foreign stars are generally more realistic, part of China is realistic, Zhao Liying's face is so small, I do not know if it is measured that when she was the thinnest, Guo Degang was too short?

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    Reviewed on 1497278453000
  • 土土哈宝宝

    Student tickets are still more appropriate. It's a happy look. Although I went alone, I still feel very good. There are many wax figures inside. When I went there, there were not many people, and there was no need to queue up. The lighting scenery was very good (??????????)

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    Reviewed on 1516625001000
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