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Things To Do in Chengjiang

30 Reviews
Amusement Park
m19***27A little pit is, when checking the ticket, you said that you have to buy tickets for one meter, and the baby also buy tickets. Hey, I encountered it for the first time. I also said that it is not recommended for children to watch. Don't you take the baby to see it? Where is the adult interested to see it?
613 Reviews
茱丽叶one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. very clean water and amazing adventure on the boat. very few people. fantastic environment and clean air. also great architecture on the island.
11 Reviews
Water Sports
伏尔加骆驼With blue seas, blue sky and white clouds, set sail in China's deepest water resource protection lake! Cool, beautiful, cool, you don’t need to bring mineral water, you can drink directly when you walk to the middle of the lake with a handful of water in both hands hahaha
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2,228 Reviews
Theme Park
小思袋鼠Good value for money, good scenery, overall super awesome, fun and fun, go to play with three people with friends, the environment facilities are very good, the price in the scenic area is also more moderate to play must get the same strange wing tiger cup, really good look! There is also headgear, hats are cheap to take photos on the Ferris wheel, the scenery is good!
172 Reviews
M24***34Moon Bay Wetland Park is located in the northeast of Fuxian Lake. There are many hotels across the road. It is a great place to spend a holiday. The sparkling lake, the soft sandy beach, the beautiful flowers and willows are all fascinating.
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605 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
HoooooIt was nice to go there to relax! You can get a local bus from Kunming city which costs just 10 Yuen!!

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Xinhekou Lake GardenYuxi,China

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Boxi BayYuxi,China

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Linhai ParkYuxi,China

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Liangwang MountainYuxi,China

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Yunnan Hanwuji Xiaozhen Huanleda WorldYuxi,China

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Lichangyudong Sceneic AreaYuxi,China

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Chengjiang Travel Tips

About Chengjiang

Chengjiang County is under the jurisdiction of Yuxi City, Yunnan Province. It is located to the southeast of Kunming. During the Ming dynasty, in 1570 (the fourth year of the Longqing era), the provincial capital was moved to the southern foothills of Phoenix Mountain, which looks like a phoenix from a distance. The city looks like a rectangle, with the central street in the north as the central axis, like a big book that has been opened. That is why Chengjiang County is known as the “Red Phoenix Holding a Book in Its Mouth.” Chengjiang's attractions include Jiubao Fengcheng and Huashan Ancient Temple.

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Here are the best places to visit in Chengjiang, including: Fuxian Lake Scenic Area,Yueliangwan Wetland Park,Sakura Valley
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