Things To Do in Chengcheng

Yaotouyao Culture Sceneic Area
10 Reviews
Historical Site
julie2888A thousand-year-old kiln fire, Zhou Jiayao search and exchange, 【Yellow River Black Porcelain】The first batch of intangible cultural heritage in the country. Unexpectedly, the scenic spot is quite big, it takes a long way, and the whole tour takes about an hour and a half. This kiln area was built on the old village and the whole village was relocated. Very ambitious. There are several kilns in use, and workers can also be seen making porcelain. It is worth seeing.
Mount Hua
26,809 Reviews
E11***35Chinese pronunciaton as " Hua Shan " where the Land reformation happened thousands of years before. With this formation, you can feel stunning, exhausted along the walking trails. Since "Hua Shan" is known as the number 1 RISKY amongst those great mountains in China, thus, there is no regret at all when you are there.
Guanque Tower
516 Reviews
Historical Architecture
AviationistaThe history of the Guanque Tower is inside the tower on how it was built and it has 6 storeys. at the top floor, you can see the gorgeous sighting of the Yellow River and Shaanxi province on the other side of the river and Henan province on the other side of the mountain(s)!
Sima Qian Ancestral Hall
669 Reviews
Memorial Temple
非洲向阳菊Sima Qianzhen is really worth seeing, we went early, there were very few people, quiet environment, heavy historical feeling, it is awe-inspiring! Honor to the great Taishi Sima Qian! The online ticket purchase is both good and quick, but it has to be an hour early, fortunately, I bought it the first night. Great value for money, nice view, fun and fun, overall great,
Balidao Hot Spring Assembly Hall
104 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
bxx97It's amazing! This is really a magical place! I really don’t know, the world is amazing! This is really a place where you don't want to go! Will definitely come again next time!
Pujiu Temple
424 Reviews
好景致There is a Pujiu Temple in Xixiang Village, Puzhou Town, Yongji City, Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province. It was originally built in the Tang Dynasty Wu Zetian era. It was originally called Xiyongqing Temple. It is three kilometers west of the ancient city of Puzhou. The temple is built on a plateau and faces a ravine on three sides. The terrain is high and the view is wide. After years of war, especially after the Yuan Dynasty, all the original buildings except the stupa were destroyed. In 1986, the Yongji City Government rebuilt the Pujiu Temple based on the Tang Dynasty temple architecture and the story of Wang Shifu's "West Chamber". It has also brought a lot of benefits to Yongji's tourism development. The earliest version of "West Chamber" should be "Huizhen Ji" (The Story of Yingying) by Yuan Zhen, a great talent in the Tang Dynasty. Later, Dong Jieyuan and Wang Shifu made separate adaptations, and then the "West Chamber" that everyone is familiar with today, universal rescue The temple also used this to win the love of young tourists. When you saw a so-called concentric lock in the big bell tower of the temple, you would know how many good men and idiots tried to use a lock to swear to each other. The actor in Yuan Zhen's "Biography of Yingying" is called Zhang Gong and Zhang Junrui, and his descendants are called Zhang Sheng. Yuan Zhen is a high-ranking official and even a gifted man. He and Bai Juyi are good friends, and they often talk about poetry and essays together. Yuan Zhen wrote "The Biography of Yingying" based on Zhang Gong. I very much doubt that Zhang Gong Zhang Junrui is the incarnation of Yuan Zhen or Bai Juyi himself, especially Yuan Zhen’s mother is named Zheng, and Mrs. Cui and Zhang Junrui’s mother in "The Story of Yingying" are also named Zheng. Of course, it may be Yuan Zhen to others. The surname is unfamiliar, and it is unknown if you write it casually. When singing was very popular in the Yuan Dynasty, Wang Shifu of Baoding Prefecture rearranged the story and changed the ending to Happy Reunion in accordance with the requirements of the broad audience.

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Yaotouyao Culture Sceneic Area
Yaotouyao Culture Sceneic AreaWeinan,China

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Liangzhou Qinhangong Sceneic Area
Liangzhou Qinhangong Sceneic AreaWeinan,China

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Huti Mountain
Huti MountainWeinan,China

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Chengcheng Weather

Mar 8, 2021
1 ~ 9
Mar 9, 2021
3 / 15
Mar 10, 2021
Light rain
3 / 10
Mar 11, 2021
3 / 14
Mar 12, 2021
6 / 19
Mar 13, 2021
5 / 19
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Chengcheng
Mar 8, 2021 Chengcheng Weather:Foggy, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:100%, Sunrise/Sunset:07:02/18:41
Chengcheng Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Not Required, UV Strength:Low

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