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Trip Moments

Yuelu Academy
Orange Island
After visiting Hunan University, I walked along the archway road to the Xiangjiang River. When I walked to the riverside, I could see a archway. At this time, I understood the meaning of the name of the archway road. I think this should be the location of the original Yuelu Academy archway ~
through the dyke of the river, down the stairs to the greenway, you can slowly walk along the river, there are many walks and rides The person who walks. Next to Xiangjiang River is the Changsha Xiangjiang Scenic Belt, which consists of more than ten leisure fitness squares, green belts and historical and cultural landscapes. It integrates functions such as flood control, sightseeing, tourism, leisure and fitness.
Unconsciously, the sundial is coming quietly. The shadow of the sun shines on the river, sparkling.
Working people, gradually returning home to rest; the traffic on the Orange Island Bridge gradually increased; the high-rise buildings on the shore gradually staged a gorgeous light show...
Orange is the Chairman Maos poem "Independent cold autumn, Xiangjiang North, oranges, head, see Wanshan red, layered forest to dye" in the orange continent. Xiwangyue Mountain, east to Changsha City, surrounded by water, stretches for dozens of miles, the shape is a long island, is a shock sandbar in the Xiangjiang River.
Oranges and Oranges have both the taste of the village and the hustle and bustle of the village, and the prosperity of the Chinese lanterns; the orange forest is a piece of film, the scenery is clear; the historical and cultural heritage is long and heavy; the floating cymbal is known as "China's first Continent."
Rachel Yu
Jinggang Ancient Town
Jinggang Ancient Town is located on the west bank of Xiangjiang River and you can see the Xiangjiang River after getting off the bus. The cars from Wangcheng Bus Station to Jinggang Ancient Town are all along the west side of Xiangjiang River. The Xiangjiang River is full of cargo ships. There are many small islands in Jiangxi, most of them are uninhabited. There are some paid attractions in the town of
, you can buy a joint ticket and visit all the attractions. If you dont visit the sights, just strolling around the old town is free. Here is the entrance to the ancient town.
This ancient town is very quiet, there are not many tourists, the street is empty. The ancient town is surrounded by water, and every lane leading to the river is a pier. The small river next to the ancient town is only a cruise. The roads are paved with slate and stretched from the bottom to the far side.
There are not many tourists, the dogs are also very leisurely, curled up in the corner under the lazy sleep for a nap, enjoy the slow life of the ancient town. The old streets of the ancient town are east-west. The easternmost side is the Xiangjiang River, which extends to the west for nearly 2 kilometers. It is a relatively long old street.
fish is a local specialty, and many small fish are sold in front of many stores. The dried fish is delicious. In the middle of the ancient town, there are several specialty snack bars, which are still rare. Most of the visitors here are self-service tourists in twos and threes.
This section of the street, the shops are full of signs, looks antique.
After the meal, the waiter will give you a tableware and pay attention to the tableware is the German WMF.

# meal package# is now baked, and it is still hot. Its just that the bread is too good for children to eat. My nieces teeth are still not fully developed and cant be bitten. Haha is also very cute.

#Organic garden salad with fresh fruit before the main meal# The salad is very idyllic but the plate is too simple. Although the color is bright, the fruit is fresh but the strawberry is really sour.

## Really appetizing, sour and sweet mouth is really my favorite. Before the Chinese restaurant saw Mike doing this soup, I thought about going to Thailand to try it. I thought it was not very good, but after I tried it, I felt that the soup taste was really strong and authentic.

# creamy mushroom soup # is prepared in advance in the pot, when the end comes up, there are a few small mushrooms on the plate, and then serve to pour the soup inside. This taste is really average. However, I recommended

# Angus West Cold Steak #Restaurant's main, it is said that the Australian grain feed for 150 days, I have no feeling, my daughter is quite like it.

#Roasted organic chicken breast #The menu was completely ignored before this dish, but the prostitute liked it. But she didn't like to eat it, I fell in love with it. The black pepper on the chicken is topped with orange sauce, and the novelty is surprisingly good.

#New York-style cheesecake# Dessert is the heart of every girl, and the girl like me and my niece is so tender and tender girl, of course, one end up and start. The plate is very delicate, but the fruit is really sour, it is estimated to be the same as the garden salad.