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Cotswold Way

Cotswold WayNearby City

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"Hiking in the most beautiful English spring countryside---Horton Cotswold Road, South Gloucestershire. When planning a British itinerary, my girlfriend said that it shouldn't be all buildings, it would be boring. So when I was doing my homework, I deliberately turned to some rural landscapes in the mountains. It was accidentally discovered that the Houghton Cotswold Road, South Gloucestershire, was rarely mentioned. The online guide can be said to be 0. This surprised me, because the place I saw in Baidu pictures is quite beautiful. Anyway, join the itinerary to find out~ The road to the Cotswolds, which is located in the west of central England. I think it is a rural scenic area, because the area actually seen is quite large. I thought it was just a road so no one came. Now that I see it, I think it's incredible, it's obviously pretty. There are still caramel-yellow village buildings scattered in the distance, with the green fields and forests here, it is a picture of the hidden fields and forests~, the United Kingdom in May is particularly strong, there is no cloudy and no rain today. It's a sunny day worth celebrating. Under this azure blue sky, strolling in the fields with your girlfriends is very pleasant. In fact, there are many hikers walking with us on the road, but there is really no one on the Internet to post it. I talked to passers-by and learned that this is also a famous popular hiking route in Britain. There are sheep in the village, be careful not to scare them" is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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