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Things To Do in Charlottetown

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National Park
juki235Prince Edward Island National Park is a very large park. Needless to say, the beautiful scenery on the island is natural. Life here is a kind of quiet, away from the hustle and bustle, and a quiet taste. People who like cities may not be used to him. The whole island is very European, totally different from other places in Canada.
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Historical Architecture
圣热尔韦昂瓦列尔周勃Charlottetown people are most proud of: Prince Edward Island first, then the Canadian Federation. In 1864, the heads of several Canadian provinces met here to discuss the establishment of a federal state. The assembly hall has been repaired for quite a while, and it is still impossible to visit. The three soldier statues in front of the door are to commemorate the soldiers who died in World War I, World War II, Korea and Afghanistan.
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Historical Architecture
Cultural Experiencial Area
City Park
juki235This is a neoclassical style building. For Canada, it is very important here. The first meeting for the creation of Canada was held here. It can be said that this is the birthplace of Canada, and it is still Prince Edward Island. The seat of the parliament. At the entrance of the building, there are three small bronze memorial statues, which are one of the local landmarks.
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圣热尔韦昂瓦列尔周勃The Confederation Art Center is in downtown Charlottetown, next to the Confederation Court Mall, and across the road is the famous Cows ice cream. The art center has theaters, exhibition halls, restaurants, and libraries.
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Historical Site
圣热尔韦昂瓦列尔周勃St. Dunstans Church is the largest Catholic church on Prince Edward Island and a landmark of Charlottetown. Although compared to European churches such as Italy, the scale of St. Dunstans is not too large, and the history is not too long. It was built more than a hundred years ago, but it has experienced ups and downs. The current church is dependent on the islanders after the fire in 1913. Donations stood up.
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Other Sightseeing Tours
正义的力量Unexpectedly, the world's No.1 ice cream Cow's factory is actually located on the little-known Prince Island, and the entire Canada is only available in Prince Island and lakeside towns. This time it is a real treat!

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Great George Street Historic DistrictQueens County,Canada

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Peakes' Wharf Historic WaterfrontQueens County,Canada

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Confederation Landing ParkQueens County,Canada

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Prince Edward Island National ParkQueens County,Canada

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