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Tianmu Lake Scenic Area

4.5/54,910 Reviews

Business Hours

Mountain and water garden: 8:00-17:00; last boat time: Shanglongxing island cruise lineA :15:30 , Not on Shanglongxing island cruise lineB:16:00;Bamboo sea in nanshan: 8:30-17:00; Yushui hot spring :13:00-22:30; Monday to Friday :10:00-23:00


1 huanhu west road, tianmu lake town, liyang city, changzhou city, jiangsu province
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About Tianmu Lake Scenic Area

Tianmu Lake Scenic Area is located on the north bank of Tianmu Lake. It is the primary scenic area for all of Tianmu Lake. The area is surrounded by mountains and blanketed by water. A scattering of islands is spread across the water, which is of excellent quality. Taking a boat tour around the lake transports visitors to a wonderland of emerald mountains and jade water. If you climb to the top of Longxing Island in the southeastern part of the lake, you can get a bird's-eye view of the entire Tianmu Lake Scenic Area. The environment here is both elegant and beautiful, making for relaxed travel for the whole family. Visitors have many options available here, such as taking the tourist boat, hiking the mountain paths, or watching live performances.

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  • 133****9088

    Transportation - "1 - "self-driving 1, Shanghai departure - "along the river highway (Nanjing direction) Xicheng highway (Wuxi direction) Shanghai-Nanjing highway (Nanjing direction) Xiyi highway (Yixing direction) Ningxia-Hangzhou highway (Nanjing direction) under the south entrance of Liyang Road turning left to Tianmuhu direction. 2. Hangzhou departure: Ningxia-Hangzhou Expressway (Nanjing Direction) Liyang South Road Pass Turn left to Tianmuhu Direction. Two - "bus line - "Liyang Station, take No. 22 to the bus terminal, transfer No. 9 to Tianmuhu Brand, and walk for five minutes to reach the gate of Tianmuhu Shanshuiyuan. Three - "Scenic area high-speed rail has direct train, can reach Tianmuhu Mountain Park, Nanshan bamboo, daily operating shifts from Monday to Friday, the weekend is different. Scenic spots - "Tianmu Lake Landscape Garden,"Huli Mountain", "Longxing Island" "China Tea Island" and other scenic spots, you can choose to take boats, boats can reach the southeastern lakeside Longxing Island. The cruise ship pier located in the middle of the beautiful lakes and mountains goes to Longxing Island by boat. On return, the cruise ship sends the tourists to China Tea Island. Although cruise ships have to pay extra, Longxing Island is the essence of the scenic spot and worth visiting. Recommended tour route - "Huli Mountain - Longxing Island - China Tea Island - excellent landscape. There are many people queuing for the cruise ship, but after a short time, they go forward. The cruise ship is relatively large, milky white appearance, double-deck design, can ride a lot of tourists at a time, equipped with comfortable seats, super-large glass can enjoy the beautiful scenery. When boarding and disembarking, the staff will remind them to pay attention to the safety under their feet. Along the way, we appreciate the ripples of the blue waves of Tianmu Lake, and the sparkling waves of the blue waves of ten thousand hectares. After the cruise ship dock arrived at Longxing Island, everyone went up along the wooden trestle road. You can see a large pool, full of water lilies are planted, white, red water lilies blooming against the sun, the early summer scenery presents between green water and green mountains. Colorful Butterfly Valley is full of trees, birds, flowers, sunlight through the thick leaves, leaving mottled shadows. Along the mountain road, soon came to the "Tianmu Range Rover" is the best place to watch Tianmu Lake, the distance is connected by mountains, the nearby islands are scattered, the bamboo forests on the mountains are lush, with the wind swinging green branches, such as jumping skirts, vast lake cruise boats, leaving water ripple, a quiet movement, constitute a beautiful and tranquil landscape painting scroll. Longxing Island also has children's favorite Elf Country - "through Peacock Garden, Rabbit Garden, Squirrel Garden staged a fantastic tour of people and animals, visitors and friends can amuse these lovely animals in the world of combination of fantasy and reality. Happy Longxing Island, we went to the yacht terminal, queued up to take the yacht to China Tea Island. The tea cultural park is rich in activities, including texts introducing tea records, bronze statue scenes to show the historical exhibition hall of the Tea Horse Road, and elegant rooms for tea ceremony performances. Most like walking in such a long blue slate street, with silk umbrella set, that can shade and form a unique landscape, colorful silk umbrella to create a rain lane scene, whether there will be lilac-like girls walking in such a lane. All kinds of snacks, farm tools, shops. There is also "Water World", another good place to visit in summer.

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    Reviewed on 1495627969000
  • juliajue32

    In fact, it did not enter the garden. There are no cruise ships. Not as usual scenic spot tour into the garden - by boat - Longxing Island mountain climbing - tea garden tasting... It's just the East Route and West Route around the Lake that go two blocks in a row. Together, it's the whole Tianmu Lake. It's far more than all kinds of landscape gardens. (It's really not worth the physical and cruise time of the old people who do their homework, and there's not so much demand. It's a short weekend trip at any time...). Of course, inevitably, I have unexpectedly seen the cool scenery, enjoy and share alone, more than all the cost-effective. There are many villas and resorts on the west side of the lake, which are worth walking. Two days is not enough if everyone walks. If you go bamboo appreciation in the mountains again, sitting at the water end to express your feelings, it is a big time-consuming small scenic spot. Tea garden new bud, peach blossom a tree, bamboo forest breeze, horizontal quiet... It's all memory, it's all homework, it's the future.

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    Reviewed on 1492486314000
  • louisxyg

    It's worth visiting a place where the lake and the island contrast with each other, the scenery is beautiful, the people are relaxed and happy, the wind is blowing on the cruise ship, breathing the air far away from the city, everything seems so clear. As the Tianmu Lake scenic area is relatively large, we try to go in the morning, so that we can fully appreciate Longxing Island and Tea Island. I went to Longxing Island in the afternoon. It was only half of the time. I didn't finish the tour. Next time I take my family, I will finish it.

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    Reviewed on 1472659858000
  • 当地向导江南游子

    Tianmu Lake is located eight kilometers south of Liyang City, Changzhou. Because it belongs to the remnants of Tianmu Mountain, it is named "Tianmu Lake". Tianmu Lake is a deep-water Lake (reservoir) with a narrow east-west and a long north-south. The water depth in the south is about 4.5m and that in the north is about 10.14m. Around Tianmu Lake, there are many existing historical and cultural sites - "Wu Meishan named after Wu Zixu of Chu people in the Spring and Autumn Period "member", Cai Yong Reading Platform, Taibai Tower, Baoen Chan Temple, the site of the famous Shalong Xingsi in the Tang Dynasty, "the first stone arch dam in the world" and so on. Tianmu Lake area is rich in products, including "Shahe Guiming" green tea, "Oolong tea", "Pearl chestnut", "Guiyuan chestnut", "Casserole Fishhead" and so on. Tianmu Lake is known as "Pearl of the South of the Yangtze River", "Green Wonderland". Tianmu Lake has 300 square kilometers of ecological protection area, which is situated in Shahe River and Daxi two large-scale national reservoirs. It is the first batch of eco-tourism demonstration areas in Jiangsu Province.

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    Reviewed on 1511846781000
  • 臭宝奇奇妈

    Where it's worth visiting, people are everywhere on May Day. We arrived at Zhuhai early that day. About 9 o'clock, 700 places away from the gate began to slow down. There is still a way to get to the scenic spot after parking. When we arrived at the scenic spot, we first made a small train to the hillside, then planned to walk down. As a result, we had a late trip that day, and finally the small train went down the hill. It takes about 15-20 minutes to queue up the mountain and 8 minutes to drive up. When we arrived, we bought two-way tickets for the ground cable car and the aerial cableway. Adults were 140 and children under 1.2 meters free of tickets. We made the ground cable car first, and lined up for nearly an hour, and it took us two to three minutes to get on. After a tour, we queued down the hill. It was more than 12 o'clock when we reached the hillside. Then we went to take the high-altitude ropeway and queued up for 1.5 hours. We went up the ropeway to Wu Yue's younger brother Yifeng. There was nothing else. We went up for lunch and queued down the hill again. We queued up for 2 hours. The scenery of Nanshan bamboo sea was very good, but the festival queue was overwhelming, and it would be flat in the future. Go once a day. It's a pity that I didn't get on the bamboo raft. I'll make it up next time.

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    Reviewed on 1462202763000
  • M18****576

    It's my first time to visit, but I've seen a lot of tourists'introductions before. In order to avoid the traffic, as soon as we enter the park, here is a special introduction. I order tickets online. I can brush my ID card directly when I enter the park, which is very convenient. After entering the park, in order not to be crowded, we first went to the helium balloon for manned sightseeing. Truly speaking, when we went there, nobody, just our family went sightseeing. Slowly over the sky, very stable, up to 150 meters to see all the scenery, but if you want to seek stimulation of friends, then do not think, haha. When we came down, we found that tourists came to this side one after another, all of them were put together, so this is a very wise decision. Then it took 5 minutes to return to the wharf of the cruise ship and take a boat to Longxing Island. It's OK in Longxing Island. But I didn't see any performances. It's really a pity to remind my mosquito-fearing friends that if I bring some mosquito-proof ones, I'll be bitten by mosquitoes in two or three places, big bags. Longxing Island is the place for you to exercise, so friends with good physical fitness can bring more water, things on Longxing Island are very expensive, a plate of 1/4 watermelon is 25 yuan, an old ice hockey is the cheapest 5 yuan. The tea island that goes by boat below is more gentle than Longxing Island. There are more places to play. Friends with poor physical ability can choose not to go by boat and come to tea Island directly from Rainbow Bridge. As soon as Tea Island dock arrives, there is an outdoor activity place for children to entertain. Walking up, there is a ropeway to play. It feels very exciting, but it can not be used as a place for ropeway back to the ropeway. Come down to the tea village, and then come to a very exciting water show. After the show, the nearby tourists will be soaked into the water. After the show, there will be a scenic spot - Freedom Bridge and Xiaoyao Bridge. Fortunately, photographs and couples will like it better. After that, we crossed Rainbow Bridge and went to the place where the helium balloon was manned for sightseeing. At that time, more people would be there. We have played, we must go straight to the past. There is an old lady dumpling. The taste is good. The most important thing is that the price is good in the scenic spot. It's 3 o'clock in the afternoon when I'm full. My daughter is going to the water world, so it's a pity that she didn't go to that lake. So if all the scenic spots in the landscape park have been played, it will take just one day.

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    Reviewed on 1534808358000
  • 游侠塞伯坦

    The scenery is beautiful and the mountains and rivers are interdependent. It is divided into four parts: Huli Mountain, Longxing Island, Tea Island and Water World. It is recommended to take a sightseeing cruise, not only to enjoy the scenery of Tianmu Lake, but also to Longxing Island, which is independent and can not be reached by boat. Longxing Island can overlook the whole Tianmu Lake scenic spot after climbing the top, which can not be missed. After that, I went to Tea Island in China by boat. There was the first pot in the world, the White Teahouse, which was selected as Guinness Record. Friends seeking excitement can try a high-altitude cable landing.

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    Reviewed on 1533612349000
  • 包子_不再沉默

    TIPS: 1. The best way to travel in Tianmu Lake is to drive by oneself and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Tianmu Lake from different angles. In addition to the core scenic spots, Tianmu Lake is surrounded by Hantain Hot Spring, Taigong Mountain, Wanghu Ridge, Zen Temple and other large and small scenic spots. 2. Nanshan Zhuhai Scenic Spot, which belongs to Tianmu Lake Resort, is more than 20 kilometers away from Tianmu Lake. It takes 30 minutes to drive from Tianmu Lake. 3. On-site ticket prices (adult tickets) of Tianmuhu Landscape Garden are as follows: 120 yuan for tickets, 180 yuan for tickets plus cruise ships. Without tickets, you can not experience the lake tour and the Longxing Island experience. 4. Landscape Garden + cruise boat route basically does not go back. The best tour route is recommended as follows: after entering the park, first visit the Huli Mountain Scenic Area, then queue up to the cruise boat terminal to board the boat, and then visit Longxing Island, rural pastoral scenic area, excellent scenic area of mountains and waters, marine world in turn.

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    Reviewed on 1538119679000
  • 全能骑士

    Tour routes, enter the gate first by boat to Longxing Island, a circle down to eat something, the time is about 12:25 to the Elf Kingdom Performance Office to see the performance, time is about 20 minutes, with oral skills, dance, martial arts and so on. After the performance, take a boat to Tea Island to see the tea culture. Tea Island ends up returning to the bottom of the cruise ship pier to see the ocean world, and then goes to see Qishiguan after a lap, and then all the tours are finished.

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    Reviewed on 1446345611000
  • _WeCh****76684

    Beautiful scenery, not cold, not hot, March and April to just, Saturday to Tianmu Lake, Sunday to Nanshan Zhuhai, leisurely, enjoy slow life. If there are children who can be brought in during the summer vacation, there are water parks, hot springs in winter, and we plan to go there again in winter.

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    Reviewed on 1520835488000
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