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Haba MountainNearby City

Haba Mountain

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"A classic guide to appreciate the most beautiful snow scenes in the Southwest, I like snow very much, so it’s really a little wish of me to appreciate snow, so this time I arranged this trip for myself, and it was really rewarding along the way. I am also very moved ~ Resort-Shangri-La Shangri-La's winter is particularly charming. Our family has been here for a long time and really feel the unique charm here. The winter here is really the best place to appreciate snow. When we got here, the snow here was already very thick, and it was very deep step by step. Our family took a lot of photos here. It's really a special surprise. Shangri-La is a good place to appreciate the snow and take photos. The Three Parallel Rivers here is not particularly majestic because it is winter, but we have seen it. Opening hours: All-day recommended play time: 2~3 hours Unique charm-Shika Snow Mountain Shika Snow Mountain is a three-dimensional ecological tourism cultural area. The landscape here is very beautiful all year round, especially the snow scene in winter. I was very surprised. The snow here is covering the surface of the mountain, really like a layer of sugar. We came here mainly to take pictures and sightseeing. It is possible to take a cable car for sightseeing. Since the winter is too cold, everyone is professional. There is another way for the cable car, which is chosen by relatively few friends. This way is to climb the mountain. It is also a dream of many people to climb the Shika Snow Mountain. If you climb up, you will be a true hero. Opening hours: 8:00~19: 00 Suggested play time: 2~3 hours to witness history-over Haba Mountain This is a snow-capped mountain that the Red Army has walked through in the Long March. It is really a breath of tourism history. Our family is here to experience its culture. Our family has also come here to climb the snow mountain. This snow mountain has no snow line, and it can only climb halfway up the mountain, so it is really not dangerous. The scenery we saw after climbing up here is really very It is vast and unique, so I strongly recommend checking in if you come to Haba Mountain, you must come here to climb it, because this will make you enjoy yourself. Opening hours: 8:00~19: 00 Suggested play time: 2~3 hours Snow Dreamland-Lulang Linhai This is mainly a combination of various beautiful scenery, so it seems that this place is special and unique. When we came, we mainly admired the snow-capped mountains here. It is really unique and surprising. We took a lot of beautiful photos of the snow scene and posted it to Moments. The snow scene here is very shocking, so it attracts a lot of tourists to come here to check in, so I contacted everyone to come here in winter because I can only see you here Go to different winter wonders, and you can also climb here, it is really exciting and unique. Opening hours: 8:00~19: 00 Suggested play time: 2~3 hours Hot spring resort-Changhai There are four distinct seasons, belonging to the Changbai Mountains, where the most talented people come in winter. Because the snow scene here in winter is really very beautiful and unique. I really like it here. You can enjoy it in winter here, and you can also come to experience it. Because there is also a hot spring here, it is the coldest in winter. Soaking in a hot spring is also quite good, if you also like hot springs, then you can come here to check in, see different scenery here, and it will change your view of the snowy mountains here. Opening hours: 8:00~19: 00 Suggested play time: 2~3 hours There are so many fun places, I like them all, like snow mountains is also very unique, it is really full of strong cultural charm, I recommend everyone to come and check in Oh, haha, your heart is worse than action, come on soon~"