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Shanghai Film Park

4.4/56,193 Reviews
Film Studio

Business Hours

8:30-16:30. (tickets sales stopped at 15:30)


No. 4915, Beisong Road, Chedun Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai
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About Shanghai Film Park

Located in Shanghai's Songjiang District, Shanghai Film Park is an active movie set designed to recreate the classic Art Deco look from 1930s Shanghai. The park features a Nanjing Road set, Shanghai Shikumen houses, and the iconic Waibaidu bridge. There are also Catholic churches, medieval wineries, and European buildings in various styles. Many films such as "Romance in the Rain" and "Lust, Caution" were shot here. If you're lucky, you might catch a glimpse of your favorite stars. Offering tram and rickshaw rides, Shanghai Film Park will make you think you've traveled back in time to a golden era in Shanghai's history.

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  • shenyuanyinjie

    It's also good to choose a sunny day. The scenic spot is not big. I walk slowly. It takes me four hours to stop and take pictures. As for the price, it's more expensive. It's acceptable if it's about 50. Lianhua Road Metro Station has Lianshi Line, Lianjin Line and Shangshi Line. Many buses arrive at the pier. After getting off, it is convenient to walk 700 meters. There are maps to take in the entrance, and the northern entrance is European, British and Spanish courtyards. Some people take wedding dresses, but they can't go in, they can only look. If you meet a crew to shoot, it will be closed for a while. Every morning and afternoon, there is a Shanghai beach performance in Peace Square for 20 minutes. There are rails and trains in the old railway station. It's great to take pictures! Movie and television base is fake, if you are interested in this to see good, quite interesting, which is not commercialized, there is nothing to eat. If you want to see the natural scenery, you'd better not go.

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    Reviewed on 1478330761000
  • Toilet

    I have been accustomed to watching all kinds of movies and TV dramas about the period of the Republic of China on TV. In my impression, from the beginning of the deep rain, until now, as long as the mention of Shanghai's anti-Japanese Theatre mostly appears the scene of Nanjing Road in old Shanghai. Shanghai Film and Television Paradise, as the top ten film and television bases in China, restores the prosperity of the old Shanghai period from 1920 to 1930s in many ways, and presents the colorful style of the old Shanghai, such as Bailemen, Shanghai Grand Theatre and so on. There are also some foreign goods companies. When we went, there was a crew of "Oolong Courtyard" filming, and the door was closed and it was impossible to get in. Entering the film and television paradise, there is a "classic car show" on the right, and on the left is the Lujia luxury house which is deeply rainy. Then along the road signs, there are old streets of Zhejiang Luqiao, Bund Park, horse farms, prisons of the Republic of China and other attractions.

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    Reviewed on 1509779717000
  • 陈凯莉

    Shanghai Film and Television Paradise in Songjiang Motorcycle Pier has been weeding and has always wanted to go to Hengdian, but at least 23 days, the annual vacation is too limited or not wasted. May 13 at home is nothing, so I have an appointment to take photos with a SLR enthusiast. According to line 1 of Gaode's navigation, Lianhua Road crossed the overpass to change to the opposite side of the road "Shangshi Line", and there was also "Lianjin Line" and so on. Over 80 (%) of the people on the platform went to the piers on holidays. Xiaotip - "Although the sign says that one stop will arrive, in fact, there are four greeting stations in the road of this one station. It takes 30 minutes to an hour to get on the elevated road. So the starting point of "Shangshi Line" is "Shanghai South Station". Past friends of public transport can do Shanghai South Station and change it to "Shangshi Line" so that they can have a seat, although it takes longer than the subway, but there is a seat. It's really important to have a seat. It's too crowded in the car and it's a long journey. Buying tickets in public comment, using deductible coupons is about 60.00. Buying tickets on the spot is 90.00. It's a lot cheaper. People are very hot and there is no long queue of trams. The whole movie and television city is a few smaller than expected. It's almost always on TV and Baidu Bridge Hahani where Iping jumped down sells drinks and snacks at a good price, not particularly imaginary. 。 Back at the bus stop, the people felt that 45 cars would be needed to take the decisive taxi to the nearest Beiqiao Station on Line 5.

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    Reviewed on 1505985728000
  • M24****1717

    Is it worthwhile to see your mentality? If you take children, you can pay extra money to go to 5D cinema and 3D photography. If you don't see the main characters, it's not easy to remember the traffic. If you only see the platform and don't see the name of the station and the pedestrian walkway, the motorcycle over there will deceive you if you don't tell you that you're already leaning on KFC at the pier station. On the other hand, there are many scenic spots in Beiqiao, where people don't know who asked at the entrance in advance. Otherwise, it's very difficult for you to find the 5D theater of the Grand Theatre or something like that. Anyway, I don't understand the map.

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    Reviewed on 1507988718000
  • 旅途上的骏马

    On the first day of the Spring Festival, there are very few people and parking is very convenient. After entering the scenic spot, you can go to the grassland church on the left first, then go to Nanjing Road on the track, cross the railway bridge, walk clockwise, there is a grassland, cross the stone bridge, don't forget there is an old railway station scenic spot, many people have overlooked! Travel notes say that one or two hours is enough. Four members of our family took their time and strolled for three hours. Unfortunately, Dangdang didn't take the bus!

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    Reviewed on 1454936455000
  • Tiramisu8511

    The movie and television city is not very big. It's good to feel the old Shanghai style. The sparrow should be shot here. Chedun movie and television city is small but quite distinctive. It's better to go to Shanghai once.

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    Reviewed on 1476164727000
  • bm****04

    Speaking of Shanghai Film and Television Paradise, you may not know where it is, but when you mention the pier, it must be known to everyone. This is one of the top ten movie and television bases in China. The main thing is the market style of old Shanghai. It's National Day when you go. Probably because of the admission ticket, there are not many tourists. You also meet the opera group of platoon spy movies. Unfortunately, there is only one female spy, but the park is still comparative. Big. There are trams to take.

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    Reviewed on 1472828833000
  • 宁曦彤

    Baidu Map says it will take more than two hours. In fact, it's only a little more than an hour from Nanjing Road. The journey is still very convenient. The atmosphere of old Shanghai attracts me. Generally speaking, it's not big and there aren't many people. But it's very good. A lot of theatre groups come here to shoot! Although I haven't touched it yet

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    Reviewed on 1454515232000
  • 梦入翰林

    How prosperous was Shanghai in the 1930s? In 1927-1937, Shanghai was the largest city in Asia, the fashion center in Asia and one of the world film and culture centers. Although not comparable to the present Shanghai, but in the historical space-time at that time, the prosperity of Shanghai shocked the years. Shanghai has warlord scuffles and concession drunkenness; there are two parties competing, there are anti-Japanese heroes; there are gang murders, there are elite giants. When Shanghai was liberated, the Party Central Committee telegraphed Shanghai as the largest city in China and Asia and the most important industrial and commercial center in China. Chedun Film and Television City restored the complex Shanghai Beach, indulged in the years of carving, and reproduced the waves of history.

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    Reviewed on 1546940463000
  • _WB1****494

    Joint ticket 90, weekend, 3D, 5D can also add interest; Southeast entrance, left-hand entrance into the castle is fantastic, walking on the street, recalling the deep rain. There is a crew in the filming did not go to church, the crew is not allowed to close, hot day filming is really hard, hot, we can rest, there is nothing to eat in the scenic area, it is recommended to bring food in. I heard that there is a map at the door. It's much easier to get a guide map. The penalties in prison are terrible.

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    Reviewed on 1503155910000
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