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Rhino Well
The provincial-level cultural relics protection unit of Hunan Province is located in the middle section of Yuhou Street in the south of Chenzhou City. In 2010, Yuhou Street was preserved as one of the most important remains of Yuhou Street. This magical ancient well is made of long strips of stone, with a rectangular shape, long Zhang Yu (3 meters), width eight or nine feet (2.8 meters), and a depth of one foot (2 meters). The well water is warm in winter and cool in summer, and the water quality is particularly pure. It can be seen that there is a huge stone lying in the well, and a layer of mossy water grass is attached to the body. It resembles a big rhinoceros with a healthy body and a heavy body, and sinks in the water. Legend has it that in ancient times, Shennong brought nine rhinoceros to Cangzhou, which made the place of Zhangzhou a good weather and a long life. However, the good times did not last long. I did not know where to come from a sinister dragon and brought the plague to Zhangzhou. In order to defeat the dragon, the nine rhinos fought with it for nine days and nine nights. In the end, the dragon was defeated, and the eight rhinos drove the dragon out of Zhangzhou and went to the East China Sea. There is also a rhinoceros, which fell into the well of the spring and fell into the boulder of the bottom of the well because of the fall of the foot in the battle. From then on, the well was called "Rhino." Unlike many ancient wells in the city, the rhinoceros well did not lose its brilliance because of the years. Although the tap water is now very convenient, the surrounding residents have retained the habit of taking water from the ancient well.
When I came to Ganzhou to travel, I naturally chose a convenient transportation environment and a long-lasting environment. I lived in the city and I was the first to push Wyndham. The hotel is located in the national forest city of Ganzhou, which is surrounded by the green hills of Leipzi, the mountains and rivers. The hotel is close to scenic spots such as Suxianling, Wanhuayan, Feitianshan and Dongjiang Lake. It is only 20 minutes drive from Zhangzhou Railway Station and Zhangzhou West Railway Station (High Speed Railway Station). The hotel is 82.5 meters high and has 23 floors. It is surrounded by Xiangnan College, the Institute of Physical Education and other novel buildings. It can be recognized from afar. The hotel has a variety of comfortable rooms and suites of more than 400 rooms, each room is designed for the passengers, all the supporting facilities to meet the needs of passengers. Wenzhou Wyndham Hotel includes 390 deluxe rooms of various types, 1000 seats, and a large pillar-less ballroom that can accommodate 600 people. It is equipped with the Chuzhou Sports Center, the gymnasium, the indoor heated swimming pool, and the hotel. It integrates entertainment projects such as accommodation, conference, catering, shopping, KTV, and cinema. Committed to creating a comfortable and unforgettable experience for our guests. After the hotel's bright cloister, the door is opened to see the floor-to-ceiling windows of the scenery. The city scenery of Zhangzhou is unobstructed, and the vitality and vitality of a city are unobstructed. Every room in the room will feel very open, and there is no such thing as crowded or overly luxurious decoration. Everything is just right, I really like this simple design. Although in the central area of the city, the hotel's living environment is still private and quiet.
I have lived in a number of high-star hotels and are satisfied with Wyndham's hardware and services. Wuzhou Bank did not hesitate to choose Wenzhou Supreme Grand Hotel. Hotel is located at the intersection of Zhangzhou Avenue and Guiyuan Road, adjacent to Zhangzhou Sports Center, Convention and Exhibition Center and Xiangnan College of Undergraduate College. It is only 5 minutes from the intersection of Jinzhu Expressway and 20 minutes from the high-speed railway. The traffic is very convenient. The Wuzhou Wengham Supreme Royal Hotel has a grand and modern look. The lobby of the hotel is splendid and stylish, and the open space makes people's moods open. The light and darkness of the lobby is moderate, and the geometric layout is very spatial. The chandeliers accentuate extravagance and elegance. The large-scale painting on the wall brings the breath of nature, echoing the name of Linzhou Lincheng. The staff's soft greetings and smiles make people feel as warm as home, and the simple and fast registration process gives a thumbs up. The hotel lobby is also a miniature Kistler Museum. There are a lot of transparent glass cabinets on the opposite side of the front desk, which show different strange stones. is a double bed room with a view of the outside city through floor-to-ceiling windows. The bed is very comfortable and the softness is moderate. There is also a temporary workbench on the side of the room near the floor-to-ceiling windows for temporary work. The bathroom is connected to the bathroom. There are two bathing and bathing systems to meet the needs of different travellers. Individuals like to take a bath in the bathtub and then bathe again in the shower. There is a Blue Dragon Fitness Center in the hotel where a variety of fitness equipment can be seen.