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Tianmu Lake Hantian Spring & Spa

4.8/54,327 Reviews
Hot Spring

Business Hours

Monday-Friday 12:00-23:00, Saturday-Sunday 10:00-23:00, Last entry time is 22:30. Holiday peaks are queued (peak time 14:00-18: 00)


No. 88, Dongyuan Road, Tianmu Lake Tourism Resort, Fuyang City, Changzhou City
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About Tianmu Lake Hantian Spring & Spa

Tianmu Lake Hantian Spring & Spa boasts 44 distinctive outdoor hot spring pools and a luxurious elegant full-service spa club. The First-Line Lakeview Pond, located on the outdoor part of the Mid-Hill, is the highlight of the resort. It allows you to enjoy the Tianmu Lake while bathing in the hot springs. During the day, the clear green waters complement Mt. Qing. At night, the quiet lake is accompanied by the shadow of the lights. The stars of a summer night and the snow of a winter night bring great joys to visitors who come to bathe.

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  • _WeCh****04572

    Hantain Hotel is to soak in hot springs. It's very refreshing to soak in hot springs on weekdays. There are very few people. There are more than thirty open pools. Because it's weekdays, Apple pools and lemon pools are not open. It's a little pity. The hot spring pool is situated on the hill. The scenery on the hill is the best. The water in the pool is very clean. The soaking temperature in summer is a little hot, but it can get rid of humidity. My favorite is the milk pool, fragrant, red wine pool really has a strong flavor of red wine, but the slippery body is a little uncomfortable. Chinese medicine pool is also very good, each small, surrounded by bamboo forests, two people are very quiet, privacy is better. Along the road, there are staff guidelines, tea bar, clean bath towels, all consumption is recorded on the bracelet, checkout together when going out, very convenient. We soaked until 8:00 p.m. and lay on the top of the mountain for a while. The evening wind in summer was cool. The moon was bright and clean on that day. The cries of summer insects were pleasant. We'll come back later.

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    Reviewed on 1499222926000
  • M26****699

    The Hantaa Peninsula Resort is a good choice for this wedding anniversary. The view rooms are very comfortable and the scenery is excellent. The staff of the Peninsula Hot Spring are very kind to soak in the hotel hot spring that afternoon. The gap between the hot springs keeps pouring tea for us, fearing that we will catch cold, holding bath towels for us. All the way, they are intimate housekeeper service. After soaking in the hot springs, the staff of the Peninsula Hot Spring keep pouring water for us. It was so touching to have prepared a little surprise for us. Thank you to the following staff - "Ding Caixia, Lian Liyuan, Ding Wenhui, Li Jiarong, Shi Chuanfeng, Liu Yuanying, Li Yaqi, Ding Yan. Thank you so much for making me spend such an unforgettable wedding anniversary. It will also be recommended to friends around you.

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    Reviewed on 1480339463000
  • sexy _r

    Last Saturday, my boyfriend and I went to Hantaan Banshan Hot Spring to enjoy the sunshine. Arrive at 9:30 a.m. in the lobby to get the first 001 haha. The lounge, shower and other facilities in the 10 o'clock entrance are all good, because the service is in place in the morning with few people. First we went to the top Lake View pool front-line lake view super praise!! Overlooking the whole Tianmu Lake! Super beautiful! The water is very warm and comfortable. There are many different pools where you can rotate bubbles and take a rest halfway. There is an open-air room like geothermal, lying directly on the hot. Down the hill, I also saw the pool where children play. On the same day, I also saw many families taking their babies to visit their parents and children. After soaking, you can also go to steam a sauna with an electrical room and a salt treatment room (the specific name forgot). Friendship Suggestion: Avoiding peak holidays, if there are too many people, it will be terrible. It's also clean to go to the spring in the morning. Take some drinks and fruits as a supplement and play for half a day. The overall experience is very good and friends will be recommended to go to Kazakhstan. The rent in Ps bathrobe is 10 yuan. It is recommended to bring your own hotel bathrobe. Otherwise, it's easy to catch cold only with a bath towel.

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    Reviewed on 1487062164000
  • 小美小糯

    Baby likes dinosaurs very much. The waiters in the hotel and restaurant are very considerate to take care of the children. The front desk knows that the baby's birthday is approaching. It upgrades the room to send cakes. Warm service. It's too convenient to be near the dinosaur garden. It's also a lot of choices to forage in the water town. On the day of check-out, the baby doesn't want to leave. She promises to bring her to play in the future. Shanghai is not far from here.

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    Reviewed on 1510280767000
  • 小饭团de麻麻

    Two days ago, I took my baby and my family to a hot spring. After half a day's selection, the Hantan Peninsula Hot Spring in Tianmu Lake was finally selected. One was attracted by his introductory photos and the other was a colleague who thought it was good. Travel 2 days, basically in the hotel did not come out, because it is very convenient to eat and play. Here let me feel the deepest is the service here, the service is really very good, very thoughtful and enthusiastic, the waiters are very active. Especially in the breakfast restaurant, we were led to the restaurant on the fourth floor because the first floor was full. As soon as the waiter came in and saw that we had children with us, he helped us arrange seats, took the children's tableware and asked our children if they wanted to bowl their distinctive little dumplings. During this period, they often help us to collect dinner plates and take food in time. Leader Wang Yuzhen and elder sister Zhou Yulan also interact with our children and play games. They gave the children a sailboat as a gift. Before leaving, because we were going back, we took the initiative to pack a lot of fruits and yogurt for us. You elder sister in the housekeeping department where we live is also very enthusiastic. We went to three children's parks in the resort, one on the first floor of the hotel, one on the second floor of the hot spring, and one on the outdoor children's parks. The outdoor children's parks are relatively large. There are slides, digging sand, eating bubbles, and feeding lambs. The children said they liked it very much. Hot springs, indoor feeling is general, outdoor hot springs scenery pleasant, whether in the daytime or at night is very good, the temperature is warmer to go more perfect. Overall, the room is good, there is a super large bathtub, the room can bubble, the only imperfect is that the air conditioning sound is a little loud, this can be improved perfectly. Some soft drinks, fish therapy and head massage were delivered in the hotel set meal. The visiting elder sister in the guest room saw that we brought some cans of milk and many fruits to our children. Fish therapy costs 38 yuan per person. It's good to feel it. Head massage is also very good, Mother's adults said they like it very much. The mini-fish-head soup in the Royal Court Restaurant on the 9th floor tastes good. It's said to be mini-soup, but the amount is OK. Two days is short, but the service is impressive. We should come again in the future.

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    Reviewed on 1546179968000
  • 5.0

    There are many people, especially many, good lake scenery, good overall experience, swimming pool is not open, water is not open, massage pool is not open, say 10 o'clock to open the door, in fact, the weekend is 12 o'clock, you should not be deceived, very cold and bitter, the water is dirty, many old mud water floating, the scenery is good, other is not good, the pool is too few.

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    Reviewed on 1486191783000
  • 随遇而安5188

    Take parents to Tianmu Lake to play, Muming chose Hantian Resort Hotel, and found it worthwhile. Due to the long construction period, the hotel facilities are slightly obsolete, but every hotel staff encountered are very polite, very enthusiastic, very active service, Hantaan's service reflects a high standard. The buffet breakfast is also quite rich. The fish head in Tianmuhu casserole in the Chinese restaurant on the 9th floor is the best fish head I have ever eaten. Thank you very much for the hospitality and thoughtfulness of Zhai Haiyan, Wang Pei and Zhao Tianwei. Hantan Resort Hotel has beautiful lakes and mountains, picturesque scenery, hot springs are quite unique, overlooking Tianmu Lake, it's a worthwhile trip!

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    Reviewed on 1505019361000
  • Jean Chen

    The environment is pleasant, with two children and parents together to adults and children are very fond of. Ticket price is worth it, because every servant in the Shantou is full of enthusiasm, not only at any time cold and warm, but also very caring for the children, let people feel at home, very recommend a good place for parents and children to travel, spend most of the day here happy and happy. Dinner at a famous Hong Kong restaurant beside the hot spring, the children were tired all day. Waiters watched the children doze off, merged the two chairs and covered their stomachs with towels. They were very touched. They sincerely thanked the waiter, Ms. Wang Xiaomei, for her warm greeting service and Ms. Chen Aijuan and Ms. Qinyao, for giving us the warm reception we had never seen before. Thank you again. Ms. Zhang Liuji in the hot spring area provides children's bathrobes so that the daughter who had a small cold can no longer catch cold and enjoy herself all day. Liu Yuanying and Shi Chuanfeng in the rest area also offered cookies to the hungry children to stop their hunger. Throughout the whole day, the active and enthusiastic waiters everywhere, really everywhere is a surprise, so much like here, unexpectedly there are so many super five-star services!

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    Reviewed on 1467110613000
  • D62****03

    First, although it's raining, it doesn't affect our traveling heart. Hantaan's half-mountain hot springs are really too spiritual. The children play very well. The environment is quiet and the air is fresh. It's worth coming. The hot springs are over and the rest hall has a foot massage. It's too comfortable. We're looking for No. 1 and No. 27. The techniques are authentic and the strength is in place. Friends in need can find them.

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    Reviewed on 1502537006000
  • M22****2914

    Liyang on Sunday, Hantan Banshan hot spring in the afternoon, about three o'clock, not many people, the staff is very enthusiastic, change clothes and take the elevator to the outdoor hot spring on the third floor, listen to the introduction of a total of more than forty, basically every pool has staff, there are children's favorite bubble pool, ocean pool, fruit pool, red wine pool, and so on, there are net red endless pool on the top of the mountain, must be Take a swimming cap to go in, but this weather is slightly cold, but can not suppress the inner joy, or went down to the hot spring, shower to the second floor rest, with a hand card can get a free fruit, an aunt in the lobby volunteered to help us pour tea, take a blanket, very enthusiastic, in the evening next to the lobby, a Hong Kong restaurant dining, two big and one small. Consumption of about 300 yuan, including 15 [%] of the service fee, satiated, good taste, but also sent tremella soup to

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    Reviewed on 1536635542000
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