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Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge

4.1/53,230 Reviews
Glass Skywalk
Line B: 7:30-10:29, 10:30-13:29, 13:30-16:00; check in before 16:00, be sure to enter the canyon before 16:20. Line C: 16:10-17:30.
Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Scenic Area, Cili County, Zhangjiajie City
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About Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge

The Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge is located within the scenic area of ​​Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon. All decks are paved with transparent glass, at a length and height rarely seen in China. Standing on the bridge, the view of the bottom of the valley 400 meters below is clearly visible. It is not for the weak stomach. There is also a bungee jump in the center of the glass bridge. Try it if you enjoy extreme sports.

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  • 清水清尘

    Self-driving tour directly up the mountain, the mountain road bends carefully, the car can go to the tourist center parking plant, free parking. There are many local people in the tourist center who help to buy tickets in the parking lot. They will collect tips ranging from tens of yuan. They don't sell tickets directly. They must book tickets online. They won't book tickets online. There will be no tickets. When booking tickets, they will pay by sweeping yards. Don't make mistakes in choosing the time and path. We suggest that you spend some money to find a local person to book tickets for you. Ticket prices are transparent. Tourist centers have clearly marked prices. Local people will not cheat you on tickets. As for tips, it will not be too expensive to talk about directly. What they say is how much, they will never cheat customers. Whether you book tickets by yourself or by others, the old and children's discount tickets must be exchanged for paper tickets at the ticket outlet with the order number in the mobile phone. Others do not have paper tickets, so they can brush their ID cards at the entrance of the scenic spot. Take the elevator to the next floor of the tourist center and queue up to enter the scenic spot. After entering, it's the glass bridge. Remember to wear a shoe protector. Otherwise, the staff on the bridge will block it. After crossing the bridge is the Grand Canyon, the whole journey takes about 3 hours, the mountain wall trestle is relatively bare, in some places almost 90 degrees slope, there is a wire to catch. When the trestle road is finished, it crosses the Grand Canyon. The mountain road is flat, with green hills and trees, rippling streams and accompanied by light wind. Crossing the Grand Canyon, and then by boat, 20 minutes boat ride, two sides of the cliff rise, there is a kind of light boat over the mountains feel. Congratulations on your trip to the Grand Canyon. Take the free ferry to the parking lot of the Peak Tourist Center to pick up your car.

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    Reviewed on 1518572864000
  • M22****8830

    Reservation is 10:00 to 13:30 tickets, because living in Zhangjiajie City, afraid of going late, later it is very wise, Zhangjiajie City to scenic spots, there is no direct train, need to take a bus to Wulingyuan Bus Station at Zhangjiajie Bus Station (ticket price is 20 per person), and then do scenic spot bus at Wulingyuan Bus Station to reach the main gate of scenic area (12:00, 15 have air conditioning, each person), from one sheet. It takes about two hours and fifteen minutes for Jiajie City to get to the gate of scenic spots. Friends from Zhangjiajie City must calculate the time. When you arrive at the scenic spot, you are not allowed to take the glass bridge with your camera crutches and glasses, so you can try not to take them with you (because the deposit is at the gate of the scenic spot, if you do, you still need to come out to pick up things and play in the Grand Canyon after you finish the glass bridge, which is very troublesome. Now mobile phone photography is OK. ) There's nothing to say about the glass bridge, just look at other people's comments. It's mainly about the Grand Canyon. After playing with the glass bridge, you go directly to the Grand Canyon on the right side of the door. It's just a day before you enter the Grand Canyon. (It's strongly recommended here that you don't take children with you. When you go down the stairs with them or with them, you should regret it. Along the way, you see several crying and noisy children.) The staircase followers are very long and take about 20 minutes to go down, because they slip a little in the afternoon. We must pay attention to safety. Next to the bottom is a highway to the scenic spot exit (don't believe the staff told you that you can go out in 40 minutes, don't believe it). We two young people walked for an hour and a half, far away. But the scenery along the way is really beautiful and beautiful. At the end, most people are not in the mood to take pictures. They just follow the big team and go on until they get to the exit of the scenic spot. It takes about 15 minutes to get to the exit of the scenic spot. There are a lot of snacks at the exit. They taste good. At last, I arrived at the exit of the scenic spot. My friend who didn't drive had a rest. There was a restaurant on the right side of the exit. The car returning to Wulingyuan bus station was made here. Don't go anywhere else. Just say hello before boarding. It's worthwhile to use it. It's just too tired. It hurts my calves when I come back down the stairs.

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    Reviewed on 1498064918000
  • 小乖兽

    Originally, I went to the glass bridge, but it turned out to be foggy and not so funny that day. I thought it would be gone. I found that it was more beautiful after I went down the mountain, there were many waterfalls and streams, the magnificent mountains, the quietness of the streams, the possibility of going was not the peak season, it was really very quiet, it was simply a paradise. Personally, I think it's more interesting than the National Forest Park. Personal suggestions

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    Reviewed on 1516419192000
  • 怿然HH

    Due to the limited access during the trial run, tourists have been queuing at the entrance of the scenic spot since early morning. Because of the Limited tickets available for individual tourists, many self-help tourists queued up on the ground one night in advance at the tourist center of the scenic spot. It was really exciting. The longest glass bridge in the world experienced the horror of purpose.

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    Reviewed on 1471702853000
  • _CFT01****9483710

    The scenery is very good. We will start in one month. We are looking forward to seeing the Guangzhou Tower. I hope you all go to see that the good environment in China, the mountains and rivers of the bridge, are all ours. We don't buy American and Japanese goods, and we don't travel abroad. Fabulous

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    Reviewed on 1468981238000
  • 小不点儿ty

    The net red glass bridge is worth visiting. The bridge itself is very beautiful. The scenery of the canyon is also beautiful. The scenery of Zhangjiajie is unique. Traffic is also very convenient, we choose to live in the center of Wulingyuan, a hotel called Yunqi Mountain House, where the environment and services are very good, the key is to live in their home to Wulingyuan around the scenic spots are very convenient to play, play glass bridge, walking on the bridge does not feel afraid, the bridge deck is 6 meters wide, both sides of the line of sight is flat, but more exciting than Tianmenshan glass trestle road. Not all the bridges are made of transparent glass, only in the middle part. The two sides are opaque. People who fear heights need not worry too much about walking on them. It is better to play with the glass bridge and the Grand Canyon. Walking down the mountain to the Grand Canyon scenic spot, boating in the canyon, the scenery and experience are very beautiful.

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    Reviewed on 1542384880000
  • letty7777

    The scenery is still beautiful, especially on the way to the boat, but the glass bridge is really not scary or exciting. It feels like it's built well, it can take good pictures and see the distant view, but it's just a personal feeling. Then I went down the stairs and found some places more exciting than the glass bridge, because it was shaking, cruise ships were free, and the Grand Canyon was not allowed to bring snacks and water cups in, but it could also be stored in the depository. After playing, there were free buses to pick up and take luggage from the scenic spot. Shoe covers are unified in the scenic area. Don't buy them alone.

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    Reviewed on 1505920448000
  • _WeCh****197832

    zhanjiajie Grand Canyon is the best place to visit, i believe that one should plan a visit of atleast 5 days to enjoy fully. For me glass bridge was not as attractive as i was expecting but the grand Grand Canyon was beautiful.

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    Reviewed on 1561298719000
  • sss水sss

    Zhangjiajie glass bridge, in the news to recognize it, the picture is a lot of tourists, fear, fear of high scenes, I walk on the bridge, there is no sense of fear, first of all, you can stand on the side to look under the glass, look at a little time, you can overcome the fear of high feeling, and your own heart to believe that the bridge is very strong, so you can go smart on the glass bridge.

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    Reviewed on 1498690344000
  • E47****884

    it is easy to take ticket , no need to give money any agent , just bring your passport (forginer ) and get ticket from ticket counter ,+8613824470947 if need any forginer friend help (wechat)

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    Reviewed on 1549378763000
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