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About Changsha

The innovative Xiaoxiang culture, fiery Hunan cuisine and established entertainment industry have given Changsha a free and active atmosphere formed on a thick historical base. You can go to the Hunan Museum, Tianxian Pavilion, or Taiping Street to get a feel of Changsha's historical heritage. You can also go in search of traces of Mao Zedong at places like Orange Island and the Hunan First Normal University. Don't forget to take the opportunity to climb up Mt. Yuelu for a look at the natural scenery and the Yuelu Academy. On public holidays, countless fireworks are set off on Orange Island, leaving it shrouded in smoke. This gives Changsha a lot of color.

Popular Attractions in Changsha

Orange Island
7,557 Reviews
City Park
Orange Island is a long and narrow island in the Xiang Jiang River. It is the world's longest inland river island and also one of Changsha's most famous attractions. The island has dense trees, a large orange garden, a huge Mao Zedong Statue, and other cultural galleries. During his youth days, Mao Zedong spent a lot of time walking along the beaches, sunbathing and swimming at the island. He even wrote a poem about the island. During major festivals, there will be fireworks display available here, treating visitors to a visual feast.
Colorful World
3,954 Reviews
Amusement Park
Colorful World is a theme park displaying the world's famous landscapes. There are replicas of architectural wonders around the world in different proportions, such as the German Neuschwanstein Castle and the Egyptian Lighthouse of Alexandria. You can also watch exotic performances on "International Street". Friends looking for excitement can also enjoy fun rides such as Flying Skywheel, Crazy Motorcycles, and the Triple-Loop Roller Coaster.
Shiyan Lake
3,047 Reviews
Shiyan Lake is a ecological park located in the suburbs of Changsha. It is ideal for city residents who want to take a vacation. The park contains various ecological attractions such as a water world, an equestrian club, a paintball club, an artificial beach, a team-building training base, and a Shiyan Lake Wildlife Zoo and Botanical Garden. Dragon boat contest is one of the unique offerings of Shiyan lake. It is worth checking out. The park also has entertainment programs like karting, horse riding, bumper cars and tour boats, very suitable for family trips.
Yuelu Mountain
3,892 Reviews
Yuelu Mountain, located on the west bank of Xiangjiang River, is a famous scenic spot in Changsha. There are many historical sites, such as the famous Yuelu Academy, the Love Night Pavilion, and many cemeteries of revolutionary martyrs. Trees flourish on the mountain, and most of them are old ones. The local citizens like to climb the mountain and take a walk. This is also a great place to enjoy the red leaves in autumn.

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Changsha Weather

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Trip Moments

Changsha two-day Raiders Itinerary: 1 Day 1: Orange Island Scenic Area - Taiping Street - Yuelu Mountain Scenic Area - Hunan University - Martyrs Park - Du Fu Jiang Ge 2 Day 2: Jinggang Ancient Town Travel suggestion: Changsha's traffic is very convenient, no matter whether it is bus, subway or taxi, don't worry. Jinggang Ancient Town is far from the city center. It is recommended to take a taxi to accommodation suggestion: It is recommended to live near Furong Square or Wuyi Square on Wuyi Avenue. This area is on the subway line, to the railway station, orange. Both Zhouzhou and Yuelu Mountain are only three or four stations away from each other, and the traffic is very convenient. There are also Walking Street, Golden Eagle Department Store, Carrefour, which is a very prosperous business district Attractions Punch 1: Orange Island Scenic Area (Fig. 2) Address: No. 2, Orange Island, Yuelu District, Changsha City, Hunan Province Time: All day Tickets: Free How to get there: Take bus No. 123 and No. 2 bus and get off at [Orange Bridge East] stop to Orange Zizhou is an impact sandbank in the Xiangjiang River. It is surrounded by water for dozens of miles and is a national key scenic spot. In the scenic area, there are historical and cultural exhibition halls, Xiaoxiang celebrity clubs, citrus cultural parks and other landscapes, which integrate leisure and entertainment. The giant white marble monument in the center of the park is engraved with the "Orange Manchurian Head" on the front, and the back is the "GuanyuanchunChangsha" full text Attractions Punch 2: Taiping Street (Fig. 3) Address : 50m at the intersection of Wuyi Avenue and Taiping Street, Tianxin District, Changsha City: All day Tickets: Free How to get there: Take the 2nd, 11th, 18th, bus To [Jia Yi's Former Residence] stop to get off Taiping Street is the most complete street in Changsha Ancient City to retain the original street and street pattern. There are historical sites such as Jia Yis former residence, Changhuai Well, Mingji Temple, Wangfu West Building, and old houses with blue walls and white walls. Strolling around the old streets, you can also eat authentic local snacks such as Changsha stinky tofu and sugared candied fruit. Attractions Punch 3: Yuelu Mountain Scenic Area (Fig. 4) Address: No. 58 Denggao Road, Yuelu District, Changsha City Time: All day Tickets: Free How to get there: Take the 132, 202, 305 to Yuelushan North Bus Station Mountain Scenic Area is located in the Orange Island Tourism Scenic Area, which is the last peak of the 72 peak of Nanyue Hengshan, China One of the four major scenic spots. In the scenic area, there are famous scenic spots such as Yuelu Academy, Aiyue Pavilion, Lushan Temple and Yunxiao Palace. The trees in the mountains are flourishing, and ancient and famous trees can be seen everywhere. Attractions Punch 4: Hunan University (Fig. 5) Address: No. 2, Lushan South Road, Yuelu District, Changsha City Time: All day Tickets: Free/ How to get hh/: From the side of the Love Night Pavilion in Yuelu Mountain Scenic Area, it is the snack street of Hunan University. It is Hunan University through the snack street. School has built Chinese Academy Museum, National Supercomputing Changsha The center enjoys the reputation of a millennium school, a century-old school. It is not only a higher education institution in China, but also a famous tourist attraction in Changsha. Among them, Yuelu Academy is on campus. After the visit, you can have a meal at the snack street of Huda! ~ Attractions Punch 5: Martyrs Park (Fig. 6) Address: No. 22, Dongfeng Road, Furong District, Changsha City Time: 06
Posted: Sep 14, 2019
Changsha travel must punch card | Wenhe Friends Stin Tofu Museum coordinates Changsha Old Street in the center of Changsha, is the first museum in China with the theme of stinky tofu. The area is small but very characteristic. There is a very large IP cartoon image "Smelly", although it is in the famous Changsha Taiping Street snack street, but after entering here, the style is completely different. The entrance to the museum is a secret passage. On the one hand, the raw material of the beans, you can see a group of rounded beans admire you in the bounce, and listen carefully to the sound of the beans. The projection at corner is an enlightenment book about stinky tofu prepared by the museum. Why is the stinky tofu in Changsha so dark? Where does the smell of stinky tofu come from? Here are the answers. From beans, to tofu, to stinky tofu. The basic production, halogen production, modulation, soaking, leaching and other links are displayed one by one. This is the inheritance history of stinky tofu. After Enlightenment, it is natural to experience learning. Once again, you can see rows of neat and conspicuous pottery jars along the wall, as well as display cabinets with a full grid of surrounding, filled with a variety of raw materials. If you don't pay attention to the small label above, it's hard to recognize it by yourself. Experience equipment is generally a popular item, remember to plan well. There is a test bench for simulating the brine. You can try the modulation according to your own ideas. After the operation is completed, the system will score according to the brine you made. There is also a stinky tofu lab that has been hand-made, smelling the taste of brine, there is a surprise (with surprises), has "travel through time and space" to participate in the "smelly tofu king competition" homemade comics Wait. Of course, inevitably, I have to give myself a "homemade" stinky tofu. Of course, after a process of experience, a hot and fresh secret stinky tofu will be released. Finally, don't forget to take pictures of the red wall in the stinking net to leave your figure! Summary: A museum with a taste and a story, the experience is great and the experience is very good. Miss Xiao Ge, who is coming to Changsha to play, must come and experience! I dont want to come to Changsha!
Posted: Sep 13, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

I recommended Yanghu Wetland Park, Meixi Lake Park, Xiang River, Shi Niuzhai Scenic Area, Tongguan Kiln.
Here are the absolute best restaurants in Changsha: Hei Se Jing Dian Changsha Chou Dou Fu ( Xiao Xiang Wen Hua ), Lao Street Yu Zui Ba ( Po Zi Street ), Jun Ting Zhong Can Guan ( Wan Bao Da Dao ), Hidilao Hot Pot( Yu Hua Ting CapitaLand Square ), Hao Shi Shang Qing Nian Restaurant( Kai Fu Wan Da Square ).
Here are the best places to visit in Changsha, including: Hunan Provincial Museum, Shiyan Lake, Changsha Ecological Zoo, Autumn-Admiring Pavilion, Taiping Street.