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Popular Attractions in Chicheng

Chicheng Hot Spring Resort
43 Reviews
Hot Spring
Chicheng Hot Spring Resort is a valley known for its natural hot springs. Chicheng Hot Spring Resort is a large scenic spot, but the hot springs are not accessible directly from the scenic area. Instead, there are now more than a dozen large and small hot spring hotels, and tourists can enjoy the hot springs within the hotels. In addition to the hot springs in the hotel, there is a climbing trail deep in the valley of the resort. The tree-covered mountain is not high but the air is fresh, and the environment is beautiful. It is suitable for walking, playing and morning exercise. Tourists can also visit monuments such as Ruiyun Temple, Shuimu Temple, Yonggui Pavilion, and Bixia Temple in the resort.
Baihewan Park
36 Reviews
City Park
Chicheng County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province
Badaling Great Wall
22,566 Reviews
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
Historical Site
The Great Wall of Badaling in Yanqing, Beijing, is a pass for the Ming Great Wall. As the saying goes, "you are not a hero until you reach the Great Wall". Most locals take this spot to be the start of the ascent of the Great Wall. The Badaling Great Wall is the best-preserved and most complete section among the various great walls in Beijing. The total length of this sectionn is 7.5 miles (12 kilometers) with 43 watchtowers, however only 2.3 miles (3.74 kilometers) and 19 watchtowers have been restored and opened to visitors. Compared with other sections, most stairs are not very steep and they are equipped with handrails, so it is a relatively easier climb.
The Firest Spring Outside Shanhaiguan
11 Reviews
Located in Chicheng Town, Chicheng County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province

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Trip Moments

Walking for 16 kilometers, finally hit the highest cafe in Beijing

weekend with a ten-level wind, in the "Haicang Valley" self-abuse. This super-cool scenery and the amazing outdoor hiking route have been remembered since very early. The line departs from the original town of Oranda. Climbing, hiking, up and down, with strong winds, drizzle, light snow, a total of 16 kilometers, arrived at the end of 3 pm, the highest "1473 cafe" in Beijing. Immediately greeted, came a cup of latte. My friends know that I thought I was crazy about a cup of coffee. Haha~

actually set a route to go to the Haicang Valley. The bad weather is an uncontrollable factor, but it is also outdoor. One of the fun of sports. On the way to the walk, I remember the 1473 caf at the end. They said that it was closed at 4:30 pm, so I had to hurry. The wind almost made me fly, but it was still open.

The angle in the picture of the highest cafe in Beijing should be seen by few people. If you dont climb the mountain, you cant get this angle, hehe. Admire yourself~

There is a spotted dog in the cafe. There are not many tourists on the day. I borrowed a friend's membership card and enjoyed the membership price of coffee. It must be said that the boss pulls the flowers too hard, and some of our friends have ordered, each person's flowers are different, bears, cats and little girls. Although pulling flowers is not a must for a good cup of coffee, at least it means that the boss has gone.

Feeling the Haitang Valley International Resort, the summer is super cool, definitely my hot coffee star paradise. Outdoor sports, accommodation, food, and fun are all here. If you go to the Haitang Valley friends on weekends, you can walk to the cafe from the boardwalk, it is quite easy.

1. Hiking trail starting point: Orienta's original town, the end of the sea valley, basically until 1473 cafes end
2. The whole journey is 16 km Left and right, the highest altitude of the route is 1806, and the cumulative vertical rise is 1500
3. The terrain is complex, gravel, dirt road, jungle, and hiking shoes are good
4. The weather conditions are more microclimate, windy, light rain may encounter .
5. Going to the Haitang Valley, there is food and drink, and the hot pot is properly arranged.
Posted: May 21, 2019