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Religious Sites
Peng's HouseNearby City

Peng's House

3.7/579 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 6 reviews
"Historical Site"
"Memorial Temple"
Ranked No. 7 in Yingde Sunset Viewing Spots
Open from 9:00am-5:30pm (Local time)
"The clear green stream of yellow flowers, through the picturesque Caster landscape (peak forest), the banks of the year-round lush bamboo forest, grass and endless fields. Every morning on the stream is the simple village girls wash their clothes graceful figure, three or five groups of ducks and geese happily dance and sing in the water, a bamboo pole, swinging twitter, whether also to move your heart to move? Moving mirror is located at the foot of Pengjiayao Mountain Huanghua River, river water clear bottom, water fish stones, the two sides of the Maolin bamboo, birds and flowers. The mobile mirror is a perfect combination of bamboo pole and sky mirror. The boat is divided into two layers, the bottom layer is bamboo pole experience, the second layer is mobile mirror experience, the boat is equipped with leisure table and chairs, and free tasting local special food spring water tofu flowers. Each boat can take about 20 people, sit on bamboo poles/mirrors, such as entering the clouds, the sky, clouds and peaks and forests moving with the heart, the magic mirror. When moving through the clear green yellow flowers stream, the picturesque peaks and forests, as well as lush green trees, fields, people can not be connected. The magic mirror boats in the stirring waves, and the mountains and waters merge. The mountains by the water, the water on the mountains, people with the magic mirror boats in the mountains, to achieve a wonderful state of integration of heaven and man. Moving mirror is a more fashionable tourism project, by the mirror drifting Huanghua River, can really close to the mountains and water, enjoy the Yingxi peaks and the limpid, cool streams. Travelers ride in the mobile mirrors down the Huanghua Creek, stretching to the Dongtian Fairyland Scenic Area, about 40 minutes."
Nanhua TempleNearby City

Nanhua Temple

4.6/5693 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 67 reviews
Ranked No. 16 in Shaoguan Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 9:00am-4:00pm (Local time)
"Nanhua Temple is a place worth going to. First of all, we need to pay attention to the public number of Nanhua Temple in WeChat, make an appointment to visit the temple. The car is also very convenient. There is a bus directly to Nanhua Temple. I am from Shaoguan East Station. Because it is Junichi, so more people than usual. Measure the temperature at the door, show the reservation information and the green code of Yikang code, wear a mask, you can go in and buy the ticket, the ticket price is 20 yuan, need to pay in cash. The entrance to the ticket office was first shocked by the buildings and the trees, all looked so chronological, the ticket had a basic map, the entrance also had a guide map, you can refer to it, there are even arrow marks on the ground, follow basically right. Some staff will tear off the ticket, also will send three free incense, but can only in the door incense fire place, more to the inside of the courtyard can not bring lighted incense candles, in case of fire, some monks dorm visitors stop oh. It takes about an hour and a half to complete the tour, the main attractions are: Caoximen, Tianwang Baodian, Grand Baodian, Lingzhao Tower, Tibetan Jingge, ancestral hall, Jiulongquan, ancestral Buddha Hall and so on. There are also some ancient trees, the branches are tall and thick, the branches are curved and extended, the leaves are green and the leaves are yellow, the buildings and plants are very age-like, it is simply amazing. Especially the grandeur of the architecture and the fineness of the detail carved in the Tibetan sutra, for a long time in your time, because the breeze blowing the dead leaves of the bodhi tree on the roof, and the pigeons flew in and out, the breeze slowly, the leaves flew, beautiful. There are pigeons 🕊️, cats 🐱, turtles 🐢, brocade and other small creatures. Cats are not afraid of people at all."