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Jiming MountainNearby City

Jiming Mountain

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Open from 01/01-12/31,7:30am-6:00pm (Local time)
"Summer vacation to visit the county, specially arranged for the jimingshan a day, from the county drive past two hours, we to the jimingshan is noon, parking, buy tickets into the door to start climbing is 12 o'clock. I am not physically strong. I look at the long steps at the door. The legs and stomach have already started to rotate. It is not difficult to climb at first. Climbing a section is a attraction, that is, a temple. You can go in and take a break. From the Caishen Temple, there is a long-distance mountain climbing. From the Caishen Temple, you look at Yongning Temple. It definitely needs psychological construction to climb to Yongning Temple. From the Yongning Temple, you have to climb a section from the beginning of the slide to the top of the mountain. There are no major attractions. The basics are steps and slopes. It is just a stone passing through a small hole and a observation platform. Called the attraction, otherwise it is endless climbing up to the top. I am not physically strong, it took two hours from the gate to the top, and it took a little more than an hour to go down the mountain, which means that it is half past three. Then we drove to the ancient city inside the wall around the chicken mingyi. The car can't drive into the city wall, because the time is a bit late, we are tired of climbing the mountain, so we didn't go inside. Directly return to the county of Xiangfan."