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Chengdu Jiuyanqiao Bistro Recommended Jiuyanqiao Bar Street, Anshun Covered Bridge, Chengdu Shangri-La Hotel These three elements are my favorite Chengdu business cards. Next to the covered bridge is Chengdu's famous bar street, one side is the pub of the Jiuyan Bridge, and the other side is the famous Chengdu Lan Kwai Fong. I prefer many small hotels in Jiuyanqiao, maybe the next star will be born here. Zhang Yuying and Yu Kewei are from Chengdu. These taverns. The bar I used to go to, "Jingsuke", is where Yu Kewei once fought. After so many years, every time I pass by, I will come in and have two drinks with my friends. Talk about the recent life and miss the past. Chengdu has changed a lot in recent years, and its popularity has grown. The number of visitors to the Jiuyan Bridge is much better than before. The resident singers still maintain a high standard. ordered a cocktail tasting dish, is that it looks good, and the romance of the Eiffel Tower. There are also cocktails with marinated dishes in this package. Only Chengdu can taste it. My wife is a person who doesn't taste wine very much, But a small dish that boasts their home is delicious, especially the fried flower, which is really more than the taste of many restaurants. If its not because you have had dinner, your stomach is full, it really seems to be a separate one. Jiuyanqiao's story is a lot I don't talk much here, the legend of Jiuyanqiao is circulating on the Internet. Jiuyan Bridge is the symbol of Chengdu, the nightlife of Jiuyanqiao, and the symbol of Chengdu's nightlife. If you like music and like wine, then I suggest you not to miss it.
I stayed at the resort city of Chengdu City A friend who came to Chengdu recently, and got a card at the ATINN hotel in the red card building. It is really a hotel with a sense of design. It is really love. The hotel has 24 rooms, 10 different styles of room, each style is very like, we booked Pinalina. . When you enter the room, you will see the oversized bathtub by the window. Bring your own LUSH bubble bath, its amazing! There are free snacks in the room, Dyson hair dryer, L'Occitane toiletries, Marshall audio, etc. The hardware configuration is definitely super five-star. It is not wrong to come to Chengdu for a holiday here. The hotel's lobby is a perfect blend of whiskey cocktail bar and has a good atmosphere. Come and have a drink at night with friends, especially for couples. You want Chengdu nightlife, you don't have to go to Jiuyan Bridge, you can feel it at ATINN. When checking in, the front desk lady gave me a custom breakfast card. There are many choices for breakfast. It is really super sweet, for our exclusive customized breakfast. A row of AJ shoes are placed next to the front desk. It was originally a national day event, and a pair of national day 7 days! Its awesome~ The corridor of the hotel is too design, and its a fashion blockbuster. The public area of the hotel is very suitable for taking photos. . Location: Although the hotel is located in a busy city, it is very quiet, surrounded by large green plants, especially comfortable, close to Jinli Wuhou Temple, close to the Red House subway station, the traffic is very convenient. Price: I live in Punali 1120 yuan / night
At the beginning of the Hua Deng, the splendid neon, the panda climbing tower of 339, the red brick and blue tile on the Qintai Road, the memory of the eastern suburbs, the street performers in the light and shadow of the story of Chengdu... a group of lanterns Bright night sky, these lights make Chengdu's night scene more dazzling Jinjiang on both sides, Linjiang. Smell the wind and wind, shake the daytime exhaustion in the excitement, in the gorgeous night, relaxed and comfortable in this full of ease and leisure in the night, the lights of the night wrote the romance of the night, presented All of them are human scenes from the poet Du Fus Wangbo Dongwu Wanli Ship to the Luyous Shenjin Riverside, the worlds rare, and the moving poems of the millennium began to appear on both sides of the Jinjiang River. The light show on the East Gate pier at night brings you through the bustling scene of Chengdu in the millennium. The awning boat on the Jinjiang River, the green road built along the river, the people after dinner, strolling on the ship and the greenway, a picture of Chengdu's life aesthetics is presented on the riverside. "Night Tour Jinjiang" is located in the 240-km Jinjiang Greenway built along the Jinjiang River in Chengdu. From the East Gate Pier to the Hejiang Pavilion, the "Jinjiang Story Scroll" is the main line, connecting the urban leisure and the East Gate. The city, downtown meditation, and Jinguan ancient sacred four districts, to create six night scenes of "night market, night food, night exhibition, night show, night festival, night stay", drawing the life of old Chengdu, Suidu, international life Aesthetic map.
With the autumn wind, the recent weather has gradually cooled down. This can not help but remind me of the quiet afternoon in Chengdu, Sichuan, and the good friends of Chengdu, the beautiful afternoon tea time . Chengdu Boshe Hotel's tea shop, is a season with the change In the tea house with the old Chengdu pattern, you can feel the most authentic Sichuan-style afternoon life . restaurant is located outside the Chengdu Boshe Hotel, the overall environment With a very strong historical heritage, it is one of the few leisure health and spiritual habitats in the center of Chengdu. . I remember that it happened to be spring, so the snacks provided were also made according to the season's ingredients. The purple potato, pumpkin and other pies are all well matched with the tea. Companion. The whole set of snacks will be fresh and elegant, which is very suitable for the health of modern urbanites . In addition to afternoon tea, this restaurant will also provide vegetarian food service at noon and evening, as always. The tonality of taste is limited because of the limited time. Next time I go to Chengdu, I must try my friends here again. . Restaurant, although the overall color is retro, but there is a pick-up afternoon tea color. To set off, it is still very easy to take a picture of the net red ins. I suggest you choose the location early in the morning, or make an appointment in advance. . BTW, Chengdu Boshe Hotel is also a local hotel with a good reputation. Geography The location is also very good, located in Taikoo Li, Chengdu. Dont miss it when you travel to Chengdu. . Restaurant name: tea room (Chengdu Ocean Taikooli shop) Restaurant address: No. 81, Sticky Street, Bosho Hotel Per capita consumption: 150 yuan (cost-effective) / Hh/. This is the afternoon life of Chengdu people. Can you get some from my words or pictures?
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The so-called weekend is not to drink, life is white, young people's nightlife is suitable for a small encounter. You don't have to be drunk and have a drink, and the wine lovers who love it will choose this old store. Jingsuke has been in the street of Jiuyan Bridge for 13 years. The 13-year storm has not stood down. The former super girl Yu Kewei has also been here to sing. The nightlife you want can be found here. Every time I go to Chengdu, I will go to Jiuyan Bridge for a walk. You may laugh and say that local talents are not going to be places where tourists go. And what I am saying is that the places where tourists go are not necessarily worth visiting. Jiuyan Bridge, the bridge has its name, a total of 9 holes, formerly known as Hongji Bridge, also known as Zhenjiang Bridge, is the largest stone arch bridge on Jinjiang. Those who walked to the Nine-Eye Bridge to look at the scenery always had to sit in front of this stone slab, try it with their feet, and talk to the passing foreigners about the "Slate Legend". At the invitation of friends, this time, I was fortunate to personally appreciate the comfortable life of Chengdu, strolling in the bar street, all kinds of bars are endless, and the bartenders on the roadside enthusiastically introduced the characteristics of their bars. culture. At this time, I heard the songs of various singers in my ear. At this time, I really understood the artistic conception written by Zhao Leis "Chengdu", a storyteller and a song full of affection, and how many people thought about the picture. Cocktail Beer (Traffic) Traffic Raiders: 1.2km walk from Exit B of Dongmen Bridge Station of Metro Line 2
Chengdu diners, the main new Sichuan specialties, taste the literary feeling from the spicy! Although the facade is not very large, the decoration is simple, and because of the proper layout, it is not crowded. But this business is very hot, it is recommended to go before the meal, so as not to queue too long. Recommended dishes: 1, Tremella Sydney soup, dressed in a retro thermos, sweet Tremella Sydney soup to nourish the stomach, very suitable for drinking Sichuan cuisine. 2, streaking prawn big love, shrimp shell shrimp line have been cleaned up, all I have to do is eat! The base shrimp is soaked in the red oil broth, the shrimp is firm and tender, and the secret sauce tastes very good, sweet and spicy, but it won't overwhelm the taste of the fresh shrimp itself. After eating the shrimp, remember to catch another chopstick. There is still material inside. 3, fresh abalone on paper, the most luxurious instant noodles in history. Abalone, crab sticks, loofah, the material is very good, the abalone is not big but very fresh, the taste of the bell pepper, very innovative way to eat. Under the blessing of a lot of ingredients, instant noodles have become a soul food, so people can't stop. 4, green pepper grilled fish fillet is also a very special dish of Chengdu diners. The fish has no bones and no thorns. The skewers are on the bamboo sticks. The lemon tastes, the savory and spicy, and the side dishes are also very rich. Address: No. 48, Zhimin Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu (150 meters walk from Exit B of Xinnanmen, Metro Line 3) Business Hours: 11