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Gulangyu Island

4.4/534,255 Reviews
Island/PeninsulaUNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
Gulangyu 5 major attractions: Sunlight Rock, Haoyue Garden, Shuzhuang Garden: 5:30-20:30 (winter), 5:30-21:00 (summer); Organ Museum, Lettering Art Museum: 8:15-17: 45 (winter), 8:15-18:15 (summer). 2, round-trip ferry tickets: day: 7:10-17:30 (winter), 18:30 (summer); night flight: 17:30 (winter), 18:50 (summer) - the next day 6:30. 3 Gulangyu World Hall of Fame attractions: 8:30-17:30. 4. Gulangyu Red Carpet Wax Museum: 9:00-22:30
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About Gulangyu Island

Gulangyu Island is a tiny island located on the estuary of the Chiu-lung River, facing the city of Xiamen. It is a Unesco World Heritage Site that used to be an important window for Sino-foreign exchanges during the 19th and 20th century. The island is a popular attraction for architecture enthusiasts, providing a mixture of different architectural styles including Traditional Southern Fujian Style, Western Classical Revival Style and Veranda Colonial Style. You can hike up the Sun Rock to overlook the whole island, take a walk in the Shuzhuang Garden (including the Piano Museum) which is one of the finest Jiangnan classical gardens, visit the Hao Yue Garden containing architectures from the Ming Dynasty (including a statue of national hero Zheng Chenggong), the organ museum, and the international letter carving art museum. Don't forget to send yourself a postcard from the future at local stores!

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  • M29****685

    It took about ten minutes by boat to get to the island. This comfortable island, which enjoys great reputation for literature and art, finally came to appreciate it. Because the booking was finished and the hotel was full, it could not stay on the island for one night and saw a sunrise the next morning. We boarded the island at 10:30 a.m., the boat was very big, like a bus with handles, a large floor of space are standing, a total of dozens of seats, good in the fast, bad in the absence of glass, the wind is very cold. But most of the time it's still hot in the south. If it's sealed, the air will be bad. The island is very big, street by street, now the commercial atmosphere is very strong, there are shops everywhere, you can continue to shop, eat and eat. Buy tickets, accordion museum, Yuanzhuang Garden, several attractions next to each other, to be honest, a day to play down, quite catch up, if you live on the island to slow down the pace of leisure, two days of rhythm is still good. The accordion Museum has seen the world's largest organ and the difference between the organ and the piano. Famous sunshine rock, dragged the child to the top, a little foggy, visibility is not particularly high, but the height is more visual enjoyment, a glance. On the rockery in the Yuanzhuang Garden, the stone statues of the twelve zodiac Zodiacs were searched all over for an hour. The rockery was designed like a labyrinth. Zhang Sanlun's milk tea was temporarily closed. See the cats, cats, dogs and dogs in the street who bask in the sun recklessly, see the passers-by, without any reaction, just enjoy their own warm winter sun, super comfortable. The reason of time is not thorough. I bought Sanwei Crisp House and took it home for everybody to eat. I also drank Passion Fruit with straw. It's not sour at all. It's very sweet. The overall impression is not as good as I imagined, and it's not bad. Suitable for flying mood and wandering freely.

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    Reviewed on 1516719028000
  • _WeCh****46141

    A person a city - I just want to say that it takes courage to go to Gulangyu alone! There are lovely couples and dog food everywhere. The most important thing is that no one goes to take pictures of you. That's a very poor busy snack street. The quiet night, dark street lights and long lanes are all my favorites. There will be some time after Gulangyu Island.

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    Reviewed on 1492646716000
  • hi绿野仙踪

    The main attractions of Gulangyu include: Riguangyan, Yuanzhuang Garden, Haoyue Garden, Zheng Chenggong Memorial Hall, Organ Museum, Xiamen Museum, Bagua Tower, Yuyuan, Qinyuan, Gulangshi, Undersea World, Longtou Road, Natural Beach Bath, Harbour Back Beach, etc. If you want to buy a collection of maps, if you want to rely on it, you can't get out of the island for three days. Mobile navigation is the most convenient way, even the island's sign is not helpful. If you want to buy a collection of maps, if you want to rely on it, you can't get out of the island for three days. Mobile navigation is the most convenient way, even the island's sign is not helpful. All good-looking buildings are either charged or surrounded. But all the buildings are super beautiful! Both cameras are out of power.

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    Reviewed on 1496126389000
  • E18****908

    this island should be considered depending on the type of holiday you are looking for - if you would like to walk around a lot , relax and take in atmosphere and sights - it is awesome there is shopping to be done on the island - but the same things can be bought in siming district for much cheaper extremely tranquil and beatiful especially when walking away from the crowds kn the outskirts on the island getting here can be a slight hassle and should be considered before booking accomodation on the island the beaches were not as clean as i expected but still quite picturesque

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    Reviewed on 1560836702000
  • bjdcjdy

    Gulangyu Garden on the Sea. Three steps and one scene on the island, exquisite villas and natural integration of the right, walking in the meantime can feel a pleasant old time. The whole trip lasts 3 hours and 30 minutes, which is not too short. The route chosen is basically flat, but Zheng Chenggong is like a section of Linqiao Kindergarten with many uphills and downhills, which is relatively difficult to walk. The scenic spots are well-behaved. The emphasis is on seeing the scenery and feeling a pleasant old time. As for admission tickets, one is 100 yuan pass, and the other is to buy each garden separately. Among them, 60 yuan is Sunshine Rock, 30 yuan is Yinzhuang Garden and 30 yuan is Haoyue Garden. Because of too many people, time and physical problems, we only look outside the door. As for accommodation on the island, I read a lot of strategies before going. I feel that the accommodation and meal conditions on the island are not good, the cost-effective ratio is not high, and I have to toss and turn, so I give up. The travel time of each section is as follows. Sanqiudian Wharf 1 (20 minutes walk) within Chuo O Wharf 1 (20 minutes walk) Zheng Chenggong statue (40 minutes walk, rest halfway). Lin Qiaozhi Memorial Park 1 (15 minutes walk), Stadium 1 (10 minutes walk), Sunshine Rock 1 (10 minutes walk), Stadium 1 (20 minutes walk) Longtou Road 1 (50 minutes walk, shopping) within Chuo O 1 (25 minutes walk) Sanqiudian. Many people make it difficult to take photos. Sunshine Rock is hard to climb. Leading passers-by crowded, net Hongdian queue. Eating is not easy, the price is high and the taste is bad. To Gulangyu is to see the scenery and shop, shop decoration is less expensive than Zhongshan Road, very sentimental. Don't expect anything else.

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    Reviewed on 1524531670000
  • _WeCh****03215

    Gulangyu is the most worthwhile scenic spot in Xiamen. The environment here is really comfortable. There are no motorcycles or bicycles at all. All travel here depends on both feet. Even the porters use rickshaws to keep people away from the metropolis where machines are noisy and work is tense. All belong to primitiveness and tranquility. During a tense day's trip, I felt that it was too short to stay on Gulangyu for six hours. The environment here really relaxed me completely. If I had to re-plan, it would take at least two days. As a person who has been to many famous scenic spots in China, I am most impressed by the local people in Xiamen. The local people in Xiamen are really very warm and sincere. From many service providers, including bus drivers, public tourist service providers, local Xiamen people, and local workers, they are very patient and sincere to the tourists. And pointing out. Some local restaurants are well-known and offer you a friendly welcome. When you reach out and refuse, they all greet you with a smile. When you get on the bus, you will meet many young people and be willing to offer help to those in need. When you walk on the road, you feel confused and at a loss, they will be happy to ask passers-by for help and guidance. Clearly guide you; in your hotel or lodging, the manager will actively give you the phone number, when you need help, make the right guidance, before you go out, take the initiative to recommend meaningful journeys for you, so that you travel a lot less detours... Wait! In Xiamen, you really feel that you really come to relax, because Xiamen people are really welcoming you, their sincerity, let you want to come back as a guest. Xiamen people are really masters!

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    Reviewed on 1490194651000
  • 盐水大虾

    Gulangyu is a very beautiful place. It's worth playing leisurely. The main attractions are Sunshine Rock, Haoyue Garden, Yinzhuang Garden, Seal Carving Museum, Organ Museum and so on. Haoyue Garden is characterised by Zheng Chenggong's statue, and Sunshine Rock is characterised by its ability to climb Gulangyu Island and Ludao Island. Yuanzhuang Garden is a seaside garden. It has the characteristics of the south of the Yangtze River. It has mountains, seas and gardens. Shopping, eating and shopping will lead the way. There's nothing to do. You can also take a leisurely walk along Lujiang River or the seaside. There are many historical relics on the island, including consulates of various countries and quiet and leisure streets. Universal architecture is especially suitable for taking wedding photos. Many brides and grooms can be seen on the island. The only disadvantage of the island is the inconvenience of transportation. Without a car, we have to walk on our own strength. Because it is an island, so the streets and lanes on the island will have a lot of uphill and downhill, which is very laborious. Fortunately, there are all kinds of fruits and juices on the roadside, you can eat them while walking. Tired, I sat down and had a rest. All in all, it's good and worth promoting.

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    Reviewed on 1490366623000
  • 当地向导江南游子

    Gulangyu (English : Kulangsu) was originally named "Yuanshazhou", alias "Yuanzhouzi", Ming Dynasty changed its name to "Gulangyu" during the Southern Song Dynasty. Gulangyu is named after a cave reef more than two meters high on the beach in the southwestern part of the island, which sounds like a drum whenever the tide surges and waves hit the reef. It is named for the swelling tide, the wave hitting the rocks and sounding like a drum. Gulangyu Street is the largest island in Xiamen, which is short and crisscross. Gulangyu Island has more than 40 (%) green space coverage, rich plant population, a variety of trees, shrubs, rattan, ground cover plants, a total of more than 90 families, more than 1000 species. The representative scenic spots are : Sunshine Rock, Yuzhuang Garden, Haoyue Garden, Yuyuan Garden, Gulangshi, Gulangyu Piano Museum, Zheng Chenggong Memorial Hall, Undersea World, Natural Beach Bath, Sea Paradise, etc. Gulangyu Scenic Spot has won the honors of national 5A level tourist attractions, national key cultural relics protection units, and the five most beautiful urban districts in China. At the 41st World Heritage Conference held in Poland on 8 July 2017, "Gulangyu - "International Historic Community" was listed on the World Heritage List and became the 52nd World Heritage Project of China.

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    Reviewed on 1501653498000
  • 吴华盛

    It can be said that Gulangyu is the only place Xiamen must go, but it must have a couple, a couple and a couple. Important things are to be repeated for 3 times. You can walk around the island with your lover and whisper intimately, or you can blow the sea breeze. Sometimes people take a picture of a scene in the wedding dress there from time to time. I walked back in the afternoon. The whole island is a pedestrian island. Inside the outside ring is a snack street, but the government's commercialization is too heavy, so there are often some tourists in the brigade blocked. It's okay to walk there for a day and stay overnight, but I have reservations in Zengcuo. In fact, Xiamen city is not very big. Gulangyu's round-trip wharf lasts more than 10 minutes. So it's not recommended that you stay in Gulangyu. After all, there will be a price increase for tourists there. Normally, there is a special view to see the sunrise at the sea at 5 a.m. Around 6 p.m. (The weather forecast may be later in summer.) Some still walk by themselves, sometimes don't follow the crowd, sometimes deep alleys will be more splendid oh

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    Reviewed on 1488435014000
  • 游戏人生618

    Now the commercial atmosphere of the island is strong, but it is still worth visiting. In order to really enjoy it, we suggest that you stay on the island for one night, so that it will not be too hasty and tired to play. We went to play in the past at noon, did not follow the regiment, got off the boat, and walked freely. If the direction is poor, we should use virtue to navigate. We didn't go to any toll-paying attractions, but we went to the streets and the seaside. If you meet people who shoot wedding dresses, you can go with them to see good and beautiful attractions. If you return to Xiamen that day, remember that the last ship is 5:30, don't be late. There are many commercial streets and snacks on the island. We admire the so-called Zhang Sanlung's milk tea and Lin Jiawanzi. There is nothing special. It may be feelings. Zeng Qing'an also has a three mad milk tea.

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    Reviewed on 1496359849000
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