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Jinshanling Great Wall
It is no exaggeration to describe the sky in April as a mischievous little girl. In the past few days, the sun was shining brightly and the sky was clear, and when it was not enough, it ushered in a snow that could not be prevented! Some people say that the sky in April fell in love with the land of the twelfth lunar month. When the tears of his thoughts shed into the river, the genius will have a snow-like snow. After the snow, the earth is covered with silver, and the Great Wall of Jinshanling is dressed up in white snow, and it is a scenery of the North. In the fog, the Great Wall is like a white dragon, magnificent and majestic. The mountains inside and outside the Great Wall are also covered with various shapes of trees hanging, beautiful and clean, crystal clear and unique. In the spring of the spring, I walked into the Great Wall of Jinshanling and accidentally discovered the surprise that Shang gave me. It was the majestic Great Wall. It was covered by the snow and stood between the Great Wall. I couldnt help but think of the eternal singer Snow Northern scenery, thousands of miles of ice, thousands of miles of snow drifting. Look inside and outside the Great Wall, but Yu Yu...! The Jinshanling Great Wall is a section of the Great Wall that was built by the late Ming Dynasty anti-tiger named Qi Jiguang. It is the most beautiful and magnificent part of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall. Moreover, the Jinshanling Great Wall has not been rebuilt, and it still maintains its original appearance compared with the Great Wall in other parts of Beijing. It has a simple and pure feeling. There are not many tourists here, and it is quiet and comfortable when you are playing. It is an excellent choice for visiting the Great Wall in the suburbs of Beijing. Known as the "paradise for photographers".
Jingbeicaoyuan Wetland Park
In the summer, go to the first day of the dam on the north of Beijing to enjoy the summer, the scenery is picturesque! The name of the Bashang Prairie has been ringing in the photographer's circle for many years, and it is a popular destination for shooting all the year round. Especially in the summer, because of the high altitude and cool climate, it is also a very good summer resort. The first day of Jingbei, located on Fengningba, Hebei Province, is nearly 2000 meters above sea level. It takes about 3 or 4 hours to drive from Beijing. As the terrain rises, the climate cools. In the Liushugou Scenic Area, you can drive to the East Peak, which is a good place to watch the sunset. The summer sunset is almost at 8 o'clock in the evening before the sunset, the evening glow is red, the mountain road, the top of the slope is a white windmill. The evening breeze, the air is fresh, very comfortable. Twilight gentle light soothes the hillsides full of wildflowers, colorful flowers decorate the grasslands on the dam, full of vitality. The first day of Jingbei Road, Liushugou is a savanna, the grassland is intertwined with a clump of woods, the light is soft, and it is thought to be the scenery of Europe and Switzerland. There are many people who come to the top of Liushugou to watch the sunset. On a flat large rock on the hillside, tourists are taking pictures in the sunset. The children also like to open up the vast and beautiful world, the white windmills, the colorful flowers and grass, the children are running freely. At dusk, the distant sky turns pink and is in it. It is a rare and relaxing place in the city. Parked on the top of the hillside, in the distance is the vast grassland and wave-like peaks, the sunset has dyed the sky into a golden. The fire on the prairie is extraordinarily magnificent. This is the most beautiful moment of the day on the dam in summer.