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Jordy Chow

Changsha World Window is located on the Liuyang River in the northeast suburb of Changsha City, Hunan Province. It is a cultural theme park jointly invested by Hunan Dianguang Media Co., Ltd., Shenzhen OCT Holdings Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong China Travel Group.
Changsha World Window was built in 1995 and is located in the Golden Eagle Film and Television Culture City, covering an area of 400,000 square meters. The trial operation on October 1, 1997 is a comprehensive large-scale theme park that integrates pioneering fashion activities, large-scale equipment amusement, architectural wonders of the world, Wuzhou style song and dance performances, and film and television shooting bases.
Posted: Jan 9, 2019
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The paradise in the prosperous city of Changsha
it is called the taste, located in a bed and breakfast at the foot of the mountain, in the hot summer night, far away, you can see the scenery on the hillside, the screaming in the summer night At this moment, it becomes the most harmonious note. The water in front of the eaves reflects the reflection of the night. At this moment, this side is quiet and leisurely. It is the best destination for the journey in the hot summer night!
Room: The room we chose is the original and retro style, spacious room, retro decoration, oversized projection, modern bathtub, every little detail of the room is full of Zen. The toiletries are quietly lying in the rattan basket, and there is a string of sandalwood bracelets that seem to be randomly placed, but in fact they are full of care. The occasional trinkets make it look like a hotel room, but more like an art show.
Environment: It also has a small courtyard, full of fruit trees, and many original recreational facilities. Children are laughing and playing here, and friends from all ages can chat and enjoy long-lost Away from the urban pastoral time.
Address: The B&B is located in Zuoli Road, Yuelu District. If you take a taxi, you will locate the Xiaoqiao Water Hotel and climb a small hillside.
Price: More than 400 rooms for one night, with comfortable big beds, modern living facilities, and a leisurely environment, just stay here for a day and enjoy the Return to the pastoral, return to nature Happy!
After the meal, the waiter will give you a tableware and pay attention to the tableware is the German WMF.

# meal package# is now baked, and it is still hot. Its just that the bread is too good for children to eat. My nieces teeth are still not fully developed and cant be bitten. Haha is also very cute.

#Organic garden salad with fresh fruit before the main meal# The salad is very idyllic but the plate is too simple. Although the color is bright, the fruit is fresh but the strawberry is really sour.

## Really appetizing, sour and sweet mouth is really my favorite. Before the Chinese restaurant saw Mike doing this soup, I thought about going to Thailand to try it. I thought it was not very good, but after I tried it, I felt that the soup taste was really strong and authentic.

# creamy mushroom soup # is prepared in advance in the pot, when the end comes up, there are a few small mushrooms on the plate, and then serve to pour the soup inside. This taste is really average. However, I recommended

# Angus West Cold Steak #Restaurant's main, it is said that the Australian grain feed for 150 days, I have no feeling, my daughter is quite like it.

#Roasted organic chicken breast #The menu was completely ignored before this dish, but the prostitute liked it. But she didn't like to eat it, I fell in love with it. The black pepper on the chicken is topped with orange sauce, and the novelty is surprisingly good.

#New York-style cheesecake# Dessert is the heart of every girl, and the girl like me and my niece is so tender and tender girl, of course, one end up and start. The plate is very delicate, but the fruit is really sour, it is estimated to be the same as the garden salad.