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Art Museum
The Central Academy of Fine ArtsNearby City

The Central Academy of Fine Arts

4.6/5155 Reviews
"Art Museum"
Business hours TBA (Local time)
"The Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum [1], the former Central Academy of Fine Arts exhibition hall, was built in 1953, located in No. 5 Xiaowei Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing. The new site is located in the Central Academy of Fine Arts, No. 8 Huajiadi South Street, Chaoyang District, and opened to the public in 2008. The collection of 1.3 million pieces in the museum. The new Art Museum of the Central Academy of Fine Arts is designed by Japanese architect Shin Isozaki (ARATA ISOZAKI), located at the northeast corner of the campus of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, No. 8 Huajiadi South Street, Wangjing. The new Art Museum was completed in March 2008 and located on the campus of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. One of the most modern art exhibitions in China. The museum's architecture is a 3D curved surface with a natural rock slab curtain wall, and it is a modern sculpture-like building, which shows the low-key features of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and it is fully integrated and coordinated with the deep gray courtyard layout designed by Mr. Wu Liangzhu in the campus. The museum will plan various exhibitions and academic activities in line with the international standards based on the academic research of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and make the museum a platform for the exchange of art both at home and abroad, providing a platform for teachers and students, the public and Chinese and foreign artists to observe and observe the art museum. Especially in the academic exhibition, the new museum will actively carry out public and community art education activities, making it a Chinese iconic, professional and international professional art museum."
Beijingshidai GalleryNearby City

Beijingshidai Gallery

4.5/5118 Reviews
"Art Museum"
Open from 10:00am-10:00pm (Local time)
"Haidian District Recreation Center, open to the big night! The whole exhibition is a free tour venue for 55 digital art works by 69 artists and groups. It is full of fun images and interactive devices. 🎯 Exhibition Information 2021 Asian Digital Art Exhibition Location: Beijing Times Art Gallery Exhibition: 2021.7.23–8.31 Time: 10:00– 22: 00💰Weekday 98 weekend 118 students 68 👾Asia Digital Art Exhibition is back, this time is still curated by Qiu Zhijie and Chen Baoyang, and the world is looking for works related to artificial intelligence, machine art, biological art, etc. The candidates have become famous both at home and abroad. The artist 👾 paid more attention to the machine language behind it and to the thinking of human society than did the exhibition last year. 55 pieces of work are spread over 4 exhibition halls, some are presented in images, some are mechanical devices, more are interactive works through mobile phones, pads, computers, handles, each work is moving. 👾 55 pieces are really very many, It is recommended to go against the content of the guide and not fall down a particular exhibition hall. Also as a digital art, many works are still very suitable for photography! Especially loved Luthike's "Life", inspired by the sun flares, the red and black projection directly called advanced! ·🦆 Foie Gras Note·▪️The first thing to impress is the work "One Thousand and One Nights." In the original story, Shan Ruzod tells a story for the king every day to save the girl in the country and attract his attention. And before the old computer host with Arabic features, the audience can talk to the king with a keyboard and lead him to the keywords. The computer gives a natural response, a little smarter than Siri, and the final sentences are printed by the ticket machine, very fun! ·▪️The only slightly traditional work "Yue" in the exhibition hall is a woven painting, in fact, every vertical and horizontal braided tape is equipped with a motor, according to the audience's trigger constantly changing the composition of the screen. It's a bit like the automatic billboard on the roadside, but there is an infinite refactoring method. ▪️ Favorite work is called "Zhong. 01". A big clock is an electronic counter. A slightly primitive robot on the edge spits a cigarette ring every few seconds. With this nihilistic aerosol impact the physical weight. According to the artist, "For 'Waking up the world's famous and famous people' and 'Calling back the bitter sea dream charming'" ▪️ I was surprised to see the work of Australian artist Liam Yang, who had been in the exhibition room of his work "Planet City" at the Shanghai Biennale for a long time. His animated landscape of the last century is much like the industrial design of the pyrotechnic neighborhoods that went down to simplicity after the baroque, rococo ( and qing dynasty) flowers were removed, as if minimalism represented the atmosphere and abandoned the dream of the extremely busy warmth, Maybe when technology improves again, people will have a big turn again. A new August show where niche photographs are taken."