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Things To Do in Chaohu

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Hot Springs Resort
不想想这个Mainly take the children to play with the water, adults can drop in a hot spring, maybe because of the afternoon, the children play the spoon water is a bit dirty, but the children used to play quite a lot, the baby is very happy, tired, you can go to the second floor lounge to sleep + eat some fruit 🍉🍌🥛
662 Reviews
M94***26Boat ticket includes round-trip, there are fishing villages, sightseeing cars, lake shore lines, high towers, birch trees around the island. Ok, it is still a long day trip. There are a little less classic attractions, the lake is a bit muddy, but it is still more fun than going to Dalushan and visiting the Three Rivers. The fishing village where you eat at noon No pork dishes, more fish and shrimp, not expensive, similar to the price of local cuisine on the land
590 Reviews
Geological Sites
_wf***82good place,really worth you to visit .we are impressed by the attraction there ,good
213 Reviews
一雨一彩虹During the holiday, I just came to visit Yinping Mountain. The scenery here is beautiful, there are many people in the mountain, and there are many scenic spots to visit. The thousand-year-old white peony is very beautiful, and has a very beautiful legend for her. Other small attractions are also quite fun. The fairy cave is beautiful, and the stalactites are different, so it is a good choice to play.
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Tea Plantation
jackrockwellTulip Highland is located near Chaohu Expressway, surrounded by half soup hot spring town, Sangua Commune Folk Village. Highland tickets are in the off-season peak season, the peak season tulip and rape flowers blooming scenery is very good, the area is not small, suitable for family travel on weekends. The whole park has a nice view but the surrounding facilities are still to be perfected.
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享受生活2013Chaohu is one of the major freshwater lakes in China. Now there is a tourist avenue around Chaohu. The entire tourist avenue will be connected in series with many attractions. This attraction is both free and chargeable. The style is different and the scenery is different. It is very convenient to drive a tour.

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Ziwei CaveHefei,China

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Chaohu MuseumHefei,China

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Laoshan IslandHefei,China

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Likenong Former ResidenceHefei,China

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Woniu Mountain ParkHefei,China

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Tongyang TownHefei,China

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About Chaohu

Located in the central part of China’s Anhui Province, Chaohu is a county-level city under the administration of Hefei City. Chaohu City has a long history and has produced many outstanding people. It is one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization. The territory's main tourist attractions include the Bantang Hot Springs, Gushan Mountain, Yinping Mountain and the Chaohu Scenic Area. Of the attractions named above, Chaohu Lake is one of the five largest freshwater lakes in China, hosting exceptionally beautiful scenery.

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Here are the best places to visit in Chaohu, including: Laoshan Island,Ziwei Cave,Yinping Mountain
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