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About Chizhou

Chizhou is a prefecture-level city in the southwest of Anhui province, just south of the Yangzte River. It is an ideal holiday destination, offering beautiful scenery and a large number of historical attractions. They include Mount Jiuhua, one of the four sacred mountains of Chinese Buddhism, which is home to around 100 temples and 1000 monks and nuns. Chizhou is also situated next to Guniujiang Nature Reserve, which contains many species of plants and animals and is often referred to as Eastern China's 'gene pool'. Shengjin Lake is another popular attraction, known for its crystal-clear water. The lake is one of Asia's most important wetland habitats.

Popular Attractions in Chizhou

Xinghua Village Scenic Area
416 Reviews
Folk Village
Xinghua Village Scenic Area is west of Chizhou City. It was famous for its liquor houses in ancient times and is called "the city of liquor." Xinghua Village borders Qishan Lake in the south, reaches Boding Mountain in the north and Ximen Hanging Bridge in the east and connects to the Qiupu River in the west. Du Mu, the prefecture governor of Chizhou, left a poem when he visited this place that has circulated through the ages. Xinghua Village in Chizhou City has become a well-known village with over a millennium of history. "Xinghua Village Liquor" is a popular liquor on the market, and Xinghua Village Scenic Area is also listed as the first provincial scenic area in Anhui Province.
Jiuhua Tianchi Scenic Resort
480 Reviews
Jiuhua Tianchi Scenic Resort, a scenic spot in Anhui Province, is located in Maya, Guichi District, Chizhou City. The scenic area consists of four parts: Longchi Lake, Tianchi Lake, Glacier Stone Valley and Furong Peak. The natural ecology is primitive and the landscape is unique. The varied natural landscape provides canyons, streams, waterfalls, strange trees, unusual stones, mountain lakes and the bamboo sea. Alongside these sit revolutionary mountain villages, power stations, and tea gardens.
Xiushanmen Museum
55 Reviews
No.302 Xingcun West Road, Chizhou
Chizhou Qishan Scenic Area
63 Reviews
Qishan Park, Qishan Avenue, Guichi District, Chizhou

Chizhou Tours & Tickets

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Chizhou Weather

Jun 7, 2020
21 °
Jun 8, 2020
Light Rain
Jun 9, 2020
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Jun 10, 2020
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Trip Moments

Confucius's "The Analects of Confucius" has a cloud: the benevolent Leshan, the wise man is happy, and for the hot summer, the best way to solve the summer is to find a place with mountains and water. There are many mountains in Anhui. The most famous one is Huangshan. However, few people know that yak is descending. The Yakanggang with an altitude of 1727 meters is known as the unexplored Huangshan Mountain. knows that the yak originated from a gathering with friends. The friend accidentally mentioned that it was a paradise with mountains and waters, so he came to it. The weather is surprisingly good, it is still raining in the morning, and it suddenly clears at noon. Stepping into the scenic spot, the sky is blue, the canyon is quiet, the wood is shady, and the feeling of a returning to nature is suddenly clear, and the stream is clear and translucent, flowing cheerfully forward. After a winding path, I saw a pool of clear water between the cliffs on both sides of the strait. It turned out to be the famous Longmen Lake. I saw that the two mountains are separated like a knife, which is like a mountain. The water flows slowly in the Shixia, and finally merges into a pool of jade. The water content here is extremely low, no impurities, and it is crystal clear. It is said that the mountain spring water that the yak descends has the reputation of the first water in East China. The spring water flows from the bottom of the mountain or hangs on the cliff. It is the most beautiful and most beautiful mountain selenium-rich spring water. Asked "water" that is so clear, for the active head to come to the water, holding a sweet and clear spring water, a cool meaning into the bottom of my heart, the feeling of optimism will come to life.
Posted: Dec 25, 2018
I remember that the most anticipated thing when I was young was to go to the summer vacation. Maybe I lived in the city since I was a child, so I especially yearn for the countryside and I am eager to get close to nature. At that time, there was a small stream in front of the old house. Every summer, the spring water hit the stone and creaked. It stretched across the path to extend into the distance, like a beautiful and melodious music. I chase and play with my companions in the country fields, go down the mountain and down the river, and enjoy the wild. Shitai not only has many ancient villages, but also has beautiful natural scenery and is not too far from Nanjing, so it naturally becomes the first choice for my summer vacation. Baizhang Cliff is located in Hongyan Village, Yantan Township, 10 kilometers away from Shitai County, Anhui Province. It is known as the moving canyon. And friends drive to Baizhang Cliff Scenic Area, then take the shuttle bus to the scenic spot to the main gate, along the path along the Shimen Gate, you will see a clear creek not far away. Slowly flowing. Baizhang Cliff Scenic Area has two roads, one is the ordinary road and the other is the adventure road. Walking with the friends in the mountains, breathing fresh air, and interacting with each other, this is exactly where I am looking. The ordinary roads in the scenic spot are ordinary mountain roads. The roadside trees are lush, the scenery is beautiful and easy to see. The adventure roads include more than 30 items such as walking steel bridge, rock climbing, plum plum pile, zip line and high-altitude flying people. Friends Ali and Aji are excited to go to the wire bridge and try it up! A very thin steel wire, you need to have a good balance on the top, try to relax slowly, empty yourself, immerse yourself in the green mountains and green water, enjoy this moment!
Posted: Dec 25, 2018