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Open all day. The shops are usually 10:00-21:00, sometimes extended until 22:00, with bars closed more late.
Lane 210, Taikang Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai
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About Tianzifang

Tianzifang is an arts and crafts enclave developed from a renovated residential area in the former French Concession part of Shanghai. It has become a major tourist attraction featuring more than 200 diverse small businesses such as cafes, bars, restaurants, art galleries, craft stores, design houses, and studios. Part of the appeal comes from Tianzifang having retained its residential feel. The narrow alleyways and traditional Shikumen architecture are things you will not want to miss.

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  • 那敢情好了

    Forget how many times I came to Shanghai, but at the suggestion of my friends, I did not go to Wukang Road this time. Instead, I came to Tianzifang for the first time, like Wudaoying, but with more stores and labyrinths. Fortunately, Baidu Map is correct. Like Daqiang Mother, the shop sells a lot of hand-made creative cotton and hemp products, small bags, cloth mats, accessories, tea, porcelain, wood products, bed sheets... Smoking is comfortable, the atmosphere is quiet and tranquil, and many Buddhist books are recited by affinity. At first glance, the boss is the man in this way, but he does not overdo it. The clerk was kind enough to let me take pictures. Go straight along the south gate and see this cotton and hemp product shop. I like the style very much. The color is bright and natural. I even sell mini-packed wine. It's suitable for buying and delivering people. There are also outdoor eaves of the small tea house location, very comfortable. Because I saw it was a design class, I asked if I could take a picture. The clerk was very kind to say yes, which was beyond my expectation. Beijing's coffee shop, even if there are no guests, is not designed, nor photographed, just with anger and puzzlement. There's also a funny thing, lawoo. Many wool felt jewelry toys are very beautiful.

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    Reviewed on 1467206381000
  • 文康的视界

    Stolen floating life for half a day, Tianzifang shows people more of the friendly, warm and noisy side of Shanghai. As long as you walk in the most delicious Lane hall on the beach today, it is not difficult to understand Tianzifang's distinctive personality. Walking in Tianzifang, circuitous through the labyrinth of lane hall, a small shop with characteristics and art workshop so inadvertently jumped into your sight.

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    Reviewed on 1495407671000
  • 陈叶向雅地

    Mudu Tianzifang and Fangfang are all connected. In the east, west, north and south, there are labyrinths everywhere. Tianzifang is at Exit 1 of Dapuqiao Metro Station. The red brick house on the second floor is full of people's feelings. Walk in the green brick alley, door to door shop. Beautiful girl at the corner, blonde hair and blue eyes. A couple of happy mothers and daughters, chatting hand in hand. See the son with his father, laughing about childhood joy. Visitors can recall, witness the development of history and mark the wasted years. Tianzifang, Memory Square. Fangfangcun thought, Fangfang people think.

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    Reviewed on 1549741201000
  • 难养也小女子

    You can spend half a day recalling the scenes of lane life in old Shanghai, strolling in the old lane hall at will, looking at the tiger skylight on the roof, the red tiles on the roof, the cracks and green moss on the mountain wall, and listening to foreigners sitting outside the open-air bar speaking the languages of different countries. Of course, if you are a literary youth, you can also spend a day visiting several cultural celebrities and art studios. For example, the most famous old site of Chen Yifei's studio.

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    Reviewed on 1482648236000
  • 墨夜迷城

    Shanghai is not a typical tourist city, but there are many places suitable for leisure. Tianzifang is one of them. Tianzifang is more exquisite than many other similar lanes. It is an interesting old lane hall for leisure photography.

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    Reviewed on 1484839439000
  • 铁木儿爸爸

    Come here in the rain, a little less people. Although Taikang Road and Jianguo Road are not very broad, Dapuqiao Station of Metro Line 9 is right here. It's still quite convenient to get in and out. The whole area is mainly three parallel lanes, with a series of lanes in the middle. Every Lane layout has a focus, the southernmost entrance to Gate 1, or art and humanities, the rest of the more delicious. It's a good place to hang out and take pictures. Tourist Service Center at Gate 1 has a lot of information. They politely ask the staff inside. They will still take out the stamp of Tianzifang to cover it for you. It has two shapes. When Gate 6 comes out, there is a post office on Jianguo Road, which can be sent conveniently.

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    Reviewed on 1447324898000
  • 超人处处飞

    Tianzifang is a very small and fresh place for taking pictures. It is a typical renovation of Shanghai langtang. Now there are small specialty shops on the first floor and homes on the second floor. The whole Tianzifang is a small shop with different formats, and every family is very careful in decoration and furnishing. Even a person without artistic bacteria can feel the charm of Magic Capital here. Tianzifang is not big. Generally, it can be finished in one or two hours. It's tired. There are coffee shops and Western restaurants.

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    Reviewed on 1482683941000
  • 羽小渔

    It's very similar to Gulangyu in Xiamen and Nangonggu Lane in Beijing. Many art shops, very unique, coffee bars and Western restaurants are also in some corners waiting for you to meet, feel great! There's a yogurt shop in a small alley - YiRan Time - his goddess hazelnut yogurt is very delicious!!

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    Reviewed on 1476628423000
  • i喵星人

    Grandma's five-spiced tofu is delicious, and Shanghai Bean Flower... Yogurt tastes too expensive for price... I like that cat shop. All cats are big. Like fruit is not good to look at................................................ It's better to eat ice cream directly. Shops are very distinctive, suitable for one person and two people to slowly stroll around. Hand-painted the first sister's skill is too poor, find a home in the second floor of the beautiful painter, according to the picture I gave is great! Five yuan simple strokes, a little interesting.

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    Reviewed on 1496402720000
  • 坤坤家的大宝

    Xintiandi and Xintiandi belong to the two category, Xintiandi is the gathering place of Bai Fu Mei and Gao Fu. Tianzifang is a place where grass roots, Diao silk and Bai Fumei are mixed. I prefer Tianzifang's feeling of earthing gas. I bought two children's clothes there. The shopkeeper was good. When I went, it was the night after the rain. I had a special feeling and took many pictures. Keep beating. Also, the children in the Teddy Bear House restaurant will like it!

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    Reviewed on 1475852627000
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