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Things To Do in Christchurch

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    Under The Red VerandahChristchurch,New Zealand

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    Dimitris Greek FoodChristchurch,New Zealand

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    Cook'n' With GasChristchurch,New Zealand

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    Winnie Bagoes FerrymeadChristchurch,New Zealand

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    Brigittes Espresso BarChristchurch,New Zealand

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    Red Chilli ThaiChristchurch,New Zealand

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    Chiang Mai
    Chiang Mai The Rose of Northern Thai Don’t miss: The annual Skylight Festival celebrates Thailand's Water Lantern Festival every November, and the best travel place to participate in this traditional festival is Chiang Mai. During the Water Lantern Festival, Chiang Mai will hold grand skylight activities, like flying lit skylights up into the sky, which are very spectacular. Leisure itinerary for travel If you want to visit Chiang Mai in a leisurely manner, it takes at least 4 or 5 days. You can spend 2 days in exploring the historic sites of Chiang Mai Moat and another two days in going out of the Chiang Mai Moat for a day trip.
    avtarTripBlog   Nov 18, 2019
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    Special souvenirs in New Zealand When traveling to New Zealand, the most popular products you can buy are wool products, health-care products (such as honey and fish oil), and Maori handicrafts, as well as chocolate and cosmetics. The buying list is drawn up, where to buy is a problem! Honestly, there is nothing more comprehensive or affordable in the south island than what you can buy in Christchurch.
    avtarTripBlog   Oct 31, 2019
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    Christchurch is the largest city of New Zealand on the South Island. It is the oldest established city in New Zealand, but it was discovered recently, so for the world, it is the newest city having some secrets to rediscover. The city is known as the "Garden City" because it is filled with beautiful parks, gardens, and tree-lined streets. The beautiful city rests beside the banks of the Avon River and the Heathcote River.
    avtarTripBlog   Oct 24, 2019

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    Established by stiff upper lipped English settlers and known as the Garden City for its abundance of trees. Christchurch is a friendly city situated at the edge of the Canterbury plains. In February of 2011, this hardy city on New Zealand's South Island was destroyed by an earthquake. The recovery is in progress and bolstered, by the historic strength of the inhabitants. The business student youth culture and tourism industry are sure to assist in the rebuilding of the town. The top attractions in town are Cathedral Square, The Botanic Gardens, and Sumner Beach.

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    Here are the best places to visit in Christchurch, including: Christchurch Botanic Gardens,Church of the Good Shepherd,Lake Tekapo

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