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Chenzhou is located at the border between Hunan, Guangdong and Jiangxi Provinces. Chenzhou has one of the most abundant geothermal resources in South China. It is the home of hot springs in China. The hot springs are rich with a variety of minerals and micro-dose elements that are beneficial to the human body. The hot spring tourist spots that have been developed include Yucheng Hot Springs, with a water temperature of 98°C, as well as the magical Yuelai Hot Springs, which are famous for their cold springs and hot springs. Additionally, the Dragon Girl Hot Springs has a romantic and magical “Liu Yi Chuanshu.”
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Things To Do in Chenzhou

Dongjiang Lake Scenic Area
2,793 Reviews
E24***64I would just say this is a life time experience. I visited too many lakes but comes by it side.
Rucheng Hot Spring Fuquan Resort
430 Reviews
Hot Spring
_We***74Suddenly I want to travel around. I have been hearing that the hot water Fuquan Villa is doing well. Friends who have been there have said it is good, so I took the elderly in the family to drive there. Although the road going in is particularly curved, the road conditions all the way to the entrance of the villa are very good. We brought our own swimsuits. When we arrived at the villa, we first collected the tickets, and then entered separately. The male and female guests did not know, but the staff on the female guests were very enthusiastic. Seeing you go in and help you find a cabinet, remind you of something matter. There were not many people when I went there, but the location of the shower was ample, clean, and well lit, without the damp smell of other hot spring shower rooms. After entering, there are staff members on the road and there are many reminders, and there is a water dispenser in the bath towel cabinet not far away. It is like walking in the garden. The tea tree bougainvillea inside is just right when the camellia blooms. There are also many pools with varying water temperatures. The advantage is that they seem to be living springs. Each of the pools I look at has a water inlet that circulates in water. The water is cleaner than that of Mangshan Hot Spring. Some hot pools sweated after soaking for a while, and there are many special pools with woven sheds. The massage pools pushed by friends are under repair, so I didn't experience it. There is a rest pavilion next to the Children's Fun Garden, which provides tea and snacks. The boiled peanuts and taro are all self-service. After soaking in the hot spring, it is good to sit and have a snack inside. Because the elderly at home always urged to go back, there are still many items that have not been experienced, such as hot spring boiled eggs, sweat steaming, fish spa, etc., experience it next time
Yangtian Lake
267 Reviews
_We***74Today, on 10.5, I arrived at the scenic spot after 10 o’clock. It was foggy and the visibility was 30 meters. Like most people, I thought it was coming. Even if it’s foggy, I have to go in and take a look. It’s about 10:30 and I’m at 11 o’clock. Buy a ticket and go in, you can't see anything when you go in, just go around, it's still the same when you get to a point, and then you come out. It feels good. Unfortunately the weather is bad.
Mount Jiulong (Nine Dragons Mountain) National Forest Park
329 Reviews
小惠带你去旅行Came with friends for summer vacation, summer is still very suitable! The tickets are very cost-effective, of course, you must buy a package! ! First of all, the package includes tickets + glass bridge + glass plank road + river upstream + Yaoshe style museum + shuttle bus! ! This shuttle bus alone is worth it! It’s still a bit far from the gate of the scenic spot to reach the scenic spot. It may take half an hour to walk, and it’s easy to get tan in summer. If you can take a car, don’t walk. Hahaha, after you get into the scenic spot, it’s pretty cool. The mountains and forests are too cool. The vegetation coverage is so high that there is no sun at all! Finally, take a look at the project. The glass bridge and the glass plank road are suitable for taking pictures (with a set of good camera equipment, it is really easy to produce films), and air rafting is not included in the package, but you must experience it! 68 yuan/person, summer is perfect, and friends who don’t want to go down the mountain can buy a dry slide ticket, but this is a bit of a shoe sole! Haha~ It feels very good, and it is highly recommended if you travel around!
Feitian Mountain National Geological Park
418 Reviews
Geological Sites
豆丁爸看世界In addition to the most famous Dongjiang Lake scenic spot in Chenzhou, Feitian Mountain and Gaoyiling are also more famous. On the day we arrived in Chenzhou, we chartered a car and went to Feitianshan Scenic Area first. Because I haven't seen this kind of geological environment before, I was a little shocked when I first saw it. The stairs in the lower canyon are steep and the wind is also strong. Be careful. Walking along the bottom of the canyon for a week is also quite interesting. Walking along the plank road out of the scenic area, there are mountains and waters. Except for the bad weather, the scenery is affected, other things are also good.
Suxian Ridge
384 Reviews
Era ZhongThere is no special scenery during the climbing process. Except that the Sanjue Monument is really attractive, it is very good to climb to the top and overlook the downtown area of Chenzhou. The other is pure mountain climbing, and the scenery is not as good as Yuelu Mountain. Such a mountain climbing type park. The entrance fee of dozens of dollars is not worth it. It’s hard to go anywhere for half a day because of waiting for my sister, so I have to take my parents to go shopping. When you spend money to climb the mountain and exercise, you can still do it Go down.

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Dongjiang Lake Scenic Area
Dongjiang Lake Scenic AreaChenzhou,China

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Rucheng Hot Spring Fuquan Resort
Rucheng Hot Spring Fuquan ResortChenzhou,China

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Yangtian Lake
Yangtian LakeChenzhou,China

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Mount Jiulong (Nine Dragons Mountain) National Forest Park
Mount Jiulong (Nine Dragons Mountain) National Forest ParkChenzhou,China

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Feitian Mountain National Geological Park
Feitian Mountain National Geological ParkChenzhou,China

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Suxian Ridge
Suxian RidgeChenzhou,China

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Chenzhou Weather

Dec 2, 2020
5 ~ 7
Dec 3, 2020
Light rain
4 / 6
Dec 4, 2020
Light rain
3 / 8
Dec 5, 2020
2 / 11
Dec 6, 2020
4 / 10
Dec 7, 2020
6 / 10
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Chenzhou
Dec 2, 2020 Chenzhou Weather:Overcast, Northeasterly Wind:10-17 kph, Humidity:100%, Sunrise/Sunset:06:58/17:37
Chenzhou Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Advised, UV Strength:Very Low

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Here are the best places to visit in Chenzhou, including: Dongjiang Lake Scenic Area,Rucheng Hot Spring Fuquan Resort,Feitian Mountain National Geological Park
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