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Trip Moments

The Goddess (Shennv) Peak
In Wushan, there is another great place to see the red leaves, that is, the North Ring of the Goddess Peak, and here you can enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Goddess Peak, in addition to the intoxicating red leaves, the most beautiful is also here to enjoy The real "world wonderland". When you are ignorant, you will have full curiosity and worship for the "God". Watching the "Goddess" on TV will also fantasize in my heart for countless times. After the adult, although I know that it is a myth and legend, I still have the most beautiful reverie in my heart. I never thought that the tour of the North Ring of the Goddess Peak is the most dream of the Wonderland in childhood.
Goddess Peak, the first of the twelve peaks of the Wu Gorge, is also the most mythical and romantic peak of the twelve peaks. Just stepping into the northern line of the goddess scenic spot, you will be surprised by what you see. The continuous peaks, the layers of trees, the blooming red leaves, and the flowing mist, look like a fresh and elegant girl, dressed up, but shyly shy A layer of yarn, looming, reveals the beauty of silk. The so-called late autumn charm is estimated to be this view, unique and charming.
In the scenic area, every step seems to be a step closer to "Fairyland". The beautiful and beautiful mountain seems to have magical power, people can't help but take the step, want to open the clouds, after a veil A beautiful place. The pace is urgent, the eyes are not content, and the heart is already fascinated.
Chongqing shop!! / Taking a beautiful photo on the wedding dress and drinking afternoon tea is probably the most romantic moment in the mountain city.

Chongqing version of Monument Valley, red, blue, indigo, multicolored houses stand in the mountains, unique and aesthetic, each layer is super beautiful.
MBG Mykatosh Book Gallery
fashionable European and American style, a treasure-level bookstore that can drink afternoon tea and desserts to watch the exhibition, and it is also super good.
Chongqing Tiandi Monster Exhibition
Roofing sea monsters with the wind bending, very magical, Chongqing Tiandi's monster exhibition is so good. Crazy bean seedlings, happy octopus brothers, monster's fingers, invincible bigmouth monsters occupy Chongqing Tiandi.
Wannashare is still a mountain
super cute ice cream shop, blue green orange, big color block color style, full of space, especially exotic.

long graffiti street, the saturation of the picture is also quite high, all kinds of comics are super nice. Mario, cute pigs, color blocks, and colorful pictures are all super-feeling.
Mist Castle vintage shop
store has a lot of American street style clothes, there are many retro gadgets, Toy Story, Doraemon, Monster University, etc., both floors It is arranged to feel quite a bit.
Recently, I have a good network of red photos, and then recommend a few super authentic Chongqing hot pots~

environment 10 points geographical location A hot pot restaurant with 10 points is just across the road from Hongyadong. The authentic Chongqing Jiugongge, many of which are Chongqing native products.
Hot boiled youth hot pot restaurant
a hot pot restaurant in the alley, locals have to line up to eat, the retro environment of the 70s and 80s, can also take retro blockbusters in hot pot restaurants.

Friends who like to eat hairy belly must not miss this house, the hairy belly is not crisp, the boss is back, crisp and tender, and can't stop eating. And the nuts at the door are free to eat ~ heroic!
In the old districts where the business is booming, the tourists from other places are waiting to eat the roast chicken gongs

I heard that the food in the alleys of the residents buildings should be considered as the most authentic taste in Chongqing.

Today I found a super delicious roast chicken in an inconspicuous residential building in Yuzhong District. Foreign tourists are queuing to check in.

Name: A roast chicken (large hall main store)
Address: 2nd floor opposite the Wal-Mart on Renmin Road
(330m from the A port of Zengjiayan Station of Metro Line 2)
[ environment]
one door, it was attracted by the roar of the pressure cooker, so the environment of the ground gas, you can see it is the old shop.

The boss said that their family has been in the auditorium for more than three years, and their ancestral roasting chickens have been playing for more than 10 years. So everyone can rest assured that the taste of their home will definitely satisfy you.
1 There is some difference between the taste of a roast chicken and me, and it is more fragrant. They put Wulong alpine artichokes instead of ordinary babies, and there are mushrooms and bottoms. The color is more attractive.
2 Wulong mountain acacia is very embarrassing, small and more tasteful.
3 Select the square bamboo shoots of authentic Nanchuan Jinfoshan. I like it very much. It is very crisp and tender, and has high nutritional value, which enhances the taste of chicken.

[Chicken is crushed, and the spicy and spicy at the bottom of the pot makes you feel the charm of Chongqing cuisine. Here, you dont have to be as cautious as eating in a big restaurant. Jigong can feel the life of Chongqing City.
King Tandian of Chongqing