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Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

4.5/515,741 Reviews
9:00-18:00 Ticketing time: 9:00-17:00 April 29-May 30th time is adjusted to 9:00-20:30; May 1st time is adjusted to 9:00-17: 30
1388 Lujiazui Ring Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai
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About Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

The Shanghai Ocean Aquarium is located in the bustling Lujiazui section of Pudong, Shanghai. Located near the Oriental Pearl Tower, the aquarium exhibits a wide variety of marine life. The Aquarium's 168 m underwater tunnel is a central attraction and provides visitors the chance to explore several, distinct aquatic environments. The many animal species on display include spotted seals, Antarctic penguins, giant salamanders, and Chinese alligators, not to mention such aquarium treasures as weedy seadragons and zebra sharks.

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  • 聖堂灬斬月

    A family of four came to play with Dabao for six months, which coincided with Labor Day. There were a lot of people. It's all family trips. Our family Dabao saw the fish in the tank, dancing and babbling. Big eyes are fixed on fish, penguins, seals, crocodiles and other super-many animals that can only be seen in zoos. There are some rare animals that can't be named. We really need to love and protect them and the environment of the earth, otherwise we can only see them here. Finally, in the underwater world is really eye-opening, sharks, turtles, as well as groups of fish can be harmonious together, swimming around, it is really insightful! It's really a worthwhile trip. How much do you feel about this trip! __________ If you have time to come to Shanghai, you must go to Shanghai Marine Aquarium to see it! You'll certainly make a lot of money, and like me, it's a worthwhile trip! ~ ~ ~ ~

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    Reviewed on 1498236668000
  • M37____7742

    The aquarium is worth visiting. There are many animals here. Hey hey, especially the impression of sharks, penguins, jellyfish and so on. It's better to study the animal feeding time card at the entrance. It's a good time to see a lot of animals feeding. It's interesting and very beautiful. It's really worth playing here. Video shooting is more, photo shooting is really less, so relatives can experience it by themselves, it's really worth it. Yes, it's on the edge of the Oriental Pearl Tower. There is Xiao Yang Shengjian on the left side of the ocean hall. I remember to eat when I eat, although I personally prefer the old name in the alley.

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    Reviewed on 1495876209000
  • M55****263

    Sure enough, it is wise to choose to go after the Spring Festival. There is no need to queue. However, it is unexpected that the planned route, due to the construction of the People's Square subway station, has caused many inconveniences for this trip. If there are tourists to Shanghai before February 10, pay attention to it. The aquarium is for the fulfillment of childhood dream, pretending that big friends and children are amazed by all kinds of fish. Jellyfish are beautiful. It is also the first time to see the fierce sharks at such close range, as well as the real moving Penguin haha. Send out some pictures for you to enjoy.

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    Reviewed on 1486308163000
  • O人生博弈O

    Shanghai marine aquarium is located at 1388 Lujiazui Ring Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China, next to the Oriental Pearl Tower. Singaporean Xingya Group and Chinese Poly Group have jointly invested $55 million to build it with a construction area of 20500 square meters. Opened to the public in February 2002, it receives an average of more than 1 million tourists from all over the world every year. It has been awarded the title of "Popular Science Education Base" by the state and Shanghai, and is also one of the largest artificial seawater aquariums in the world. Shanghai Marine Aquarium is a modern large-scale marine aquarium with first-class international standards. There are nine exhibition areas in China, South America (Amazon), Australia, Africa, Southeast Asia, Cold Water, Polar, Coast and Deep Sea. More than 450 species, 12,000 rare fish and endangered species from five continents and four oceans were exhibited. The aquarium is also 155 meters long and is one of the longest underwater tunnels in the world, giving visitors a sense of immersion. The most distinctive features are the electric eel of South America, the sawfish and Water-Shooting fish of Australia, the penguin of Antarctica, and the charm of the precious grass sea dragon and the ribbon sea dragon of the town hall. Tourists marvel at jellyfish's graceful figure and will experience six different marine customs in the deep sea, including the breathtaking "Shark Bay". The layout of the building is similar to the pyramid, and the whole building is composed of the main building aquarium and the auxiliary building. Each floor of the main building is specifically distributed as : the first floor: with halls, ticket offices, gift shops and restaurants; visitors from the first floor entrance take escalators to the third floor to start visiting the aquarium; the third floor - "Fossil Exhibition, Wulin Congress-Competitive Bionic Exhibition of Aquatic Biology Survival, SOS Rescue Shark Exhibition, Rare Aquatic Biology Exhibition Area in Yangtze River Basin, China Exhibition Area, South America Exhibition Area, Australia Exhibition Area. After visiting the third floor, visitors descend to the second floor through escalators. The second floor of Shanghai Marine Aquarium is divided into six exhibition areas: Australia, Africa, Southeast Asia, Cold Water, Polar and Coast. After visiting the second floor, visitors take the escalator directly down to the second floor of the underground; the second floor of the underground - "main body of the aquarium, deep-sea exhibition area. After entering an automatic pedestrian tunnel, visitors complete the tour through a 650 cubic metre aquarium display tank and a submarine tunnel, and then return to the gift center and restaurant on the first floor from the tunnel exit. In addition to exhibiting the world's distinctive freshwater and marine life, the aquarium has the most distinctive display of grass sea dragon, ribbon sea dragon, jellyfish, penguin, spotted seal, sand tiger shark, Chinese alligator, Chinese sturgeon and other rare species in the world. In addition to displaying aquatic organisms from five continents and four oceans, a preface hall introducing the human and geographical environment of each continents has been set up. The exhibition space shows the geographical and cultural features of fishery countries of origin in different regions by decoration, theme, pattern and sound.

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    Reviewed on 1524707998000
  • 彻夜等候

    Recommended! 160 tickets seem expensive. Actually, it's not bad! Children over 1 meter are required to buy tickets. There are many kinds of marine life in it. It's strange to see it for the first time. And penguins! It's not big. It's all small penguins. Sharks are not very big, with children. Children have little patience. Otherwise, they can play for a long time if they look carefully. It's not a big place, but it's really good inside. Let's take a look at the picture above.

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    Reviewed on 1481458529000
  • shenyuanyinjie

    Lujiazui Metro Station is a pyramid-shaped building. It has to queue for tickets at the entrance, but it is not long. There are a lot of people on weekends, mainly parents and children. The ticket is 160 yuan for adults, and the tour time is about 2 hours. It belongs to the tourist concentrated area (& 180); the tour route is one-way. Just follow the crowd, and the escalator is straight behind the entrance. Connect to the third floor, then go down from the third floor, do not go back, there are snacks, seats out of the hall. Generally speaking, the fare is a little expensive, but it will not be a loss. After all, many marine organisms can not be seen anywhere else. You can go once if you haven't been there.

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    Reviewed on 1504423286000
  • 卡卡罗特

    Shanghai Marine Aquarium is the only aquarium in the world with an independent exhibition area in China and the Yangtze River Basin to display aquatic organisms with Chinese characteristics. Most of the exhibited organisms are state protected animals, including Chinese sturgeon, carmine, Chinese alligator and baby salamander (giant salamander). South America - "South America has the world's largest freshwater fish species and quantity. Hyoid giant bone, one of the largest freshwater scaly bony fish, also thrives here. The Amazon River is the world's most extensive River basin, where there are few people, covering a large area of tropical primitive jungle, full of mysterious color. Australia : Australian freshwater fish species are few, but most of them are endemic fish not found elsewhere. Why? This is because the Australian continent has been separated from other continental plates for about 50 million years. Fish in the two areas are unable to contact and cross with each other. As a result, Australian freshwater fishes have maintained their own unique characteristics. Africa Region - "Africa has not only Nile River, Congo River and other rivers, but also the Great Rift Valley Lake region of East Africa, which contains many kinds of fish, most notably the Cichlidae fish in Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika and Lake Malawi. These lakes were formed 500 to 2 million years ago, when a small number of fish from rivers into the lake adapted to their new environment. After numerous differentiation, they evolved into today's prosperous society. Southeast Asia - "Southeast Asia Tropical Rainforest is one of the oldest tropical rainforests in the world. Its high forest coverage, magnificent natural landscape and rich biodiversity provide abundant food and ideal habitat for the living organisms. A wide variety of large-scale Southeast Asian fish "live and work in peace and contentment" here, the thriving scene is endless. As the only exhibition cylinder in the cold water area, seal cylinder, its semi-arc acrylic cylinder block structure is another unique design of our museum. Here you can get in close contact with four lovely spotted seals. Polar Region - "Listen to the whistling wind, Penguin friends are looking forward to welcoming you. They swayed in "swallowtail dress" to show their charming gentlemanly demeanour. Coastal area - "Enter this exhibition area, you will be shocked by the diversity of marine species, the richness of color and the peculiarity of life habits. Horseshoe crab, known as "living fossil", can change the sex of coral reef sloping fish, known as our museum "treasure of Zhenguan" grass sea dragon, ribbon sea dragon and other forms of creatures will make you linger and forget to return. Deep sea area - "coastline, Bay and coral reef. It's an open ocean where many pelagic predators swim.

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    Reviewed on 1486340833000
  • 喜欢旅游的小飞侠

    Although the tickets are too expensive! But I think it's worth it! The undersea tunnel inside is very shocking! Look at the sharks swimming overhead! And the characteristic fish of all continents! Colorful! There are also special exhibition halls of the Yangtze River! Personally, jellyfish are the most fantastic.

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    Reviewed on 1479299063000
  • 呆小猪

    At 8:40 in the morning, 45 to collect tickets, 52 first in, 11:30 out. There are three floors, each for about an hour. There are two features, jellyfish and 155 meters of tunnel. On the third floor, there are small fish that can peck their hands, but they need to arrive before 10:30.

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    Reviewed on 1469421011000
  • 傻白甜123

    I have been to Pudong University twice before. Now I have two kinds of feelings with my baby. After playing for an afternoon, my baby is very happy. Especially for the protection of the Yangtze River Valley and the last 155 meters of seabed corridor, I have a deep feeling. I recommend that I take my baby to see with me to increase my knowledge. It's cool in summer. I suggest that I bring a long sleeve to my baby!

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    Reviewed on 1500046117000
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