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YanCheng ChunQiu Amusement Land

4.6/54,902 Reviews
Cultural Experiencial Area

Business Hours

9:00-17:00; 9:00-22:00 (July 1 - August 31)


No. 197, Wuyi Middle Road, Wujin District, Changzhou City
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About YanCheng ChunQiu Amusement Land

YanCheng ChunQiu Amusement Land is an amusement park with the Spring and Autumn Period as its theme, and is the central tourist area of the Yancheng Chunqiu scenic area. The park offers reconstructions of ancient palaces, sculptures of various philosophers, allowing visitors to learn more about the history of the Spring and Autumn Period while also experiencing modern amusements; visitors can enjoy the chime performances and water shows in the summer. There are many exciting activities in the park, whether it's lifelike robots, conversations with Confucius across the gap of time, or watching a 180-degree surround screen stereoscopic 4D dynamic movie.

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  • _WeCh****30889

    It's very useful to get a list of the performances and introduce the attractions at the entrance. Look around and see the programs all depend on them. The programs begin at around 8:50. When I arrived at the entrance, I saw that the matchmaker of Lark's Marriage was a man's role, but it turned out to be better than a woman's. Other performers performed well. After that, I saw other performances more impressions. Deeply, a series of words, such as Bell-Chime playing and music and dance, quiet, beautiful, antique and fragrant, can be used to describe it all. I also saw a series of performances, although not many people, but the actors are in place! If you bring a child over 1. 2 meters, it's too valuable. Many of the facilities are children's favorite! There are many other projects for young people to play very exciting and all one vote system oh, after all, I am a pregnant woman also to visit and see the worthwhile trip ah to take the elderly and children to play with the Spring and Autumn flooded city is the second choice oh next opportunity to come to a family mobilization!

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    Reviewed on 1462354244000
  • 管管

    During the Spring Festival, I took my three-year-old son to Yancheng Paradise in the Spring and Autumn Period. It was a worthwhile trip! Holiday people are more, but the management of the scenic area is well organized, amusement facilities managers carefully maintain order is very formal! Although the scenic spots are artificially repaired with obvious traces, it can be seen that they are very attentive, the details are well built, with the characteristics of the Spring and Autumn Period! 4D movies are very interesting, queuing time is relatively long, we rented a four-wheeled car for fear that the baby can not walk, 80/hour, and later found that many projects are queuing, so quickly returned to the car to queue for fun! ________ Fun facilities have been played! Waterbattles cost 5 yuan per piece of raincoat. The rest are items that adults can play with. Most of them don't need to be included in the tickets. There is a special restaurant and snacks in the dining area. The taste and price are the standard of the scenic spot. It costs at least three times as much. Children are so excited to play in the afternoon that they are reluctant to return to the hotel. It's really a rare scenic spot to take their children to play. It's highly recommended! _________

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    Reviewed on 1455285505000
  • 如烟如雾

    Yancheng Spring and Autumn Paradise is in a better location. Take the bus to Yancheng Bus Hub and then go through a traffic light. You can walk more than 300 meters across the bus stop. Of course, you can take a taxi directly to the gate. There are four major parts in the park: Zhuzi Baijia, Children's Playground, Adult Playground and Yancheng Site Park. The performances in Zhuzi Baijia can be seen according to the time schedule. It's not bad. Children's playground is very fun for children. Haunted houses, Dreamback Spring and Autumn, bumping cars, pirate boats and so on are all very interesting. It's recommended that Dreamback Spring and Autumn must be very beautiful. It's queuing for a long time. We must arrange the time reasonably. There are too many items in it and the queuing time is a little long. We can only choose a part to play. The cost-effective ratio is very high. We have played seven items. This time, we met with a large number of students and queued a little long. After the park is finished, we go to the ruins park to see the scenery, breathe fresh air, the environment inside is very quiet, and there are theatre groups to shoot, but few people come to play because of lack of time, the park has no time to play all, so most people give up. The park opens at 9 a.m. and closes at 4:30 p.m. The staff in the park have a good attitude of service. Next time, they will come to Changzhou for spring and autumn. It's more interesting to bring children to play in paradise.

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    Reviewed on 1491611528000
  • 休伯特

    Yancheng "Spring and Autumn Paradise" is the world's first Spring and Autumn Cultural Theme Dream Paradise, which officially meets with domestic and foreign tourists on May 1, 2010. The total investment of Changzhou Wujin Yancheng Spring and Autumn Paradise is 1 billion yuan. It is based on the political, military, economic and cultural aspects of the Spring and Autumn Period. In the form of situational experience, it sets up static ornamental projects under the cultural mood of the Spring and Autumn Period, and combines interactive entertainment projects with experiential amusement projects. According to the order of tours, the Spring and Autumn Paradise is divided into five functional areas, namely, entrance service area, Zhuzi Baiyuan, Spring and Autumn Cultural Performing Area, Spring and Autumn Theme Experience Area and Spring and Autumn Folk Culture Area. The first Spring and Autumn Theme Paradise in China is Yancheng Spring and Autumn Paradise, which is suitable for both young and old, especially for tourists who like history and culture. Here, through vivid sculptures or allusions, we can understand and feel the history and culture of the Spring and Autumn Period.

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    Reviewed on 1502714571000
  • _WB1****424

    There are not many big stimulus projects, some have not yet started, but not many people. Several movies, 4D movies, Spring and Autumn legends, and the Xishi Labyrinth are great! And the live show is wonderful! One metre of joy for the little brother who plays King Wang! There's a merry-go-round horse. It's good or double-decked. But it's too early to close the project. The mock iron ride closed at 12:45. It's too early. I'm disappointed that I didn't have time to write on the map. The food price in the park is reasonable. The site park has a good environment.

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    Reviewed on 1444796921000
  • 七叶蝴蝶

    According to the characters and environment of the Spring and Autumn Period, there are representatives of Confucianism, Legalism, Taoism, Longitudinal and Horizontal School and so on. They perform in different places every day, and there are many recreational facilities to play with. While adults and children are playing, they can also understand some history. There are places to rent clothes, and they can wear Antique clothes to visit the park. Playground for all ages. We have a family annual card, 698 yuan, two big and one small, for two consecutive days. We can go to the lark water world next summer vacation. If you go in one time, it's 170 yuan for an adult.

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    Reviewed on 1507351216000
  • M33****652

    Changzhou is a big city that has visited many times, but has never been to the Spring and Autumn Paradise for various reasons. This time, I made an appointment with my family to go crazy. The door was very shocked. Some of them introduced the scenes of the Spring and Autumn Period and there were many performances. As a result of the off-season outcomes, I played them all over, except for some equipment that could not be played, it was very big, with my heart in mind. I think the zoo is more interesting than here, because it's right next to us. But after going to the zoo the next day, I think it's still fun in spring and autumn. I'll definitely go again next time.

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    Reviewed on 1465927246000
  • 鱼儿游2007

    It is a dream paradise with the theme of spring and autumn. The space is very large, the hundred homes of Zhuzi are very good, and the atmosphere of history and culture is very strong. Re-entry can be freely chosen according to their own needs. There are children's and adults'paradises (more exciting, of course). So it's great for big friends and children. There's also a zoo next to it, so it's worth recommending.

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    Reviewed on 1523235543000
  • 落花随流水

    Although it is a man-made scenic spot, it is a pity that there were many autumn students who seemed very unfamiliar with you and were not interested in youngsters. But China wished I was worried.

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    Reviewed on 1478950268000
  • M19****526

    Personal feeling is wider than the Chinese Dinosaur Park, and the cost-effective ratio is higher. In addition to some recreational projects, there are also some thematic sculptures in Zhuzi Baijiayuan and more cultural elements. The three archways in the spring and autumn of the city bear the weight and elegance of history. You can visit the Yancheng Site free of charge from the West gate, with few visitors, and walk slowly in the ancient city, lamenting that the Emperor is just like this in the ancient city!

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    Reviewed on 1548159506000
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