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Things To Do in Changting

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汤青坝The scenery is very quiet and beautiful, the children have a good time and are safe, so they don’t need to take care of him too much. The scenery is very good, there are not many people, parking is free, and the service attitude is very warm and warm. There is a bayberry museum and a wetland ecological museum, so small friends can also learn a lot of nature knowledge. There are often flowers and grasses, the breeze comes slowly, the view is wide, and the lake is like a mirror, which is particularly sensational for urban people. The air is also super fresh, and the negative oxygen ions explode, so go in and take a deep breath. The fare is cheap, the parking is free, the service is friendly, and the park experience is great. There are ancient villages next to Sanzhou Village, which are under construction and restoration. They are also very old-fashioned. The history and culture are very profound. There are many handed down plaques, which are cultivated for diligence. They are suitable for teaching children to learn Chinese culture. They do not have a strong commercial atmosphere. They are all simple The mellow locals also invite you to drink tea at his house. There is also a beautiful river beach park, a beach park, a favorite of small friends. Looking at the quiet and magnificent river surface, a few white clouds are floating gently in the sky, and the setting sun is sprayed on the face. It seems that there is a kind of happiness and hometown. feel. What a perfect travel experience. Only 15 photos can be uploaded, otherwise there will be a few more photos. A family of 3 self-driving trips cost 85 yuan in total. There are many local snacks in the old streets of the ancient villages, which are cheap and authentic. The wife and the child said that more will come in the future. There is also a RV camp opposite the park, which is very good to hear from the locals, and it is worth living in! Because we had friends in the ancient city of Tingzhou, we didn't live there, and we must stay there again next time to experience the feeling of a bird waking up people.
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wbclawyerChangting is a national historical and cultural city, the capital of Hakka, the famous hometown of Bamin Tingzhou and one of the birthplaces of ancient civilization in Fujian. From the heyday of the Tang Dynasty to the late Qing Dynasty, Changting was the governing place of the prefecture, road, and government. It was also the main settlement of the Hakka people. It is known as the "Hakka Base Camp" and the "Hakka Capital". The ancient city of Changting has a long history and many places. Visit the former site of the Red Army Revolution and visit the ancient city of Changting to experience the journey of red culture.
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青青翠竹Changting County Museum is located in the lively street of Changting County, not far from him is the Confucian Temple, here in 95 years was named as the national key cultural relics protection unit. Once in the door, you can see the Tang Dynasty cypress, vigorous promotion, lush. It is also the former Tingzhou trial hospital, the eight counties under the jurisdiction of the Ming and Qing Dynasties Tingzhou Imperial Exams of talents. The museum has Tingzhou Hakka Museum and Changting Revolutionary History Exhibition Hall. I like the stone lions in the museum, although the years have passed, but still can see the appearance of lifelike.
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李娜娜NNNDingwuling is located in Changting County (Tingzhou), the capital of Hakka in the world, 25 kilometers away from the county seat. The village has high mountains, dense forests, fresh air, serene winding paths, and picturesque scenery. It still retains the original village form. Yellow mud walls, black and gray tiles, wooden houses, and stone steps can be seen everywhere. According to legend, Dingwuling, where there are no mosquitoes all year round, is because there is a stone toad crouching on the ground beside the village bypass with its mouth facing the village, which is protected by the toad.
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sunshine518Soon after entering the city gate, I saw the Confucian Temple. Diagonally opposite is the shop head. The scale of Tingzhou Confucian Temple is not small, and the overall style is simple and elegant. Usually there are few tourists, so it is very quiet.
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M44***64I did the strategy before I went to the scenic bus stop, got off at the first stop, went to the lake first, and then started to climb the Guanzhang Mountain after getting off the boat will save more physical strength. Unfortunately, I took a half way to walk, and climbed a scientific route. The scenery is good, but to see the essence of the attractions, I must go back and look at the back road. It is very tired. If you visit the lake first, you have to go to the back ropeway of the carp at the fork in the road, you don't have to go back. Overall is excellent,

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Tingjiang National Wetland ParkLongyan,China

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Tingzhou ShiyuanLongyan,China

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Hongjiang ParkLongyan,China

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Tingjiangyuan Longmen Sceneic AreaLongyan,China

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Changting Xinqiaoqu Aoli DriftingLongyan,China

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Changting MuseumLongyan,China

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About Changting

Changting is a county under the administration of Longyan City in the west of Fujian Province. The county was praised by New Zealand author Rewi Alley as “one of the most beautiful mountain towns in China.” Hakka culture and red tourism are the main tourism resources in the county. Some tourist sites include Yunxiang Pavilion, Changting Old City Walls, Chaodou Cliff Scenic Area, and the site of the Fujian Soviet Government Offices.

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Here are the best places to visit in Changting, including: Tingjiang National Wetland Park,Changting Ancient City,Changting Museum
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