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Trip Moments

There are many such signposts in the scenic area, and there are many small scenic spots in the entire yak drop zone. You can see one or two from the signs.
Because of the time, there are some places that we are not involved in, but the core of the four-fold waterfall is still fortunate to have a look.
Although the temperature in the afternoon has reached 30 degrees or more, but in the mountains, plus the blessing of water, it will not feel too hot, the breeze is too old, there is a hint of coziness, a feeling of still in the spring.
I prefer this sign in the bush, accompanied by light and shadow, compared to the previous one.
The shadow of the tree is cast on the wooden sign, hehe.
finally found the Quartet Falls along the sound of the water.
There are two ways to get here, one is along the stone on the water, the other is the avenue on the left hand side. We don't know how, we don't see the avenue on the left, it's worth wading.
There are a lot of stones piled up in the middle of the river. The stones are high and low, and the stones are so slippery because of the impact of the year-round. Therefore, you need to be careful when walking on it. The
four-fold waterfall is a drop formed by the water flowing down the four stone cliffs. When the spring water passes through the four-level disc stone and the highest point falls, the momentum is like a rainbow, and the sound of the water flows through the valley.
As a result, the waterfall here has become a unique four-story waterfall in the three high mountains of southern Anhui, and its spectacular level is comparable to the Sandiequan Waterfall in Lushan.
Although the drop may not be as high as the Sandiequan Waterfall in Lushan, but the "flying flow down three thousand feet" can also be summarized.
The knot is in the human world, and there is no car and horse.
Thousand Island Lake is a holiday resort where many people enjoy watching the lake. The InterContinental Resort Thousand Island Lake lives alone on the Lushan Peninsula. The hotel's private 10km winding road makes the hotel far away from the dust, one island and one hotel. The hotel blends in with the natural scenery of the island. It is said that all the landscaping and greening of the hotel are made of ready-made grass and trees on the island, which is also to maintain the original ecological environment.
When you walk into the lobby, you can see the 360-degree round transparent glass window that gives you a panoramic view of the lake. Most of the lobby furnishings are made of solid wood, bamboo and rattan and fabric, and the design concept of closeness to nature is everywhere. The round glass window on the side of the lobby is the hallmark of the hotel. Almost every person who comes to Intercontinental Thousand Island Lake will take a photo of this window. At different times, different skylight colors are reflected.
The rooms that are bright and bright have a lot of solid wood elements, which are both environmentally friendly and luxurious. But if you live by the lake or the beach, as long as the price is not too far off the mark, I will choose the lake view room or the sea view room, so that you can enjoy the skylight clouds, sunrise and sunset, with a cup of tea or a cup without leaving the house. Coffee, with your family, slowly savour the scenery in front of you, so that is the ultimate pursuit of vacation.
As one of the best parent-child hotels in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, there is also the killer of the largest indoor indoor beaver theme park in China. It is also the most detailed hotel park in terms of age for children.
Shirley Zhu
I have always heard that the thousand islands are sleeping at the bottom of the thousand islands.
I have seen the original appearance after 3D restoration in a documentary.
is huge and majestic - it turns out that he is the lion city!

[How to get it]
High-speed rail to Hangzhou East Station, take the bus to Qiandaohu Passenger Transport Center. There is a direct train to Wenyuan Lion City.
Self-driving, the Thousand Island Lake toll gate will be open for another hour or so.

bikini Bikini Bikini
Important things say three times, how can there be no bikini in the infinity pool of
platy hotel!
Beach is connected to the pool, the pool is connected to the Thousand Island Lake, and the small basin friends should bring a good sand picking tool!

After check-in, the butler will lead to his own small building.
The winding path is quiet, the silk bamboo is sweet, and the two "Meifu" red lanterns hang high, illuminating my way back to "home".
Push open the antique wooden door, the right side of the two sofa chairs in the reception room is the stairs to the main bedroom on the second floor.

The tall roof makes the space look like it has been enlarged by 2 times.
The wet and dry areas of the bathroom are separated by thick blankets and free-standing bathtubs.
The chefs who put on slippers, bathrobes, irons, ironing boards, shoehorns, shoes and other items are on the left side of the door, / Hh/ This design makes the whole master bedroom very angry,
there is no chaos in the west area of the east block.

platinum's toiletries are all natural herbs,
fresh and elegant, even soap is made of organic orange,
pro test to wash your face is not tight!
Compared with the general white big towel bathrobe,
their pajamas are very simple and modern.