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Shanghai City God Temple Tourist Area

4.5/55,288 Reviews
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Open all day. The opening hours of the internal attractions are different. The opening hours of the Yu Garden are 8:30-17:00 in the high season and 8:30-16:30 in the low season. The opening hours of the Old Chenghuang Temple are 8:30-16:30.
No. 249 Fangzhu Middle Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai
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About Shanghai City God Temple Tourist Area

The Shanghai City God Temple is a Taoist temple complex located in what was the Old City of Shanghai. The temple and surrounding area are favorite locations for tourists, with countless small shops selling all manner of small goods. Though understood to be primarily a tourist area, it is nonetheless a must-see destination for anyone visiting Shanghai. Here you can fully appreciate the city's folk traditions and taste authentic Shanghai snacks. Every night, the colorful decorative lights on the ancient-style buildings are very beautiful. You won't want to pass up the chance to take some memorable photos.

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  • 湘阴王离

    The Lantern Festival in Town God's Temple every year is a traditional program. It's very lively. He receives tickets at night. Colorful lanterns are very beautiful, and there are lots of snacks and snacks here. They are also very close to Nanjing East Road and Bund. But we should pay attention to the large number of people in Jiuquqiao. I see that there are several themes in the lanterns here every year. They are basically eight immortals or traditional myths. If you haven't been here, let't come to see them now. But if you take photos, you must use them well. A little camera.

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    Reviewed on 1484717301000
  • _WeCh****02937

    Because it came too late, Town God's Temple was closed, shopping in the streets, the commercial atmosphere was too strong, everywhere were selling scarves and snow cream, snacks were all done well on the steam rack to keep warm, the surface was a bit dry, not delicious in the tea restaurant, the price was also small and expensive. Maybe the difference of eating habits was not very appetites. The waiter of Ningbo soup dumpling was too aggressive and a group of people together. After taking photos and chatting, when the snacks were all finished, they did not give them dumplings. They asked only to wait. Later, their husbands and so on were annoyed to find their theory. Only then did they find out that they did not order the back cook! Because the weather is not very good, the night scene is more beautiful than the daytime pictures. It's OK to take the subway to sit on the Yu Garden. The road sign is clear at the intersection, and it will not take the wrong road according to the direction. We took a 3 yuan fare from the old Simon, and when we got back, it was full of rice cakes, Xiaolong Bao and tangyuan. It took about 15 minutes to walk back. ^ ^

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    Reviewed on 1447946981000
  • 岁月书签

    Town God's Temple, Shanghai, located in the middle of Whampoa Road, is a Taoist temple. It is well known for its location in the most prosperous and prestigious tourist attractions of the Yu Garden. The building of the Town God's Temple palace is a large southern style building. The red wall mud tile is composed of the temple front square, the main hall, the yuan Chen hall, the God of wealth hall, the Imperial Palace, the city hall and the goddess hall. There are Jiangsu and Zhejiang customs and culture, more delicious food, small commodities and so on, some eat, some watch, some play, girls can visit here for a day, the whole scenic area is free of tickets and belongs to the downtown traffic is very convenient.

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    Reviewed on 1477152295000
  • E59****713

    Delicious Chinese food!!!

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    Reviewed on 1563012360000
  • Enna娜娜

    Town God's Temple is an ancient temple in Shanghai. There are lanterns and snack bars. They must go to eat. Oh, it's super delicious. I had a long queue with him for an hour or so, but it's super delicious. It's worth it.

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    Reviewed on 1508098529000

    Located in the northeastern part of the old city chamber of Shanghai "Old City God Temple Tourist Spot" is the most seasonal place in Shanghai during the Spring Festival. Metro Line 10 Yu Garden station is on foot. Look at the Town God's Temple central square, which is decorated with 1: lanterns and colorful lanterns. "the Lantern Festival will be the theme of the new era. Good life" is the theme. The Central Plaza is the theme of the beautiful Plaza. The Central Plaza has a golden lantern theme lantern of up to nine meters. There are gourd lights on the Golden Square. In addition, small commodities, local products and specialty commodities market in a row, a variety of snack stalls, Department stores, juggling stalls, tourists in the door. The special snacks in Green Wave Corridor, vegetable bags in Songyue Tower, eight treasure rice in Songyun Tower, Nanxiang Cage and wine-making round Zi have become the snacks that tourists must buy here. Point of View 2 - "Nine-Bend Bridge - "Chinese Culture Spiritual Home" is the theme. The lotus pond is filled with all kinds of colorful lights, but due to the excessive current restriction safety considerations of tourists, they have to take the snake-shaped passage and walk one-way. Look at the 3: Yu Garden - the gap between the Yu Garden and the nine curved bridge is 40 yuan. The typical Jiangnan classical gardens are covered with ancient trees, pavilions, rockery ponds, and the environment is relatively quiet. Look at the 4: bookstore, which is filled with literary and artistic flavour, the warlord tower, "the antique market on the ground floor, the folk custom gallery on the first floor, the art gallery, the two floor, the Shanghai little school yard exhibition and the teahouse in the Yu Garden art space.

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    Reviewed on 1519368867000
  • 周游列国

    Old buildings in Shanghai are all ancient buildings. They are famous commercial areas. Shops are very large, shopping is convenient, and they are famous scenic spots. Yu Garden is among them. It is also very convenient to visit, and it is very worth visiting. Shanghai must play.

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    Reviewed on 1483228953000
  • zxc闲人

    Town God's Temple is regarded as a landmark shopping area in Shanghai. If you come to Shanghai and do not go to Town God's Temple, your partners will be surprised. Walking in Town God's Temple is a good feeling. The food is attractive, but I prefer to buy it in a formal shopping mall. The style of Architecture is my favorite classical building.

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    Reviewed on 1490093378000
  • 携程旅行顾问残血容颜

    Recently, I went to the Town God's Temple area to see the Yu Garden China day performance in Dali, Yunnan. The decoration was very exquisite. The ancient city gate of Dali and the ethnic minority people and butterfly Springs who had been riding were moved to the scene. The costumes of the Bai people were exquisite, and the singing and dancing performances were wonderful, which conveys the enthusiasm of the Yunnan Bai people. The tourist area of Town God's Temple is really a busy place. There are many tourists, and there are all kinds of snacks. It's a good sightseeing belt.

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    Reviewed on 1503399151000
  • 侯门三爷

    There are many things to eat. Many of the characteristics of old Shanghai can be found here. The snacks are very expensive. Anyway, old Shanghai, if you have good physical strength, you can go to the Bund after shopping. There are many scenic spots on the Bund.

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    Reviewed on 1476511952000
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