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About Chuzhou

Chuzhou is located in the easternmost part of Anhui Province. The Chu River flows through Chuzhou, which has been known as the "land of fish and rice" of the lower reaches of the Yangtze ever since ancient times. Chuzhou's tourism resources are very rich; it has more than 100 national-level scenic spots, forest parks, natural landscapes and cultural landscapes. The city is beautiful not only for its mountains and lakes, but also for its cultural landscapes. As far back as the Tang and Song Dynasties, literati have praised Chuzhou for its works of poetry and literature. It has now developed into a famous leisure resort area with beautiful natural landscapes.

Popular Attractions in Chuzhou

Mount Langya
1,682 Reviews
Mount Langya was made famous in the classic Song-era poem Zuiweng Tingji by Ouyang Xiu. It is a major destination in eastern Anhui and the area of Chuzhou. The mountain scenery is revealed around the theme of Zuiweng Tingji in a rich cultural atmosphere. Unfortunately, many of the original ancient buildings have been destroyed and rebuilt over the centuries. Today, most of the buildings you see are reconstructions. The scenery at Mount Langya is beautiful, and as you hike around, you really will have the pleasant feeling of being in the middle of a painted landscape.
Zuiweng Pavilion
191 Reviews
Historical Site
The Zuiweng Pavilion is located at the foot of Langya Mountain, to the southwest of Chuzhou City, Anhui Province. The Zuiweng Pavilion, Beijing Taoran Pavilion, Changsha Aiwan Pavilion, and Hangzhou Huxin Pavilion are collectively known as the "Four Distinguished Pavilions in China." The Zuiweng Pavilion is small and exquisite, with Jiangnan pavilion characteristics. It is close to the steep mountain wall, with cornices reaching toward the sky. It has experienced several hundred years of damage, repair, and reconstruction, and was listed as a provincial key protection unit of cultural relics after the Liberation.
Great Wall Dream World Film and TV Town
190 Reviews
Film Studio
The Great Wall Dream World is located in Yaopu Town's Meipu Village. It is an on-location film and television shooting base, as well as a cultural tourism destination. The scope of this park covers a thousand years of history, including the famous Qianqing Palace, Daming Palace and Afang Palace. This is why it is called China's "Millennium Road." Dream World Film and TV Town is built to a superb level of architectural aesthetics following the Huizhou school of style. Because it is located in the famous mountains and waters of Southern Anhui and Western Zhejiang, Huizhou architecture is considered the representative style of Jiangnan gardens. Due to the extensive spread of Huizhou merchants across the country, Huizhou style has had a certain influence on Ganzhou.
Shenxiu Lake
86 Reviews
Shenxiu Lake is located in Langya Mountain Scenic Area. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides and the landscape is beautiful. The lake water originates from Langya Creek and flows into Yujiawa Reservoir. There is a bridge over the lake called Nine Songs Bridge. The bridge leads to a pavilion in the center characterized by its ancient architectural style. Visitors can go fishing and play in the pavilion and it is an ideal place for local people to relax for their summer vacation.

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Trip Moments

Quzhou, referred to as , is called Tuzhong, Qingliu, Xinchang. Luzhou was the land of the pre-Qin period (now Liuhe District, Nanjing), the three countries set up the town, the southern Dynasties Jianzhou, the Sui Dynasty began to call Cangzhou, because the Weihe River (Tushui) penetrated the territory, and "painted" through the "" Therefore, it is called "Zhangzhou". Chuzhou Wufeng Chuyun, the gas is spread across Huaiyang, bordering on the northwest of Jinling, is the land of the Sixth Dynasty and the Gyeonggi. It has been known as the "Jinling Key, Jianghuai Guarantee" since ancient times, "the shape of Wu Chu, Qi Yue Huai Yang", " The glory of Confucianism and the reputation of Huaidong. However, the most well-known thing in Zhangzhou is the eternal famous Ouyang Xiu, who was left here in Shuozhou. Song Renzong celebrated the five years of the Qing dynasty. Fan Zhongyan and others were involved in the resignation. Ouyang Xiu made a letter to defend them. They were sent to Ganzhou for two years. After he took office, he was depressed inside, but he was able to play the style of simplification and not disturbing and achieved political achievements. The Drunkard Pavilion was written in this period. The article describes the deep and beautiful scenery of the four seasons of the Chaozhou area, the peaceful and peaceful life of the people of Zhangzhou, especially the fun of the authors enjoying the feast in the mountains and forests. The full text runs through a "le" word, which contains more complex twists and turns. One implies that a feudal place has long-standing feelings of "comfort with the people", and one hides the unspeakable hardship behind the sentimental landscape. Just as the forty-year-old is a self-proclaimed "drunk", and often travels, plus his "drinking less drunk" and "suddenly" performances, all indicate that Ouyang Xiu is borrowing The joy of landscapes to succumb to the sorrow of living in the country.
Posted: Jan 2, 2019