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CC Joyland

4.6/54,619 Reviews
Amusement Park

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No.1, Huogu Gu Avenue, Taihu Bay, Wujin District, Changzhou City
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About CC Joyland

CC Joyland is an animation-themed amusement park about 1 km from the shore of Lake Tai and 40 km from the City of Changzhou. The park has amusements for all ages and Taobao Street, which sells animation-related products. You can have fun while shopping. Water World and the Night Park open in the summer. The park is a place where adults and children can enjoy a wide range of amusements.

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  • _CFT0****9924

    We entered the park at 9:30 today, avoiding the peak period. There were too few people, so we didn't have to queue at all. Except for several large-scale projects, there were too few people to gather together, luck was a bit awkward, pants were wet. When we played water games, we had to shout when we took the roller coaster. Today, we played because we didn't feel dizzy and lack of oxygen. We had to go out at four o'clock. Know the second phase, a little depressed, playing the shaky Ferris wheel, I do it for the first time, I think wow, so high and shaky, afraid ah, well, the money spent in the restaurant is a little expensive, poor pi_ pi, westward traveling demons did not come to see, listen to the staff say super good, unfortunately, a little sad. Garden work Brother fried chicken society is good, there is a super good voice, like Chen Xuedong's brother in the jumper there Yo.

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    Reviewed on 1498488705000
  • 指尖书凉

    National Day, the weather is clear, especially suitable for play. There are many children playing, such as Moore Manor, Rock Kingdom, Longhang World, and several through-type movie halls, which are suitable for children to play, colorful, good mood, childlike innocence immediately came out. On the other side, adults play a lot more, such as thunderstorm rage, roller coaster and so on. Talk about the rage of thunder, Word, dare not be afraid, not afraid of heights, you go ahead... Then the roller coaster, there are two, one is a shoulder-less ring roller coaster, one is tearing the stars, two are well-known in the field of roller coaster, you have to challenge yourself to feel it at will, anyway, I am afraid of death, once a year I do not want to play this roller coaster for the second time, timid girl paper please hold tight boyfriend oh. The night scenery is beautiful, Emma... I can't finish. There are other interesting projects. You can explore them by yourselves. Only 10 photos can be sent for Mao, huh...

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    Reviewed on 1476608793000
  • 上之国町李清照

    Reserved the set meal of the Playful Valley Victoria International Hotel, with two tickets for adults of Playful Valley to enter the park twice a day, because the reservation is timely, the set meal price is less than 1K during the National Day, and the cost-effective ratio is high. Paradise is very good, suitable for parents and children to play, my family Xiaobao will soon 1.2m, in line with the 1.4m ticket-free concessions, and many projects are not limited by height, in addition to jumping planes, roller coasters and other special exciting non-play, two days spent nearly 11 hours, other projects almost played, and there are Moore Manor Rock Kingdom, such a low, and there are many high-tech audio-optical projects. There are also reality shows and magic, as well as Lake boats, in short, very rich, especially the animation is particularly beautiful, garden sculptures are also very delicate, many sculptures are characters in the game story, we can see that the designers, builders and managers are very attentive. Anyway, I had a good time and had a good time. It is worth mentioning that the price of the park is good, bought a small seal pillow, and sent a rice badge, back to check, pillow and cat price is the same, it is the conscience of the industry ah. There is also a lot of food in the park. Apart from the ice-cream pit of 20 and the taste is normal, other prices are still normal. We had fresh shrimp pizza in the Blue Fish Restaurant. It was oily and tasted good.

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    Reviewed on 1444233922000
  • n****

    May Day holiday to a play valley, the first feeling is that the infrastructure is good, parking lot is very reasonable, but there is still a general quality of people randomly parking, traffic organizers on the road have worked hard, so the sun, very touching. The level of things that can be played inside is relatively large, some are a little naive, some are too exciting, but the overall feeling is still very good. It's a pity that the water park hasn't been opened. It may take the summer vacation to have games, but I'm looking forward to having another chance to experience it.

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    Reviewed on 1493556096000
  • 小狐狸

    Changzhou Play Valley, located in the outskirts of Changzhou and dinosaur garden as one, with the theme of game animation, mainly divided into two areas. The logo ball revolving around the entrance has the style of the gate of Universal Studios. When you enter the gate, a small street, there will be some costumed cartoon characters on both sides to take pictures with you. It's very enthusiastic. The street has a Disney style. With outlets, the prices of things as a whole are acceptable. Anyway, as soon as I enter the door to buy a hat for my son, Hong Kong Disney will buy HK$149, which is 39 RMB with a small hairpin. The style of taking pictures in the garden in a hat is very matching and super satisfying. The amusement facilities inside are smaller ones. They are divided into several themes, such as Moore Manor, etc. Most facilities children can play, such as pirate boats, Trojans and a special indoor hall for smaller children, very good. There are many cinemas, and they feel intimately suitable for winter and summer vacations - after all, most people can't stand exposure to the sun. There seems to be an extra charge for a water park, because it was at the end of May and it hasn't opened yet. It is said that the summer vacation will be held. A few more exciting projects, adults play better. For fear of not being able to play at one time, it's cost-effective to have annual cards and go in and out many times.

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    Reviewed on 1497368730000
  • 神漾圈少

    On Labor Day, Changzhou Play Valley has a two-day night tour. It feels like Disney in China to go to Play Valley for the first time. It's not as beautiful and cute as Disney, but the theme is clear. It was a holiday when we went, and although it was a night show, there were many people. Play Valley is very big, and there are many exciting items to queue up, basically one day is not enough to play. If you go to the evening venue, you should arrange the time reasonably. You can enter the venue at 4:30 p.m. and you can play the project of early closing first. In addition, this scenic spot is at the junction of Yixing, Changzhou, so it's a little inconvenient to take the high-speed rail. The scenic spot should arrange the high-speed rail station to the scenic spot bus at a human point, even if the fee is okay, which can also attract people to go.

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    Reviewed on 1500388515000
  • M42****601

    Personally, I think it's much more fun than dinosaur park. The theme of fairy tale animation is big and far away from the city. There are more people than those who went to dinosaur park the day before. The scenery is super good. You must bring your daughter with you when you have the chance.

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    Reviewed on 1483782214000
  • M43****584

    This time we went on Friday, people are not special, who did not open the project, today there is a project monthly check ah what, but played a merry-go-round jumper, roller coaster, Jinling swimming goggles and so on has been satisfied when many people can not enjoy anything, I think it should be Saturday and Sunday past the project should be mostly open.

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    Reviewed on 1492173639000
  • 138****5489

    10.1:30 p.m. into the park, the purchase of night tickets 120 yuan is very cost-effective, the key is this year 10.1 no one, no line-up, walking in the park can not see a few people, feel closed, baby in the Moore Manor and Rock Kingdom played for a long time, Rock Kingdom is more suitable for children over 130cm can not play, originally want to ride the Ferris wheel at night, good results in the distance to see the mo. Tianlun slides back and forth from room to room, afraid to sit down, the results come back to study is wrong, there are a few will not move, regret ah! ___________

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    Reviewed on 1475324270000
  • 夏黄语辰

    Play Valley scenic area is very beautiful, suitable for children to play, that is, many projects are limited, to reach 15 years old, but it does not affect! The children in the aquatic world like it very much and refuse to come out! Although the temperature outside is 35 degrees Celsius, but the water is still a little cold, to wear a towel, the most important thing is sunscreen, we came back a whole circle of darkness, take photos on the Ferris wheel feel great...

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    Reviewed on 1440559689000
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