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Baixueyu is located in the middle of the Longzhou Heritage Area of the Zuojiang Huashan Rock Painting Cultural Landscape. The residents of Yuli are mainly agricultural production, supplemented by fisheries. The main crops are sugar cane. Due to the inconvenient traffic in the Baixue Peninsula, the villagers of Baixue Village have had few new buildings in recent years. Most of the village houses were built after the founding of the People's Republic of China. They are mud-brick bricks with wooden blue tiles and bucket-type buildings. They are rare traditional villages in Longzhou County. These traditional houses with uniform style and simple style are dotted in the middle of the Baixue Peninsula. Together with the surrounding Zuojiang River and the mountains, and the densely distributed Huashan rock paintings, they form a unique and beautiful cultural landscape.
Posted: Sep 12, 2019
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After entering Chongzuo, the basic roads are all sugarcane forests, stretching for dozens of kilometers. It is not easy to enter the village of Baixue. For thousands of years, the village has been relying on ferry, and now is no exception. People in the village live on sugar cane fields, and one ton can earn 500 yuan. Although the village seems to be surrounded by water like a paradise, there is only one way for tourists to come here: with the group. Villagers can sell some local specialties, such as dried bamboo shoots, and brown sugar to earn a little profit. The earthen houses with Zhuang characteristics in the village are very well preserved and are also included in the traditional Chinese ancient villages. Because the traffic is inconvenient, the fields are scarce, and the annual income of the villagers is only about 4,000 yuan. However, after poverty alleviation, their days are slowly getting better.
Guangxi Chongzuo Baitou Langue National Nature Reserve (Puli District) eco-tourism area, white-headed langurs can be called the "big panda" of the monkey world, the number is rarer than the giant panda, is the world's most recognized rare Monkeys. Moreover, only the Chinese Guangxi Chongzuo in the world can find its trace. This is the biggest home of the white-headed langur. According to the staff, there are more than 1,100 white-headed langurs in the world, and more than half of them live in the protected areas of Chongzuo Jiangzhou District.
Chongzuozhuangzu Museum
The Chongzuo Zhuang Museum is a collection of cultural relics collection, research, exhibition, education and service. It is the first prefecture-level city Zhuang museum, national third-level museum and Guangxi special museum with the theme of Chongzuo Zhuang history and culture. It has more than 5,300 collections. Pieces (sets), including history, folklore, revolution, three categories, including nearly 200 precious cultural relics (sets). The entire museum occupies a very wide area, and the museum's theme building is very prominent. The appearance has distinctive regional characteristics, and it is integrated with the typical Zhuang culture elements such as Huashan rock painting, bronze drum and Zhuangjin.
Yuhuashi Sceneic Area
Yuhuashi Ecological Tourism Zone is located in Chongdengyu, the public welfare village of Taiping Street, Jiangzhou District, Chongzuo City. It is located on the bank of Zuojiang River. The colorful rain stone particles piled up into a thick and colorful stone rock, such as the morning glow like a rainbow, the scale is huge.
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Zuojiang Sceneic Area
Bai Xueyan, a Zhuang village in Chongzuo, Guangxi, is located on the bank of the Zuojiang River and is surrounded by rivers. The only tool that communicates with the outside world is the large cane of the growers around the boat. The sugarcane field can see the whole village. . Here, the traditional and simple customs are preserved. For the foreign guests, they will be given their own sugar cane wine. Here, you can learn to dance and dance. It is still difficult to jump.