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"How did the ancient city of Lijiang come from? Anonymous 2013-12-05 Professional answer The ancient city of Lijiang was built in the early Song Dynasty and the early Yuan Dynasty, with a history of more than 800 years. The historical evolution of the ancient city can refer to the following information: 1. The ancient city of Lijiang is also known as the ancient city of Dayan. According to relevant historical records, the ancient city of Dayan was built in the late Southern Song Dynasty and has a history of more than 800 years. The ancient city of Dayan has been an important political, economic, cultural, and military town in northwestern Yunnan for nearly a thousand years. It was the residence of Lu Xuanfu Division in Yuan Dynasty, Lijiang Military and Civilian Mansion in Ming Dynasty, and Lijiang Mansion in Qing Dynasty. 2. "Gongbenzhi" is called "Gongbenzhi" in Naxi language, which means warehouse market town. It can be seen that the ancient city of Lijiang was developed mainly by economic transfer. In the late Southern Song Dynasty, the ancestors of the Mu family in Lijiang moved its ruling center from Baisha to Lion Shandong. "Kuyechang" built a new residence. Because the ancestors of the wood belonged to the "Ye" branch of the four branches of the ancient Naxi tribe: Bun, Ye, Mei, and He, the new residence built by him was named "Dayechang", which was also called in the Ming Dynasty. "Dayexiang", called "Dayanli" in Qing Dynasty, was changed to "Dayan Town" during the Republic of China. 3. In 1254, the Mongolian Army set up a three-sovereign civil officer, and in 1277 it was changed to Lijiang Road Tonganzhou. In 1382, Tonganzhou Zhizhou Ajia Ade returned to the Ming Dynasty, and the Lijiang Military and Civilian Mansion was established here by Zhu Yuanzhang. The surname was given to Mu and he was named hereditary prefect. The ancestor Mu built the Lijiang Military and Civilian Government Office in Lion Mountain. Since then, the ancient city’s trade fairs and streets have continued to expand and have a considerable scale. At that time, the ancient city has become an important town on the plateau in northwestern Yunnan. 4. On December 4, 1997, at the 21st plenary meeting of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee held in Naples, Italy, according to the cultural heritage selection criteria C (II) (IV), the ancient city of Lijiang was included in the "World Heritage List" It can be seen from the above data that the ancient city was established and developed step by step from the end of the Song Dynasty! Lijiang Fanba Inn 2017-06-26 5 0 share it Other answers (1) People around are also concerned Lijiang Old Town Inn Guide for self-guided tours in Lijiang, Yunnan How much does it cost to travel to Lijiang Top Ten Attractions in Yunnan Lijiang Attractions Introduction Tourist attractions in Lijiang Best time to travel to Yunnan Lijiang Attractions"