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Tianmu Lake Yushui Hot Spring

4.7/54,572 Reviews
Hot Spring


Tianmu Lake Tourism Resort, Fuyang City, Changzhou City
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About Tianmu Lake Yushui Hot Spring

Tianmu Lake Yushui Hot Spring is located next to Nanshan Bamboo Sea. The water here is natural and rich in minerals. The endless sea of bamboo serves as a natural oxygen bar, and the beautiful mountain view serves as an excellent backdrop. The open-air soaking pools are surrounded by mountains and waters, allowing visitors to relax in the outdoor hot spring while enjoying the scenery and breathing in fresh air. Enjoying the hot spring under the stars at night is a wonderful experience, and it becomes even more magical when it snows.

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  • M25****954

    This afternoon, I soaked in Yushui hot spring, entered the hall, bought fish therapy and mineral sand for 40 yuan, 10 yuan less than the inside, entered the dressing area, the waiter explained, equipped with slippers, next to the dressing room is the bathroom, one by one, with a curtain, the water is very large, with shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. Some people wear bathing clothes to wash. I washed my bathing clothes. There is a free bath towel at the door. I brought it with me. Finally, I regretted that it was very heavy in my bag. The fact is that all hot springs are equipped with bath towels. Bathrobe gowns need to be rented for 15 yuan. Then we went to soak soup, and started to come to the feeding area. The temperature is generally 40 degrees, higher from the outlet, red wine roses, Yedai area, medlar, angelica, etc. During this period, waiters will come to serve, very intimate, such as offering sealed bags to customers to pack mobile phones, as well as hair bands and so on. I bought fish therapy, then came, and provided tea and napkins. The service was really intimate and soaked in two pools. One was smaller and the other was bigger, but as a whole, it felt a little cold for a long time, and there were a lot of fish stool in the pool. When it was cold, it went back to the feeding area, so the time was delayed. Then I went to the slate bath. I forgot what the name was. There were many people beside the ore. I went to the ore first, put on the clothes I provided, and was buried in the sand. I only showed my face. It was very comfortable. Some people said that I couldn't feel the heat. The waiter said that if my body was heavy with moisture, I couldn't feel the heat. Come out, the whole body is yellow, accompanied by a lot of dots, to wash the door clean, at first we just want to flush, the result of the towel wipe turned yellow, had to wash again, there are a lot of mineral sand left in the swimsuit, and then go to the bathroom and fall out. At this time, there was nothing in the stone bath, lying on the hot stone slab, covering the bath towel and applying the mask. It was very suitable. The doorway provided drinking water and thirsty could drink. Here you can eat something or fruit, pad your stomach. Forward is the private area and the couple area, we did not go to the natural area, close to nature, deep breathing, the water temperature here is 42 degrees, deep pool. Because the time is a little tight, I rushed to the movable area, with underwater massage, can experience, very comfortable. Because we were in a hurry, we experienced two pools and withdrew. Return to the bathroom changing room, return the bathrobe, you can also leave the bathrobe halfway, after bathing, change clothes to the second floor to get free fruit, 2 pieces of watermelon, 3 longans and a sugar orange, watermelon is very sweet, more than one piece. After eating, go back to the dressing room to change clothes, the bath area to provide bath towels, and also provide plastic bags for wet clothes, feel the details are very good. Finally, I left with my personal belongings. The general feeling is: first, it is very clean, the hygiene is done in time, the bathroom is constantly cleaning, the bath towel is constantly changing, second, the service is very intimate, providing sealed bags and bands at any time, as well as a lot of tea orders and disposable cups with napkins. It is very convenient. Third, details determine success or failure. Fourth, it is a natural ring. Good condition, fresh air, close to nature.

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    Reviewed on 1482074227000
  • 老佛爷

    Just beside the bamboo sea in Nanshan, dozens of open-air pools are built on the hills. Guests living in Yushui Hot Spring Hotel can get in and out indefinitely by buying tickets once with their room cards. I remember recording palm prints on the front desk of the hot springs when I first went there. Hot spring area is clean, well-equipped and beautiful. It can be divided into several areas with different themes: feeding area, dynamic area, natural area, etc. There is no extra charge except for the small fish pond; the higher the temperature is, the more the bamboo pool is inside, it is a bright spot, very stunning, on a hillside, and then take the elevator to the third floor. The view of the swimming pool is endless, while soaking in the soup is beautiful. Looking at the bamboo sea in Nanshan, it's so beautiful and beautiful. If time and weather permit, you must go to the bamboo pool to feel it, you will not be disappointed. Tired can rest in the rest area, eat free fruit, hungry restaurants also have catering, the price is reasonable. I stayed two nights and soaked three times. I feel very good and worth it. I'll go back later.

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    Reviewed on 1482841411000
  • _WeCh****966672

    Friends recommend that it is good, but it is not disappointed. The front desk is very friendly. There are beautiful women in the dressing room who open the cabinet for you, take slippers and carry bags. Said that the first batch of guests only have the treatment, oh, it's bad to change my clothes, said that there are surprises behind, and indeed there are people to salute me all the way, the best is to have their own red wine and roses, to enjoy the feeling of a noble concubine in the bath when leaving, someone also helped my baby blow hair, peeked at the chest, did not see clearly, because in a hurry, many have not yet bubble. Only next time

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    Reviewed on 1513250519000
  • 温雅wawa

    Feel that the cost-effective direct booking for 2 nights, high-speed rail to Liyang and then a direct train 10 yuan a person to take to Nanshan Zhuhai 50 minutes, almost 10 minutes walk to Yushui Hot Spring Resort Hotel, the room is elegant, standing on the balcony and looking at a piece of green, a little tidy to the first floor of Yushui Hot Spring, with the hotel bathrobe, otherwise to the hot spring to rent a 15 yuan, off-season people. It's a lot. We take the elevator directly to the bamboo hot springs on the top of the mountain. The boundless hot springs in the open air are surrounded by bamboo forests. It's very comfortable. Our hotel guests can soak in hot springs indefinitely during their stay, as long as the palm print is entered in the front desk. This is our biggest welfare here - the morning buffet is very good. In the evening, we ordered some dishes such as fish head soup in the Chinese restaurant. The 100 yuan coupon is still slightly expensive. The taste is generally not recommended. Generally speaking, this trip is not worthwhile. My girlfriend has been interested in seeing my circle of friends. Let's have a look. We'll come back tomorrow after this year's calculation.

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    Reviewed on 1496754668000
  • 1365187****

    Yushui Hot Spring is worth visiting. First of all, the service is in place, and the first time you go there is no strangeness. On the way, there are waiters greeting you whenever you want to go to soak in hot springs. Whether you want to go to soak in hot springs, need free tea or not, pay attention to warmth in the cold weather, etc. Living near the hot springs, you can enjoy many times soaking in the garden. In the afternoon, you go to a bamboo-tip hot spring, go up to the third floor of the elevator, and It's warm to soak a good person at about 0 degrees. At night, it's 25 yuan/bit for soaking a hot spring for fish therapy. The fish will feel numbness around you at first. If it's long enough, I hope the fish will turn around you. The water temperature is about 37 degrees. After soaking, I have to go to a 40 degree pool to soak a bubble or it will be cold.

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    Reviewed on 1513772467000
  • M10****121

    Originally thought that the weather is very hot now, it must not be fun to go, the result is the opposite, because the hot weather is very few people, one pool is not exaggerated, the scenery is very good, service attitude is very good, after soaking in hot springs to the upstairs lounge to lie down and watch TV, vacation and leisure is very good, relax body and mind.

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    Reviewed on 1471270188000
  • E00****33

    Tianmu Lake rainwater hot spring is great, cold winter and late months are worth soaking in a hot spring, very comfortable, hot springs are very large, there are many different kinds of soup pools, Angelica soup, ginseng soup, Lavender soup and so on are very healthy, there are cute and interesting fish ponds, small fish skin itching massage unique interest, soak in a hot spring to alleviate fatigue and full of fun, as well as indoor swimming pool, It's great to soak in hot springs and steam wet and sweat to get rid of cold and keep healthy and beautiful.

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    Reviewed on 1454999252000
  • 高先生好心情

    It's not very far from Huzhou to Liyang. It's over an hour. Especially the hotel's hardware is really good, we chose the luxury standard room at the beginning, but because the room did not choose the ordinary standard room, did not expect that the room is still very good! Starting at 2 o'clock to soak in hot springs, there are many pools, there is no feeling of dumpling. The hotel is very expensive! But understandably, the waiter's attitude is very good!

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    Reviewed on 1452864792000
  • _WeCh****540749

    Good service, good environment, the number and variety of hot springs are also many, there are rose bath, lemon bath, Angelica bath, ginseng bath, beer bath, and so on, service attitude is also good, every hot spring has a dry towel and tea for use, quite good, that is, there are some pits in the meal, do not change the bracelet, the imperial dining room can use Meitu, Meituan price of the same variety of dishes is also many.

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    Reviewed on 1502935210000
  • shine您

    I came to Liyang Bubble Hot Spring specially. Last time I came to Liyang with a small partner. Because of the time, I only went to Tianmu Lake. At that time, young people did not know that the hot springs here were good. It was said that they were natural hot springs. The last time I rushed from Liyang to Tangshan to soak the hot springs burned by the boiler, I'm afraid I'm not a fool. This time I came here to make a temporary decision, so I didn't fix the house price earlier. Many of them are full and live a little far away from the hot spring. Fortunately, it's good to drive. In the past, cars used to go to hot springs all the way. There was a lot of room for changing clothes, but it might be because the air was not circulating and there was a little smell. Rent bathrobe 15 yuan a time, the pool is much the same, red wine, coconut and so on, inside the small fish pond is charged, other visits do not seem to charge. There are a lot of people in the pool, a little better to go inside, and then the top bamboo hot springs because there are many people who can see the scenery, but in fact they can't see anything at night, so they can take pictures during the day. All in all, it's good.

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    Reviewed on 1549638957000
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